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April 14th 2009
Published: April 14th 2009
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I have never had much of a fondness for the color pink. Never really being very comfortable with the expectations and behavior that I saw in those who actually wore the color, I chose the more pleasing, and lets not forget eye matching, blue. Since coming to Japan though, I have developed a grudging acceptance for the color. With it flashing out of the corner of my eye this last week, it's not hard to see how it happened.

Along with the rest of Sendai, I headed out to enjoy the cherry blossoms that are blooming all over the city. Families had stacked a blue tarp at Nishi Park and the yatai, fod vendors, were shouting their "Irashai", to get their attention and food sold for the day. I was pulled into a karrage, fried chicken, stall and settled along the outer edge of the park. To my left was a young couple sitting quite a ways away from me and to my right was a group of old men, who were well into their 70's.

I dragged out my book, moved the karaage closer to my side, and started preparations to read most of the afternoon away. I had only been sitting there for a matter of minutes, when the old men started singing. They were singing this old Noh style song. One got up and started walking and spinning while the others sat around him and proceeded to ignore the rest of the world. The fact that they had probably been drinking helped that ignoring bit a lot I bet.

I moved on from the park and went for a walk down the Cherry Tree Walk on the other side of the bridge from Nishi Park. It's lined with Cherry trees and families out catching blossoms that were falling off the branches and leads to the International Center. It's also close to a high school and I got to watch the baseball club pack up all their gear for the day. All in all, a pretty relaxing and lazy Sunday.

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14th April 2009

Beautiful Spring
Spring has exploded into bloom here as well. The dogwood, wisteria and tulips are so colorful this year. I am glad that you got to go to the park and read amongst the grandeur. I wish those trees could stay pink for months instead of days. Happy Spring my love! LebdaWhen (Mom)

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