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Asia » Japan » Okayama » Okayama March 14th 2014

March 14, 2014 Okayama Around 2:00 in the morning I awoke from an interesting dream. All my friends and family were on a train together and by changing trains we could explore different branches of branching time, different strands in a web of possibilities. By traveling this way, I could find all my friends from across my life and gather them together. Grandma was there, too, and she was so young. It was bright and sunny and everything was happy. It felt so good being all together again, transcending the distance created between us in time. I awoke to the room shaking, starting slowly at first and then growing more intense. My first thought is that it was the shinkansen passing by. Then I realized we’re nowhere near the track. The last time I was in ... read more
White Day Dinner
White Day Dinner

Asia » Japan » Okayama February 19th 2014

My hometown Okayama is one of the provinces, which is located in Chugoku Region, the western part of Japan. To the south, there is a sea called Seto Island Sea, and over the sea, there is a large island named Shikoku, which consists of four other provinces. To the north, there is a mountain chain named Chugoku Mountains, which runs throughout the region, and is the provincial border between Okayama and Tottori (which is a province faced to the Sea of Japan). Thanks to being surrounded by the Shikoku and Chugoku Mountains, the climate in Okayama is very temperate except in the northern area. The daylight hours are relatively log, and it rains less than any other provinces, so Okayama is said to be “a sunny province.” The biggest city is Okayama city, which is the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okayama » Kurashiki January 28th 2014

I don't remember when we last went on holidays with the whole family. Must have been at least 20 years ago. Probably more. Either long enough to have forgotten what it was like or perhaps long enough for everyone to have reflected on their previous experiences and addressed issues that previously generated angst. This time the kids sorted out the problem of having no-one interesting to talk to by bringing along a wife or husband respectively. The need for my hand to be in my pocket for the whole time was addressed by having children and their partners with actual earning capacity. Our son and daughter-in-law ensured that we were all kept entertained, concerned, happy and quiet (while there was sleeping about to occur) by the 13-month-old child prodigy who is our only granddaughter. For this ... read more
Cairns Airport
Osaka Over There
Daikon in the Morning

Asia » Japan » Okayama » Okayama September 27th 2013

Voici les photos d'Okayama, très jolie petite ville qui permet de rayonner dans différents endroits, nous avons fait un petit tour à Kurashiki, ainsi qu'à Himeji. Malheureusement le château d'Himeji était en rénovation et donc caché par un échafaudage, dommage car le jardin en lui même était déjà très joli. Okayama possède également un très joli château ainsi qu'un jardin non moins magnifique. Les températures ce sont un peut rafraichies, mais cela reste encore agréable, dans les 25°C, et toujours pas une goutte de pluie. Demain départ pour Nara, dernière étape de notre périple avant Tokyo et le départ pour la France, le retour à la vie normal va être rude ...... read more
temple de Kursshiki
japon 014

Asia » Japan » Okayama » Kurashiki May 22nd 2013

Wednesday, 22nd May 2013 From Fukuyama, I travelled another 42km on the train to Kurashiki, a beautiful merchant town in Okayama Prefecture that evolved during the Edo Period. Since Kurashiki was spared from the WWII bombings, most parts of the old town including the Bikan Historical Area were well-preserved. Coming out from the north exit of the train station, I was pleasantly surprised by the well-thought out "European Area" centred around a clock tower. Within the town square were two shopping malls including a branch of the Mitsui Outlet Mall which I was soon going to visit in Kobe City. My shopping trip was cut short as I was targeting to reach the Bikan Area before sunset today. This was reachable via the south exit of the train station after about 20 minutes on foot. As ... read more
Kurashiki City European Town Square
Picturesque Canal
Cooling Ivy Square

Asia » Japan » Okayama » Kurashiki November 20th 2012

Day 4 Our day started with the early morning wake up call our guide had arranged, and we made our way down to breakfast. During breakfast, we tried to spot the other likely members of our forthcoming tour. Once we had finished, we went back to the room for the bags - there is no porterage in Japan its DIY bag carrying. In the lobby, all of the people we had earmarked at breakfast gathered - 2 Aussie couples, 1 American couple, a Canadian and a pair of Venuzualeans. Our guide Lim took us to the bus, and gave us a brief run down of the day. We had about a 2 1/2 hour journey to Himeji where there is a castle known as the white egret castle and one of the best 3 in Japan. ... read more
Castle under restoration
Roof repairs at Himeji
Shachi fish

Asia » Japan » Okayama » Okayama October 14th 2012

Back on the train gang... Three trains with a three minute changeover at Osaka, saw us travelling to the lovely city of Okayama for two nights. Once again, Japanese efficiency saw us arrive at our destination with lots of time to spend in the afternoon sightseeing. Had a look at Korakuen Garden; one of the 'top three landscape gardens in Japan' (Lonely Planet and Japanese tourist info loves to rank things), which were indeed nice. Dean and Eleanor found an iphone and tried to hand it in at the entrance. I think they thought we were giving them one. It was a very confusing exchange. Later, Dean earned his spot on our tour de South East Asia by finding a bookshop across the road from the hotel. Despite my dislike of the Kindle, I had finished ... read more
Doing some maths on the train
Okayama Korakuen Garden
A walk in the gardens at Okayama

Asia » Japan » Okayama » Okayama July 16th 2012

Well after catching a train from Kagoshima to Okayama we are now in our hotel room just unloading the rucksacks off our backs. It was funny but at Hiroshima station four westerners joined our train and too be honest I thought "we're the only westerners on this train" - sounds like "I'm the only gay in the village", ha ha. Cannot add any photos as the wifi in our hotel in Okayama is really bad - sorry. When arranging our trains for Takayama and then onto Tokyo the queue ended up being out of the building as the poor man behind the counter was getting flustered with our request. I did say to him once he had completed the bookings "you speak very good English - to which he beamed and said do I" ah bless. ... read more

Asia » Japan » Okayama January 6th 2011

I had lazyest winter. but my old friend give help me to get out from my parent house. 職業訓練は普通の学校のように約3週間の冬休み、寮も閉まるので 2週間実家へ、しかし、寒波のため痺れ、モチベーションは下がりまくり、かなりのグータラ生活。ここまで自主性がない甘い自分に、鞭を打つ気力もなく、引きこもってました。幼馴染が家から連れ出してくれたり、遊びに来てくれたのが、唯一の救いでした。残りの一週間は、病院で規則正しい生活と、リハビリ、それから周りで頑張ってる仲間を見て 話して それを励みに やる気が、少しずつ出てきました。... read more
new year
eatting and chatting with friend
too cold for me

Asia » Japan » Okayama December 10th 2010

I moved to handicap school next to hospital where I was. I did big step for me. so kind of I could not get use to it new life was big excuse.............and sorry to tell you all very later.... read more

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