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Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto October 14th 2019

Driving around in Japan is reasonably easy as they do at least drive on the same side as us!! Trying to get the sat Nav to work was more of a problem especially when we couldn't get Google maps to work. ... eventually driver and navigator worked in harmony.... Anyway it's given us a few days of doing our own thing and taking a few days to get to Kumamoto our next match with Wales v Uruguay. There was a lot of talk while we were in Oita about the typhoon that they thought was going to hit the island of Kyushu and that Wednesday's game might be cancelled, but luckily for us it missed us all together but it did cause some horrendous damage further North. We arrived in Kumamoto and gave the car back ... read more
Rice terraces
The mountain sides are covered in miscanthus
A true adventurer

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto October 23rd 2015

Friday, 23rd October 2015 Today is the final day where I could travel for free on my 5-Day Kyushu Pass. And without deviating too much from my itinerary, I decided to make a quick stopover at the city of Kumamoto before continuing my journey to Hakata on the Shinkansen. My main reason for stopping by at the city was to visit the famed castle as well as having a slurp at the original Ajisen Ramen Store located at the heart of the city. After parking my luggage at the JR station, I boarded the city tram and alighted at the Castle Station some 8 stops later. Following Wikitravel's recommendation, I took a lift up the City Hall Building to enjoy a free bird's eye view of the castle buildings before venturing into the compounds later. Like ... read more
Kumamoto Bear
He is everywhere
The Castle

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto April 20th 2015

Day 5 Dist. 63 miles. Avenue 14 mph Ascent 637m On reflection last nights meal was octopus tentacles and not the pork I had ordered. Oscar got my pork, but could not find any meat in it. The tentacles in my meal were ok once you had got the suction pads off the roof of the mouth, but I suspect the nutritional value was akin to Desperate Dan’s tripe and cow heal pie. The breakfast today was very good in the Dormy Hotel with a buffet with too much choice and the plates were filled sky high. We claimed we were carbo loading for the ride ahead. Whilst it rained quite heavily overnight at 8am it had ceased and was forecast to rain heavily again this afternoon. So of we went at 8 in overcast conditions ... read more
Nice spelling. Good sentiment.
You are being watched.

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto April 19th 2015

Day 4. Aso to Kumamoto 39 miles. Ave 13.0 mph. Ascent 560m. As we left the hotel there were just a few drops of rain but within 2 miles it became heavier until we were forced into our wet weather gear, complete with yellow helmet cover. Once in Aso we went to the store and bought lunch, which comprised sandwiches of the mon fish variety, thankfully. We are are almost fished up already. The route from here took us up onto Mount Aso through trees until it was open moorland reminiscent of the North York Moors. Unfortunately due to poor visibility, wind and rain we did not reach the volcano basin but turned back down the other side towards the west. Stopping for a snack at the non-lookout gave the rain time to subside and giving ... read more
Racing up Mount Aso.
Today's route.
Kumamoto castle

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto June 30th 2014

Back home, the ubiquitous ramen food product conjures up images of either ultra extreme food budgeting or camping fare. Not so in Japan where ramen has been taken to an art form. The last time I willingly ate anything remotely resembling ramen noodles was when I was on Aconcagua in December of 2011. I'm pretty sure that back then 10 packs of noodles did not cost much more than $1 in the USA so imagine my shock and chagrin when my first meal in Japan last week was ramen noodles for ¥800; side dishes of a bowl of rice and 5 fried gyoza (Japanese dumplings) went for a much more reasonable ¥200. The ramen was good, but $8 good? Not so sure... US$ ≈ 101 Japanese yen (¥) Kumamoto Spent 2 nights here to recover from ... read more
Looking Back Down the Trail
Slopes of Nakadake

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto October 3rd 2013

I was up early on Thursday morning to catch the train for the long trip to Kumamoto. The downside to it being so early (besides it being so early!) was that it was the middle of peak hour, with lots of people going to work. Luckily I had my seats reserved so there were no issues. I first had to catch a train back to Okayama on Honshu, before changing to a shinkansen that was heading to Kyushu. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the train trip I was hoping for because there are quite a lot of tunnels along this part of the journey, so there wasn’t as much to see as I had hoped. Because of this, I had a bit of a snooze along the way. I arrived in Kumamoto before lunchtime and jumped on ... read more
Now That's Defense!
The Original Turret Buildings
At Kumamoto Castle

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto June 10th 2013

10 June – Kumamoto-Kagoshima Although shamefully in Hakata I really only saw the station building and my hotel, had decided to thrash the rail pass on Monday 10th and go down to the S of Kyushu as had previously seen Beppu, the hot springs capital on the East coast. So just went to the station and got the next shinkansen to Kumamoto (confusing my Japanese syllables, as you do, first asked for Matsumoto, in Central Honshu and wondered why the routing was via Shin Osaka!). Anyway the Kyushu shinkansen, a 700 series, was just as efficient as all the others and took only 45 mins. Once there some ood English help form the info centre and got myself an all day tram ticket for 500Y as I knew I would take 3 @ 150 – better ... read more
Suizenji - Fuji-san closeup
Suizenji - a patient (fishing?) stork
Kumamoto - the kumamon

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto February 25th 2013

Just a few nice photos taken in the park of the castle of Kumamoto... read more

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto February 8th 2013

8th Feb: Onto the bus at 11 (at night) in Seoul and we were off on the long drivedown to Busan. Hoping that the traffic wouldn't be too bad, even though it'sSeolnal (Lunar New Year) and they had extended the bus only lanes for a few more hours. 9th Feb: Well we made it to Busan around four, half four ish. The traffic wasn't that bad, a lot better than it had been at Chuseok. The bus was freezing though, which made it difficult to sleep. We dropped off the people, who were staying in Busan for the holiday at their hotel and then drove to the port. We parked up in the carpark and slept until about 6 or 7. When I woke up the bus was like a sauna. It's was bloody lovely, after ... read more
Goodbye Busan!
Goodbye Busan!
Hello Fukuoka!

Asia » Japan » Kumamoto » Kumamoto July 28th 2012

In the last 5 days we’ve visited 3 places in Kyushsu, an island just of the south of the main island. Started with the seaside town of Beppu. The whole of Kyushu is known for its various forms of volcanic activity and Beppu is bubbling with hot water pouring out of vents and drains. Nearby is the town on Kannawa where steam seems to be coming out of everywhere and has eight ‘Hells’ hot springs to visit. Some were impressive, quite like Rotarua in NZ. The second stop was the lovely Aso. It had been hit by serious flooding just a week or so ago and the train line was blocked due to a landslide but the railways had put on a bus between affected stations, it took a bit longer than planned to get there ... read more
Kumamoto castle

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