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Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima October 27th 2019

The only thing worse than being sick is being sick and having to travel. At least it wasn't an airplane with a headcold. So getting to Naoshima sucked. It also kinda sucked being there because we weren't prepared for literally everything to be sold out or booked up. We arrived a little before noon and found ourselves completely locked out of our hostel with no place to leave luggage and they were totally nonresponsive. There were no bike rentals until the next day either. So we made reservations, but we were kinda stuck because we wanted to go check some stuff out, but the last checkin for our hostel was 7pm and the earliest 4pm and headed out we risked missing both. This is particularly because the public transportation is TERRIBLE on the island and between ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Yashima Island June 28th 2019

Friday, 28th June 2019 I headed to the city of Takamatsu on the eastern end of Shikoku island this morning. This is as far as my railway pass could take me given that I had only purchased the limited Sanyo-San'in Area Pass rather than the all Japan Rail Pass. Along the way, I was treated to a memorable train ride onboard the Marine Liner as it travelled on the Iwakurojima Bridge across the Seto Inland Sea which is dotted by beautiful islands. Takamatsu Train Station that greeted me was relatively crowd-free as I continued my journey to Yashima, the city's "rooftop" overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. Getting to Yashima is via the cutesy Sanjo Shuttle Bus that makes an hourly run to the summit. The bus dropped me at a huge carpark area next to a ... read more
Off to Yashima
The Yashima Temple
View of Takamatsu city from Yashima

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Takamatsu June 28th 2019

Friday, 28th June 2019 From Yashima, I made a trip back to the city centre where the Takamatsu Symbol Tower is located. Towering 30th stories above ground level, there is a public observatory where free views of the city could be had. Following which, I took a relatively late lunch at one of the restaurants located at the station arcade which served the famed Sanuki Udon. It was a lovely meal indeed. After lunch, I took a walk around the waterfront which formed part of the "Support Takamatsu District". Also located within close proximity are the castle grounds as well as a unique artwork known as the Liminal Air Core next to the port district. On my way back to Honshu island, I decided to make a stopover at Utazu since this is the only other ... read more
Overlooking Takamatsu City from the Symbol Tower
Manuki Udon lunch
Liminal Air Core

Asia » Japan » Kagawa March 27th 2016

Herro, So yesterday I went to the arty farty island known as Naoshima. This was highly recommended in nearly every lonely planet so before coming to Japan I wanted to go there. And it was worth it. After a 3 hour train ride on local lines and the shinkansen I arrived at uno station. From there I took the ferry to the island. The weather was really nice and it was sunny throughout the entire day, I even got a tan! So I hoped to get a bike but they were all sold out. Walking was the best option since I didn't want to take the bus. I went to the chichu art museum, where the art was illuminated solely by natural lighting. Art pieces from monet were on display as well. I have been to ... read more

Asia » Japan » Kagawa January 19th 2015

Went to Shikoku-island in order to eat a lot. Shikoku, and it's most nothern prefecture Kagawa a famous for Udon-noodels, which I love a lot. So I decided to go on Udon-Tours! But first stop was Tokushima-prefecture. A city called Naruto, which maybe a lot of people know as the name of a famous anime/manga is known for the spirals that circle under the bridge that connects shikoku and the main island of japan. next stop Kagawa and it's Udon! went to a few shops listed in the guidebook and ate a lot. After that we went on to konira-san, a famous shrine located at the top of a mountain. You have to climb up a lot of steep steps BUT what is waiting on top is said to be happiness so it is worth it! ... read more
2015-01-17 14.15.34
2015-01-17 14.31.35
2015-01-17 14.56.24

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Takamatsu December 2nd 2014

The past week has been full of contrasts in Japan and for our group. Temperatures in the 20's in Tottori and the Adachi Gardens and Museum, hot enough in Hagi for some to go bike riding and for all to take a river cruise, have plunged to below 10 with cold winds in the last couple of days. Sunshine on the Tottori Sand dunes was replaced by torrential rain in Miyajima. Yesterday the winds were so strong on Shikoku that they stopped the trains crossing the big bridge across from Okayama and our group was almost blown off the top of Matsuyama castle. Winter has arrived and our suitcases are lighter because we are wearing all the many layers of woollens under coats, gloves and beanies! After Kyoto we began train travel in earnest and have ... read more
Local train
Peter did too!
Train spotters

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima November 19th 2013

We zijn nu toegekomen aan het hoogtepunt van onze reis: Naoshime en Benesse House. Het eiland draait om kunst, vooral westerse kunst en de architect Tadao Ando. Het hotel waar we verblijven is een onderdeel van het museum Bij aankomst met de veerpont stond het busje om ons naar het hotel te rijden al klaar. Het gedeelte (Park) waar wij onze kamer is, ligt niet aan maar ongeveer een 500 meter vanaf het museum. Inchecken, koffers achterlaten want we mochten onze kamer nog niet in en het terrein verkennen. De eerste locatie waar we naar liepen was ThePumpkin. In de tuin die we passeerde stonden een aantal beeldhouwwerken van diverse kunstenaars waaronder onze eigen Karel Appel. Tussen ons hotelgedeelte en het museum kwamen we onder andere een van de prachtige kunstwerken van Walter deMarie. Drie granieten ... read more
Onbekend kunstwerk (voor mij)
De koffiemachine in de lounge
Het bureau in de kamer

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Naoshima November 18th 2013

I suppose this was the super luxury part of our trip. From Takamatsu we took a ferry to the island to Naoshima in the Seto Naikai sea between the main islands Honshu and Shikoku. Here we stayed in the Benesse House. Benesse is a complex of four different hotels on a rugged part of the island. They are called Park, Beach, Museum and Oval. All buildings are designed by the Japanese Architect Tadao Ando. Park is where we stayed and it is situated on a grassy lawn with artworks. Beach is directly on the waters edge. Museum has hotel rooms which are connected directly to the museum. From the rooms the museum is accessible 24/7. Oval is situated on top of a mountain and has panoramic views of the sea and mountains with floor to ceiling ... read more
View from the Benesse House Museum
View from our room

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Takamatsu November 17th 2013

Over deze stad valt weinig te vertellen. Weer een mooie tuin. Het meest aantrekkelijke van Takanmatsu de mensen. Zo ongelooflijk aardig. Twee voorbeelden: Bij de tram lukte het ons niet om een kaartje uit de machine te halen. Op mijn wanhopige 'help' spurtte een persoon uit de rij achter ons naar het loket. Vanuit een deur kwam een klein vrouwtje (met hoofddeksel reikte zij tot mijn schouders). Ik wees op de kaart boven de machine naar onze halte en stak twee vingers op voor het aantal en gaf haar geld. Zij begreep gelijk de bedoeling en kocht twee kaartjes voor ons. Daarna liepen we naar de perrons van het stationnetje en nog voor we één voet op wat achteraf het verkeerde perron bleek te zijn, kwam hetzelfde vrouwtje weer achter haar loket vandaan om ons te ... read more
De tuin

Asia » Japan » Kagawa » Takamatsu November 17th 2013

The isn't a great deal to tell about this city itself. It is relatively small, 430,000 people, and is on the island of Shikoku. It is a bit ugly and not very lively. We visited the city for just one night as a stopover on the way to Naoshima and to see the garden Ritsurin-koen. The garden was pretty amazing, full of beautifully twisted pine trees, meandering paths and ponds full of colorful carp. We could tell we were really deep in the heartland of Japan because few people spoke English and there was little written English (Romanji) most everything was in Kanji. So that made buying a tram ticket out to the garden a challenge. Especially since there was no English button on the machine. We asked someone for help and they went to the ... read more

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