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December 26th 2007
Published: December 26th 2007
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I am sorry for the late update but it has been a little crazy around Sendai the last week. Well, Christmas has come and gone for me but I must say that it has been an amazing one. This was my first Christmas away from home and I must say, since I'm not in the US it sorta flew by without much thought on my part. When your in the US you hear Christmas music from the end of November until Christmas. In Japan there is, obviously, no Christmas music to be heard. I never really thought that I was so conditioned to think, "hey it's Christmas" when I heard Christmas music until I came here.

My co and her predecessor decided to have a Christmas Eve bash at my co's apartment. At around 3:30 I ran downstairs to catch the elevator and the we all headed to Seiyu, our local grocery store. My Co's predecessor brought a friend, so we started with 4 but we ultimately ended up with 8 people. We found, amazingly, precooked chickens, some potato salad, regular salad, potatoes, fruits, wine, and some spices at Seiyu and then we headed back to my co's. Half of my furniture was there because there was no way we would have fit 8 people comfortably without it. So the 4 of us sat around for a while until we ran to the station to pick up our respective guests at 6:15 and then came back to get some real cooking. Mashed potatoes were made and saurkraut was added into the mix by the Germans, who also made gluvine (a spiced wine drink and I know I'm not spelling that right). We all gathered around and enjoyed an amazing dinner with new people and celebrated being away from home together.

After dinner we, my co, her predecessor, his German friend, and myself headed to midnight mass at a local Catholic Church. The service was beautiful, I myself am not very religious, but being in church gave me a great time to just get my thoughts together and enjoy the differences and similarities between US and Japanese churches.

After the service we then headed to 2 hour kareoke caroling of nothing by Christmas music and some outside music thrown into the mix. Didn't make it home till 2:45 am and then I didn't fall asleep until around 3:30 and had to work the next day. Christmas was not a holiday for me. I was teaching up a store yesterday and today. Today I had 8 classes and tomorrow is another packed day as well. I, sadly, didn't get a lot of pictures from Christmas Eve but I do have a couple to share with everybody.

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a little christmas tree and a fertility god? what a way to decorate.

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