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May 21st 2006
Published: June 11th 2006
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Rice Patty Mud VolleyballRice Patty Mud VolleyballRice Patty Mud Volleyball

Making use of the resources around us.
This weekend I participated in one of the funnest things I have done since coming to Japan. Yeah its not cultural and yeah there are a lot of gaijin-still it was soooo much fun! It was the 10th Annual Rice Patty Mud Volleyball Tournament held up in the countryside of Hiroshima-Ken. For more info see the website

There were numerous teams composed of foreigners, Japanese kids, families...anyone who wanted to play and brave the mud. Clearly the point of the event was not to necessarily play volleyball, but to throw each other in the mud AFTER the game. I ended up playing on 2 different teams- neither advancing to any of the final rounds. I felt like I was famous while playing. There was a whole 'papparazi' section. There must have been 20 or so Japanese photographers with their HUGE cameras and HUGE lenses, snapping photos every second. I had more photos of me taken looking disgusting than I ever have looking pretty! The trick now, is to somehow find those photographers and get those photos!

After rolling in the mud we cleaned off in the river next to the fields. They even had a 'hot tub' for
Miyoshi:  Home to Hiroshima Mud VolleyballMiyoshi:  Home to Hiroshima Mud VolleyballMiyoshi: Home to Hiroshima Mud Volleyball

Way out in the countryside. Houses are few, but the scenery is stunning
us to jump into post river rinsing. More than once I thought I was completely clean of any mud clumps and was always sent back- a hidden patch behind or in my ear.

After a long day after many vicious battles on the vollyeball court, the "Rusty Trombones" were victorious for the second straight year. The prize...a 50 lb bag of rice. Now, most probably thing "Rice, why would you want rice?" Believe it or nor rice is EXPENSIVE in Japan, so that bag of rice cost a lot and is indeed a prized possession. Next year (if they are able to have it again!) I am determined to make the rice mine!

When I got home I took a real shower, and realized I had mud in places I never thought I could get mud. My body hurt, I was sunburned, and my futon never looked so good. Despite my state after the games I am so glad I did it. Who would pass up a chance to roll around in the mud! It was so much fun I hope that it was not the last time and they have the 11th annual rice patty mud
Game PlanGame PlanGame Plan

How it was all going to decide the winner.
volleyball tourney.

Yet, a week later, I was still cleaning the mud out of my ears and other places I never thought possible..... Another great time in Japan!

Additional photos below
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International EventInternational Event
International Event

Here is a sign up to see where everyone comes from- everywhere from America, Australia, NZ, Japan...all over the world.
Stage 1Stage 1
Stage 1

We line up for the photo...
Stage 2Stage 2
Stage 2

Falling into the mud, but apparently we weren't clear if it was supposed to be foward or backwards!
Watch Out JulieWatch Out Julie
Watch Out Julie

Lisa and I leave no one mud-free
Looking GoodLooking Good
Looking Good

Doused in mud...never looked better
Super CuteSuper Cute
Super Cute

Rob and his J-girlfriend- well thats who I think it is ;-)
Stop the Crime?Stop the Crime?
Stop the Crime?

K, so there is NO CRIME in Japan...and especially in the middle of the countryside. This sign made us laugh and had to take a photo.

Allison, me, and Geraldine looking extremeley sexy
Right to the FaceRight to the Face
Right to the Face

Yeah, this hurt

Brad, Tad, Reiko, and Geraldine...our fearsome team.

Lisa holding up her peace sign!
African? Japanese?African? Japanese?
African? Japanese?

Looks may be deceiving...covered in mud so think this boy looks like he is black!

Friendly handshakes before they throw each other into the mud.
Looking GoodLooking Good
Looking Good

Brandon and Sean never looked better
Getting CleanGetting Clean
Getting Clean

Post Games, we all congregated in the river
We Have Room for One More!We Have Room for One More!
We Have Room for One More!

After the cold river, we enjoyed a warm muddy hot tub
You Missed a SpotYou Missed a Spot
You Missed a Spot

Nothing like a bucket of water dumped on your head.

This team placed but i forget where. The prizes? Rice of Course!

19th June 2006

Mud tastes bad!
I hate getting dirty... but that was REALLY fun! Yet another great adventure to add to our list!
19th June 2006

More famous than Jack...
Hi Casey! Start working on some lyrics and maybe Mudvolleyball will surpass Jack Johnson's Mudfootball song. Great photos! I remember you talked about this at the RCC in Kobe and I thought it sounded really bizarre, but now it makes more sense. Let me know when it is next year and I'll rally up some troops from Okayama!

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