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Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Kushiro October 26th 2017

We arrived in Kushiro on the island of Hokkaido on October 13th. The Moo and Egg were the main tourist attractions right off the port. Moo is a large shopping complex with restaurants, shops and free Wifi! The Egg (Ever Green Garden) was a tropical conservatory where you could try calligraphy, watercolor painting, dress as a Geisha and sing with a local accompanist. We arrived to hear Sonia (Main stage singer from the ship) signing Carpenter songs in a bright orange Kimono. She will post it on her blog if you want to catch that moment! Wandering the streets reminded us of the unique Japanese way of life that we enjoyed back in the 80’s when we performed at the Manza Onsen on Honshu, north of Tokyo and represented Canada at Expo ’82 in Sapporo on ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Kushiro October 4th 2014

Avoiding Typhoon Phonfone As we left you on the last blog, we were going to ditch Tokyo and head to the backside of Japan in the Sea of Japan, staying away from Typhoon Phonfone. We were initially disappointed to be missing Tokyo as we’ve never been there… but alas, I’m sure the weather gods have something else equally wonderful planned for us. img=... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Kushiro October 3rd 2014

Introducing Typhoon Phonfone and the Umbrella Rebellion in Hong Kong!! Okay so, when we were in Kodiak, Alaska, a 6.2 earthquake hit Anchorage. Then we had 2 storms at sea and today, the captain just announced that we will NOT be going to Tokyo. Typhoon Phonfone is due to hit Tokyo on the day we are supposed to be there. So, no Tokyo for us this trip. Not to worry we will be on the backside of Japan in the Sea of Japan. We are now going to Kanazawa and Fukuoka, Japan. We should hook back up with our original itinerary in Nagasaki. Now, you may also be reading about the troubles in Hong Kong. We, along with the ship’s captain, the State Department and Holland America are all watching it. Hopefully all will be well ... read more

Asia » Japan » Hokkaido » Kushiro October 2nd 2014

Dateline: The Bearing Sea, 500 Shades of Grey… We left Dutch Harbor and headed into the grey fog of the Bearing Sea. Small (by comparison to our ship) fishing boats, tankers and tugs we alongside us for a ways. The skies were hundreds of shades of grey and the waters hundreds more. 500 shades of greys would change from light to dark, from misty to opaque. The seas, as they rolled beneath us reflected the sky’s greys and took on their own dark and shadowy greys from below. Grey everywhere… hard to tell the sky from the horizon from the sea. We are heading west toward Figure 1 Entering Fog Bank Dutch Harbor Russia and the Kamchatka Peninsula. Later we will turn south and set course for Amerika Pass and our destination, Kushiro. Even with all ... read more

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