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May 3rd 2009
Published: May 5th 2009
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Noodles, Gyoza and RiceNoodles, Gyoza and RiceNoodles, Gyoza and Rice

If Noodles=Rice and Gyoza=Rice, this could also be Rice cubed.
I'm really liking this town, it surprises me how much I can get accomplished here. I'll just say it's my Southern charm, though that's doubtful too. 😊

I finally have the time to get to know the guys who work for me a little better, so I decide to roll the dice. Am I ready for this? Probably not, but I'm always up for a challenge. Care if I tag along for dinner? "Sure Ma'am, come on." Lots of eyebrows raised. Can L.T. hang? I don't know, the looks just seem to scream at me. These kids have no idea the things I could do in college. It's on!!!

They settle on fried rice for dinner, so we go to a nice little restaurant that boasts great gyoza, noodle soups and fried rice. They're not talking as much as usual, so I try to take off the pressure a little. "I'll have a sake." Relief floods a couple of faces and they begin ordering beers. Yay... it's off to a good start. Dinner consists of pleasant conversation about karaoke and where they plan on taking me after this. A couple more nervous looks and I lightly
Me and SGTMe and SGTMe and SGT

At the same restaurant
say... "You know, I haven't been to Sailor-town yet". The shoulders release just a little more, I'm doing okay here. "I really like karaoke, do they have it there?" Yep, that did it.

You can see that things really lightened up, I sang a few songs and had a couple drinks. They were pretty entertaining and fun to hang out with. I can say that I've done my deed...

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Wow, wish I had some sound for this.

They didn't know LT could sing!
The baby singsThe baby sings
The baby sings

Here's my youngest
What are you doing?What are you doing?
What are you doing?

He grabbed me for a dance.

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