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March 6th 2018
Published: March 7th 2018
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David enjoying some mash potatoesDavid enjoying some mash potatoesDavid enjoying some mash potatoes

After 5 weeks of rice and noodles this was so tasty!
Okinawa is the largest of the Japanese islands to the South of mainland Japan and on the same latitude as Hawaii and Florida.
It very much has that laid back island vibe but with the Japanese love of order. In the arrivals hall there was a long list of the way to behave. Including not leaving bones and food stuff on the table but to put it on a plate..
To wait in line if others were already waiting( this was not intended towards the Taiwanese as they do a good queue)
It was not acceptable to take food from one store and eat it it another (we saw that so often in Taiwan)
Toilets were for sitting on and paper can be flushed !
Not to talk loudly in public places
Don't eat to much at the all you can eat buffet as it was very bad manners to leave food...
Thats all I can remember..
It is known also for its involvement in WW2 .
And there are still a large number of bases still here on the island.
The Americans brought with them tins of Spam which is still very popular today. David was very keen to try
Things you can do with purple sweet potatoesThings you can do with purple sweet potatoesThings you can do with purple sweet potatoes

Said to be the reason that everyone lives such long lives in Okinawa.
some again but I don't think his mum would have ever cooked it with sliced cheese and rice in between seaweed. (I was actually quite nice)
We stayed two nights in the city centre of Naha and explored using the mono rail.
One thing we noticed is how quiet it scooters and many of the cars are hybrid and so you don't hear them coming. Most of the cars are really small and box shaped just like little Postman Pat vans in Toy town.
Sunday was extremely warm and very humid.
Visited the 14C Royal Shurijo Castle. Well it was originally built in the 14C but was demolished during the war so it was rebuilt in the 50s...just realised that I don't have a photo my phone of that so you will have to wait for the photo book !!!
We now have a car for a few days and have moved up the island to a bnb with ocean view, however the weather forecast says that it is going to be cloudy.
So we headed for the famously large Churaumi Aquarium.
The sun is out!
Drove around for a bit this morning and decided to make use of the kayaks at the bnb
this afternoon and also did some snorkelling.
The sea was actually quite warm but all the Japanese were in wet suits!

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Lots of tunnels at the HQ of the Japanese stationed during the war.
Peace parkPeace park
Peace park

One of dozens of memorials placed in remembrance of the civilians who died during the war.
Pretty fishPretty fish
Pretty fish

I could have said that I saw this while snorkelling...

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