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Asia » Japan » Kagoshima » Sakurajima February 18th 2018

Das Erlebnis Japan geht zu Ende, morgen fliegen wir von Osaka nach Peking. Japan: für mich ein Land voll Gegensätzen, moderne gute Architektur in Bahnhöfen und Hochhäusern, daneben unschöne (und auch ungepflegte) ältere Blocks, alles ist sehr sauber, aber in den Seitenstrassen der Städte sieht es wegen der Stromkabel etc. noch schlimmer aus als in den USA. Die EFH der Städte sehen lieblos aus, aber auf dem Land findet man häufig traditionelle Häuser mit den passenden Bäumen. Es funktioniert alles bestens hier, die (bequemen) Züge fahren auf die Minue genau, unsere Koffer sind bestens (von Tokyo aus) hier in Osaka angekommen. Nach Hiroshima waren wir passenderweise in Nagasaki, der Stadt, die während Jahrhunderten das (kleine) Tor zur Welt war mit einer kleinen holländischen Kolonie und Handel mit Korea und China. Das Atommuseum ist sehr eindrücklich, instruktiv ... read more
Führerstand des „Limited Express“
Kpste von Kyushu auf der Fahrt nach Nagasaki
Küste von Kyushu auf der Fahrt nach Nagasaki

Asia » Japan » Kagoshima » Sakurajima September 30th 2016

Jesteśmy na południu południa Japonii, czyli w Kagoshmie. Bardzo możliwe, że zostalibyśmy tutaj jeszcze 2 dni, gdyby prognozy pogody z wczorajszego wieczora sprawdziły się. Co gorsza pozostanie wiązałoby się ze zmianą planów podróży, przebukowywaniem pokoi i zawodem, ponieważ następnym etapem miała być tropikalna wyspa Yakushima. Obszar Pacyfiku, na którym leży min. południowa część Japonii, jak wczoraj twierdziła pani w informacji turystycznej na dworcu, zostanie jutro zaatakowany przez tajfun nr18. W zasadzie to hotele zostały już przebukowane, bo na słowo tajfun zareagowaliśmy dość panicznie, chcąc uciekać tam gdzie trenuje Noriaki Kasai. Na szczęście prognozy się nie sprawdziły, dziś rano tajfun stał się wiaterkiem jak kaszubska popierdułka (100 km/h), zmienił kierunek na bardziej południowy i teraz niech się nim martwią wylegujący się ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kagoshima » Sakurajima October 20th 2015

Tuesday, 20th October 2015 After breakfast at Royal Host in Fukuoka this morning, I travelled south to the city of Kagoshima today. This was as far as the Shinkansen could bring me. I grabbed a lunch box that was too beautiful to eat from the train station. It was delicious and filling on my pleasant train ride as I arrived at Kagoshima sometime after 2pm today. I chose to stay at the APA Hotel which was just next to the train station. This was affordable and the ramen shop next to the hotel was really good. After leaving my baggage with the reception, I was off to the Sakurajima Island for the afternoon. Getting to the island was rather straight forward with a combination of pleasant tram and boat rides. Kagoshima had an excellent network of ... read more
My beautiful lunchbox
Autumn Special
Arrival at Kagoshima

Asia » Japan » Kagoshima » Sakurajima July 14th 2012

Well started the day off well got up and got the bus (yes, Mike does travel on a bus - only when PJ makes him though, ha ha) and then the ferry over to Sakurajima. Mike did a risk assessment prior to us going as he worked out that the volcano had erupted 4 times a day this year and today it would not erupt. Sometimes good having an actuary in your company as they can work out the odds - just thought should I take him to the horse racing, might win a million!!!!! We took a foot spa which is from the volcanic water - it is supposed to be medicinal, does that mean it cures everything - course it does I am in Japan and in the land of plenty - with so ... read more
Street Food

Asia » Japan » Kagoshima » Sakurajima March 26th 2012

The drive from Kumamoto to Sakurajia was quite scenic. Yatsushiro, Hitoyoshi and Kirishima were all beautiful places. Sakurajima is an island with active volcanos. Whenever there is volcano there is onsen water. This is why we are here - to try the famous onsen by the sea Furusato Onsen. It was gonna be our once-in-a-lifetime experience. For obivous reasons photos are not allowed in the onsen. But the hotel's official website should give you some idea This onsen is great. It's finely docorated the whole thing looks like a shrine on the water. There are rocks under water for people to sit on and enjoy the ocean view which is only a few meters away. Our room is 12 tatami size and quite spacious. The balcony is facing the ocean so you can imagine the ... read more
view from balcony

Asia » Japan » Kagoshima » Sakurajima January 4th 2009

Ah New Years, the 3 times a year that I have a week off to explore and indulge my travel hobby. This New Years vacation though, would prove to be one of my more interesting travel tales. It will also take a couple blogs to fill all of it onto the screen. Monday Let's begin the holiday vacation at 5:00am on the morning of the 29th, because that when I got myself out of bed to get the 6:00am shinkansen out of Sendai. After going through my morning routine and making sure I had all my needed things in my backpack, I set out in the dark to the station. Having bought my tickets the day before I headed up to the shinkansen tracks to find a problem. The conductor was explaining to a bunch of ... read more

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