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June 3rd 2019
Published: June 3rd 2019
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Onsen Explorer day 3

A great day of continuous sunshine started with a 5km climb just to get our lungs working on this 52 mile ride to Yukisawa with a total climb of 1000m. Much of the ride was undulating accompanied by a few million Cicadas chirping in the background wearing their hind legs out. What amazed us was the volume of unmelted, and unmelting snow on the hillsides in temperatures in the mid 20’s, which was perfect for cycling. Our first tea break was by a river running quite fast and falling down several spectacular waterfalls, one of which was called Kumoi. Lunch was at a small town by lake Towadako where I had delicious eggs noodles st 1026JPY. This was followed by a climb of 5 miles which felt like 10 miles to several riders. The icing on the cake was the wonderful descent where 4 of us had a great time tackling the corners and occasionally rough road down you the afterybreak where we bought coffee at a roadside store. The final stretch was undulating until our Onsen just before the tunnel leading into Yukisawa. I hung my previous nights laundry out of the window to complete the drying process in the sun whilst I went to the Onsen for a shower and a soak until my hands went wrinkly, and some. The outside onsen was quite warm but the inside one was capable of cooking our dinner. Upon my return I discovered my laundry had dropped onto the grass five feet below the window. After much wriggling around and making a chain of coat hangers I managed to retrieve it much to
my relief. I hope today’s washing is not as much trouble.
I think I should mention the Japanese toilets since they are an absolute revelation. Firstly they are electric, and by that I must point out that they don’t give you an electric shock but operate by 110 volt power. As you sit on the seat it is heated to make the experience more pleasurable and after you have finished there is a button alongside that squirts water onto the necessary area for cleaning, and if you are female you have a bonus button as well. The temperature can also be adjusted to your taste. What more can you want?
The dinner was again very pleasant and nutritious giving us plenty of power for tomorrow. Someone said at dinner that this was not a group holiday but more like a family holiday since we have been together on so many occasions and the newcomers fitting in so easily. Jet lag is still making me sleepy so bed calls early again tonight with the hope of a long sleep without the broken rib (of ten days ago) causing me havoc on the super soft luxury bed.

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3rd June 2019

Sounds fantastic.
Brilliant blog..didn't know you had damaged your ribs before the holiday..hope it doesn't spoil your time in Japan. Must get one of them toilets.Regards

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