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Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi April 20th 2017

Day 8. Kochi to Honmachi. 99km Ave 20.4kph. 760 ascent. Great day again. It was supposed to be a western breakfast so we had a small piece of ham and salad with bread rolls and toast plus two fried eggs cooked over a candle on a cast iron plate resting on a piece of paper. The egg removal was a work of art and consisted of holding two chopsticks apart in one hand and sliding them under the paper the turning it upside down and scraping the egg off and Bingo, two upside down eggs on toast. Off at 9am for our journey SW on Shikoku in cloudy but warm weather. I always enjoy following the coast and today was no exception travelling with lovely people. Not far out of Kochi we saw a large whale ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi April 18th 2017

Day 6 Hiwasa to Muroto 79km and a few steep climbs. At the dinner last night we had a talk by Kenichi on the Buddhist Kaiku who started the Shikoku Pilgrimage and at the end I was presented with a white Pilgrim smock with ’Thank you Kaiku’ written on the back, in Japanese). What a nice gesture, and I am instructed to wear this all day on my bike. The rain had continued to lash down all night, beating against our widow overlookingi the ocean, which had a gap where it fitted the frame badly and continued to rattle forever. To make matters worse we had the fire alarm go off at quarter to one in the morning. We put on our Yukatas and went into the corridor only for it to stop, so off we ... read more
Lunch. Udon
The green room mate
Cape Muroto

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi October 2nd 2013

Tuesday morning came and I had to pack my bag for the first time this trip. Fortunately I had plenty of room even with the souvenirs I’ve bought so far. I had a moment’s panic when organising my luggage to be forwarded to my hotel in Takamatsu – apparently they had no record of my booking! Turned out to be just a misunderstanding, although I’m not quite sure what the misunderstanding was. But the lady at my Kyoto hotel sorted it out fine. So with my luggage joining me in Takamatsu on Wednesday (hopefully!), all I had to do was board a shinkansen to Okayama, then change to a regular train to head over to the island of Shikoku where I would be spending the next week. The journey was uneventful, although crossing to Shikoku was ... read more
View from the bridge to Shikoku
View from my hotel in Takamatsu
In the Park

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi October 26th 2009

I'd almost forgotten what live music was like - I can't even remember the last gig I went to! I can only think of Download Festival 2007(!), which is just WAY too long for any decent human being to go without live music.... So one of my students came up to me after a class and gave me a piece of A5 paper folded up into a little square (more like an oblong) and told me to go. All I could see was a load of kanji and some numbers, which meant sweet FA to me at the time. I gave her a wtf kinda look and she opened it up for me and lo and behold - there was Mongol800 staring back at me!!! She remembered that I'd said that I liked them in my ... read more
the girls
the boys
the crowd

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi August 31st 2008

The first trip away for the summer break was to Shikoku, an island kind of south west from where I'm living, and 6 hours away by bus... Yuko (my room mate) and I headed off 3 hours after my last exam, on July 12, to stay in Kochi, where her parents are living at the moment, and near where she grew up in Ehime, for 4 nights. Yuko's mum and dad are absolutely gorgeous people. Arriving at their house I instantly felt a part of the family- welcome to help myself to the fridge and lounge around the house in my PJs, and chatting to them like we already knew each other well. The next day the four of us travelled around the most part of the Eastern side of Shikoku. SO handy to have a ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi August 13th 2008

its 12 days and 234km since my last blog. sounds like a long way but in fact i continued to battle with my feet and was thus slower than i hoped. but the good news is that my blisters and i have finally come to an understanding; i smother them with antiseptic several times a day and they only give me bother after six or seven hours on the road. you find me in kochi. im having a day off to appreciate its original castle, kochi jo, and to stock up on plasters and other goodies like sellotape to mend my collapsing map book, and a vest and shorts for these long coastal stretches. not being a henro for the day is quite refreshing. i think its the first time ive actually stopped, reflected and felt ... read more
shukubo lodging at temple 19
temple 20
lantern at temple 21

Asia » Japan » Kochi » Kochi August 11th 2008

Every year since 1954 the city of Kochi holds a four day dance festival from August 9 ~ 12 called Yosakoi. If you translate Yosakoi into English it means “Come at Night” or “Come Tonight” (Yo=night Sa=at Koi=come). The festival was first held as a means to uplift the downtrodden spirits of the citizens during an economic recession. The City Management in the 1950s sound like interesting and fun loving people to me. Yosakoi dancing is unusual and often described as a modern rendition of Awa dancing, but I fail to see any great similarities. In the past decade or so the Yosakoi style has grown in popularity and festivals are now held in Tokyo, Sapporo and other cities. Yosakoi dance teams have a great amount of liberty in their routines and perhaps this freedom of ... read more
Awa Costumes, Yosakoi dancers

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