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October 9th 2019
Published: October 15th 2019
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Hi All,

I spent the morning visiting the Peace Park, A-Bomb Dome and Museum. The park is very pretty with loads of Japanese school children learning about the horror of the atomic bomb attack on 6th August 1945. The museum is very poignant with lots of artifacts from that fateful day. There was the steps from a bank with the shadow of a person who was vapourised on the steps, lots of burnt clothes, melted bottles, stopped clocks and watches and many drawings done by the survivors depicting the destruction to the city and its population.

From living in China I have visited quite a few sites in which the Imperial Japanese Army commited terrible and disgusting atrocities so I do find the Japanese take on history a bit difficult to take. In the section on the Pacific War there is absolutely no mention of the Chinese occupation. In my opinion I do believe the A-bomb attack was a war crime and it was only dropped to demonstrate to Stalin what the Americans had developed. But, the dropping of the bomb wasn't personal whereas the Raping of Nanjing and many other fascist attrocities committed in China most certainly were.

The positive thing to come from any of this is that the city of Hiroshima is now a happy and vibrant place with very friendly people all commited to peace and ending the nuclear arms race.

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