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September 8th 2008
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"Authentic kimono""Authentic kimono""Authentic kimono"

Tomorrow I will get ask for a shot. Today, enjoy this stalker shot of lovely ladies in kimonos.
That's pretty much all there is to this post. Samia & I checked out the World Porters Market (& I got a meat bun...finally!). The girls were good conference attendees. Was feeling a bit iffy, but I had a list of to-do so I decided to charge onward...and then, my camera died. 😞 I came back to the room to charge it and boom! down I went w/a crazy migraine. Haven't gotten one on vacation for a long while...maybe a symptom of jetlag? Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good.

Anyways, came back to the room for a nice long afternoon nap and woke quite refreshed. The girls came back and we hung out in the room for awhile...they took naps & I watched Japanese tv...which I love! Seriously, I only understand like every fifth word, but it doesn't matter. Watched CNN and BBC which broadcast in english and have the Japanese dub over it. Caught all kinds of American sports news (including info about my US Open...go Federer!!) and watched a few innings of a Mariners game that I *think* was live...did they play the Yankees this weekend? During the broadcast they ran several little specials of Ichiro coverage...I guess he
My afternoon oasisMy afternoon oasisMy afternoon oasis

We played musical beds & switched each night.
really is loved here!

We met up with a friend of a friend (that none of us had met previously) for dinner. We went to the oldest part of Yokohama still intact (dating from late 1800s and had dinner at a cool restaurant where you could sit up on cushions (shoes off, of course) and eat off of a communal tray. We, naturally, did not get such preferred seating...we were in the crazy plastic chairs...at least we had a table, I guess.

Kate (the f-of-a-f) was really cool. She's been living here for seven years and is fluent in Japanese. She has worked in schools helping the teachers learn English and now works for a city gov't...she also belly-dances in restaurants. I love the people you meet while traveling! 😊 She's going to Seattle and Portland next week, so I get to return the favor of taking her out. Good karma all around.

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Isn't it a lovely meat bun?Isn't it a lovely meat bun?
Isn't it a lovely meat bun?

And such a cute spokesperson, too.
Yummy!  Diving in...Yummy!  Diving in...
Yummy! Diving in...

Ok, maybe not the best spokesperson.
Yokohama at night...Yokohama at night...
Yokohama at night...

from our hotel room. Pretty awesome.
Red Barn in Yokohama...Red Barn in Yokohama...
Red Barn in Yokohama...

Ok, I know you can't see it! What can I do? It was a fun, touristy place.

9th September 2008

Yep, they played the Yankees this weekend!
9th September 2008

Ahh...Japanese tv...
Don't you just love the commercials and game shows? They are so bizarre that I'm pretty sure understanding the language wouldn't help you much in understanding the content. SNL had it spot-on when they did the Chris Farley/Mike Myers sketch... -a

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