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July 8th 2012
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Restauant last night in Ponto-choRestauant last night in Ponto-choRestauant last night in Ponto-cho

Nice food - lovely company
Well woke up to a scream from Mike from the bathroom - only to find him shouting I have taken my steriod tablet that I should only take for a major asthma attack, instead of my anit-histamine that I need to take. I was expecting the incredible hulk to come out of the bathroom - but hey ho no Mike emerged as normal.

Anyway this started a hunt in Kyoto city centre for a chemist to find some anti-histamine tablets. We went to first chemist trying to explain what we wanted by sneezing, rubbing our eyes and saying fever - to which we were surrounded by Japanese looking quizically at us - saying fever, fever. I thought at one stage we were going to be quarantined, ha ha. We made a hasty escape with a few Japanese people following us. Anyway after escaping from the crowd we thought we would take a different attack Mike would go to the counter and ask for anti-histamine tablets as he thought the last episode of hysteria was because he thought it looked like I was auditioning for Rada. I do not know what he is talking about me being dramatic, No.

Festival of KimonosFestival of KimonosFestival of Kimonos

Don't they look lovely
Mike went to the counter by himself and spoke to the gentleman behind the counter. The gentleman behind the counter said ahh so anti-histamine, yes, and promptly took us over to the display and promptly told Mike here they are - do not drive - make sleepy.

Last night we went out for something to eat and found this really nice little place. I think our Japanese is getting better - well only when we are given a menu that is in English, ha, ha. The group of youngsters next to us were really nice and wanted to practice their English. After the meal we went for a walk along the river only to find a festival going on with all the girls dressed in Kimonos - really looked fantastic.

Anyway off to Tenryu-Ji temple now.


8th July 2012

what is the time difference between canada and japan. You will have to ask Mike that because, Paula, you will never figure it out. I tried to facetime you this morning but not sure if you are sleeping or not. Also not sure which number I'm suppose to be facetiming on. I tried both of you. The anit-histamine tale had both Guy and I laughing. You guys are crazy. Im loving your travels and Im not even there. Take care. xxxx

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