Photos from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Asia

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awww...a star....
The train!
my favourite... a beautiful japanese castle!
Sapporo TV Tower
Odori Park
'Field of Dreams'
'Chakri Maha Prasat Grand Palace'
Tube slide
'The Antartic'
Citizens' Snow Sculptures
Crisp, Clean Taste
Street Crab
Looking out over the Maze at Satorando
Foot bath
News Years Eve
Moiwa Mountain
Me and my icecream
Kabuki Charlie
check out the size of the snow banks!
Angkor Wat
Snow Plane
Snow Artist
Snow Buddha
Home Sweet Home
"Pop the trunk... we've got another one!"
I am amazed by what they can do with snow!
"Royal Exhibition Building"
Well, isn't this pretty
Enjoying the festival and sculptures!
"The Golden Pavilion of Horyuji Temple"
Welcome to Asahikawa!
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