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March 18th 2014
Published: March 21st 2014
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Nara Tuesday, March 18 Today I went back to the Kyoto Station but took the JR Nara line further out to the city of Nara, a former capital of Japan. Nara is famous for its herds of deer that roam the large park area freely and are fed by visitors. Nara is a very assessable city to tourists and has a smaller, quainter atmosphere than the big cities. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking... Read Full Entry

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Drop InstrumentDrop Instrument
Drop Instrument

As drops fall on this, it makes a relaxing sound.
Ume BlossomsUme Blossoms
Ume Blossoms

Shrine on the HillShrine on the Hill
Shrine on the Hill

On the way back to Nara Park.
Blossoms and Fortune Tags at the ShrineBlossoms and Fortune Tags at the Shrine
Blossoms and Fortune Tags at the Shrine

Tying fortunes at shrines is a Shinto tradition.
Ukimido GazeboUkimido Gazebo
Ukimido Gazebo

Where I had my lunch, protected from the rain.
Deer ParkDeer Park
Deer Park

Nara Park has lots of fields and places for deer to roam.
Deer PaparazziDeer Paparazzi
Deer Paparazzi

Myself included.
A Family Feeding DeerA Family Feeding Deer
A Family Feeding Deer

The deer here often travel in families of three, a mom, a dad, and a baby deer, not unlike this human family.

The deer act a little like dogs and are pretty tame. While they normally don't respond to petting, a few would let me pet them or scratch behind their ears.
Row of LanternsRow of Lanterns
Row of Lanterns

Forest grows denser deeper in Nara Park.
Stone GuardianStone Guardian
Stone Guardian

Kasuga Taisha Shrine emblem below is of hongangi (wisteria).
Forest ToriForest Tori
Forest Tori

Leading to the shrine.
Moss on a LanternMoss on a Lantern
Moss on a Lantern

The forest has a magical feel.
Deer StatueDeer Statue
Deer Statue

On the fountain for cleansing.
Kasuga Taisha ShrineKasuga Taisha Shrine
Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Enshrining the kami of the mountain here.
800 Year Old Wisteria800 Year Old Wisteria
800 Year Old Wisteria

Hongangi (Hongwangi) is the word for wisteria, but these were also described as Fuji.
800 Year Old Wisteria800 Year Old Wisteria
800 Year Old Wisteria

Ancient and twisted wood.
Shrine AlleywayShrine Alleyway
Shrine Alleyway

Kasuga Taisha
Forest in BloomForest in Bloom
Forest in Bloom

By the Wakamiya Jinji Shrine.

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