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October 1st 2006
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That time of the night!That time of the night!
That time of the night!

Bryan tries his 'faggot' impression
The 3 originalsThe 3 originals
The 3 originals

Me and B went to The Kyongsters house for his 24th bday celebrations!
Random shot promoting Japanese tea!Random shot promoting Japanese tea!
Random shot promoting Japanese tea!

Could make TV with that beard!
Singing in the rainSinging in the rain
Singing in the rain

With Ester and Kanako

Lunch beers with Zen
自信家(over confident)自信家(over confident)
自信家(over confident)

Ester and Kanako with a guy from the rival rugby team (the better one), who didnt impress me at all. I will withold his name!

Kanako just cant get enough of Kangaku
Yoshi, Hayato and Ken KenYoshi, Hayato and Ken Ken
Yoshi, Hayato and Ken Ken

The boys trashed my room when they decided to come upstairs!
I teach them well #1I teach them well #1
I teach them well #1

Hayato gets in touch with his Aussie side!
I teach them well #2I teach them well #2
I teach them well #2

Then he puts on the 'I am the pervert representative' strap
Sky Building, OsakaSky Building, Osaka
Sky Building, Osaka

Went to the top of this tower, mum absolutely hated the glass lift up there! haha
Glass escalators too!Glass escalators too!
Glass escalators too!

Mum holds on for dear life, while Kenji is just photogenic! Not
Cruise around Kobe HarbourCruise around Kobe Harbour
Cruise around Kobe Harbour

Took the parents to Kobe, my favourite city, this is a view of Mosaic, the shopping centre at Harborland
Heavy IndustryHeavy Industry
Heavy Industry

Kobe is the sight of Kawasaki, Mitsubishi etc.

My parents try their best on the cruise!

20th November 2006

Stu U Tool
Stu you tool Look at you gettin thin. Guess I can't call you fatty any more. Start drinking and eating more and bring back that gut mate. Write back to my emails as well im getting bored at work.
26th November 2006

I was having fun but I was sooooo tired Love You

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