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August 30th 2010
Published: August 30th 2010
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When Bridgette and I went to Donkihotei, we saw this beautiful butterfly. Special :).
Today was a day for self discovery, organizing, and getting lost. I will start out by explaining the self discovery that I am undergoing. Since graduation from Pepperdine, this last May, I have been struggling to realize my purpose. I no longer had education as the label, so what was it? I read, "The Alchemist." Afterward, I began the Peace Corp. application process and the application to teach in Japan. I was hoping my purpose was out of the country. Then, I got here. I am finding that while being here fulfills SOME of my purpose, there is another part. I'm missing the relationship part of my faith in the creator. A few days ago I started reading, "The Purpose Driven Life". Today, a poem within, by Russell Kelfer, touched my heart.

"You are who you are for a reason...
You're part of an intricate plan...
That trauma you faced was not easy
And God wept that it hurt you so;
But it was allowed to shape your heart...
You are who you are for a reason...

At school today: At the assembly, the Dean of Yokohama Jogakuin, introduced me to the whole student body. I, in turn, said "hello" and told them how excited I am. My mind went a little blank, but I wasn't too terrible! Afterward, I spent the day meeting new teachers, putting my new desk in order, organizing lesson plans, and making sure I knew what to take to classes and where. I was able to meet a handful of the students, that was very exciting and really made me feel a little more at home. Another thing that made me feel at home, is that Mr. Hirama was able to reimburse me for my flight in yen! What a relief, when my American debit card hadn't been accepted!

After school Bridgette introduced me to the craziest store I've ever been to. It sounds like Donkihoto. It was splendid! I got a cute Pooh Bear alarm clock and a mirror for my room! 😊 After shopping and fixing up my room, I went for a run... This is when I became "LOST". I thought I'd take a shortcut to Motomachi Park, through Yamate Park. I checked the map before I went and had no trouble at all. The problems came after I left Motomachi. This is when I began following signs for Isakawa which is supposed to be near my house. I followed up and down windy side streets until I came to a big road that I had never seen before. It was nearing dark and I realized I was in an area that was beginning to look a little scary...of course, I am a fraidy cat- I watch scary movies through my fingers and am more than a little afraid of the dark. Anyway, I began asking people...many people. A Japanese couple started to show me to Yamate Park, which would have gotten me to a place I recognized. An Australian woman, ended up asking if I'd like help. She was much more familiar with the area than I and told me which direction to run, to hit Honmoku Dori (the main road near my house). I ran that direction and excitedly found my way. When I was close to home, I began sprinting with relief. I hope I don't get lost next time 😊.

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1st September 2010

Hi, Interesting story. I have never been to Japan, but I am hoping to go there some day. Anyways, since you are in Asia, I would like to introduce you to my beautiful country, BHUTAN. Our country is small, becoming very popular destination for holidays and adventures. Please do let me know if you are interested. You can contant me here or send me an email at geocultural@druknet.bt or k_tshering@yahoo.com

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