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Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya November 18th 2011

Hello We went to the Atsuta shrine and Shirotori gardens which are beautiful. We took quite a lot of photos that you can have a look at. In November they have a festival for three, five and seven year olds. They dress up in gorgeous clothes and visit shrines, we didn't know this when we went to Atsuta Shrine so had a surprise. Vikki and Ben... read more
Atsuta Shrine
Shirotori Gardens
Shirotori Gardens

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Sakae November 2nd 2011

The train from Osaka to Nagoya only took a little over an hour, but this time I expected the short commute. Nagoya station, where I arrived, reminded me in many ways of Osaka station, and may have been even bigger. It took a few minutes to walk outside of the station where I was greeted by a pair of twin towers and a twist tower. My time was running out in Japan, but I still wanted to explore Nagoya at least a little to get a feel for the city. I had also been in contact with a friend of a friend, Ben, who lived in Yokohama, a city just outside of Tokyo. Ben graciously offered me a place to stay and to show me around Yokohama. That meant I could spend one full day in ... read more
Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya March 31st 2011

My heart beats faster when I look out of the window and see Japan unfold beneath me - the spine of mountains and narrow coastal areas. When we drop height, it strikes me how brown the land is. Of course, I'd forgotten. England is so green at the moment, whereas Japan - or at least the parts of Japan I know - is brown in the winter as it's dry and only turns green when the rains come with the rainy season. I take the train from Nagoya airport (built on a manmade island) to Nagoya. Once there I have to find the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office so I can turn in my voucher bought in Britain for a Rail Pass. I catch sight of the front of the Japan Rail Pass leaflet. It shows ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya February 28th 2011

( a blog entry from early January that I never posted) My 4 week long winter holidays are coming to a close this week, but here is a summary of how I’ve spent the time so that I can remember later on! Since moving into the dorm, my whole experience of being in Japan has changed completely, ive met new people, become far more relaxed, and been able to do many things that I couldn’t have had I been still with my host family. I’m sure that had I still been living there, the whole Christmas holidays/new year would have been a very different experience! Anyway I was determined to spend as much of time out of Nagoya as possible (I love it lots here but i needed a break) I went to Kobe on ... read more
Christmas Dinner
The Crowds at Meiji Shrine, NYE

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Sakae December 8th 2010

We arrived in Nagoya and took the train to our hotel. I found out very quickly that many Japanese really did not speak much English. They were exceedingly polite and usually became very flustered when they could not help me with my request just because they do not understand me. I felt incredibly bad. Subway rides are expensive! About 230yen per one way ride. We found out too late that we could actually purchase one day subway passes for 760yen and felt like kicking ourselves after. We arrived at the hotel and was told that we were at the wrong one. Apparently there are two hotels with similar names and it was obviously a common occurrence for tourists to end up at the one we ended up because the receptionist very quickly whipped out a map ... read more
Nagoya airport
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Osu December 3rd 2010

These last couple of weeks have been a bit of a fiasco! It’s not really necessary to go into loads of detail on the blog (since im not entirely sure who the sometimes 100 people are who read it! –many thanks for the support though!) however last Sunday there was quite a drama concerning my host family which resulted in me moving into a dorm mid-term. It’s not fair to them if I go on about what happened on the internet but if you wanna know what happened I’m happy to explain. Anyway, this whole malarchy took a lot of my energy and time just thinking about as well as my moving weekend (I appear to have acquired a lot of things since I came as the number of boxes and cases to move across Nagoya ... read more
Autumn Colours 'kouyou'
The transport of the future..
Granny and I went apple picking in Nagano prefecture

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Midori-ku October 8th 2010

October Hello! We’re now pretty well into October (half way through the first term according to the exam next week entitled ‘mid-term test’ - yikes!) and despite the fact that the elementary school kids that I see every morning have started wearing their school jumpers, im still plenty warm enough in just the one layer! I was thinking maybe Japanese people like to keep themselves always at maximum temperature until my host mum said to me yesterday how cold it was in the house. I looked at the thermometer it was 25 degrees! So we really are very different. An exciting thing for me last week was getting a package from home. I had forgotten my bikini (theres a nearby beach that I still havent found time to visit) and a jumper, and my brother enclosed ... read more
The Parade of the 'dashi' at Arimatsu Festival
'mama' and uncle from Osaka
Oversized man that i was made to have a picture with...awkward!

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Midori-ku September 26th 2010

ONE MONTH I absolutely cannot believe ive almost been here a month, its unreal. Whilst talking to Rochelle (my little American friend who rides all my buses and subways with me each day and generally takes care of me) at the weekend who’s only here til Christmas we realised she only has another 10 Saturdays left-which is horrendous, and it means I’ve spent 1/9th of the time with my host family already. Its nuts; I’ll be home in around 10/11months! Anyway that’s the negative thinking over, I just have to do loads of stuff and not waste my time here! This week was fabulous in many ways-much hilarity has been enjoyed. To kick off, the teacher of my festival class recommended we check out the annual festival of a nearby community-Imaike festival. So we toddled along ... read more
1000yen Nomihoudai
Atsuta Shrine
Totally agree

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Midori-ku September 11th 2010

YO:) Saturday, 11th September I'm still having an absolute whale of a time and could actually write forever! I’ll start from the weekend… Saturday some of us decided to meet in Sakae, supposedly ‘main town Nagoya’. We wandered around town, and found a modern complex called Oasis 21 which was just mega sightseeing galore..(pictures on facebook). Lunch was interesting since once again pointing at pictures on the menu got us not really what we wanted but it’s all an experience Sunday, my host grandmother (お母さん) took me shopping and she sorted me out a beautiful Japanese phone which I still find the most exciting thing ever to play with! I can send/ receive e-mails for free on it which is a wonder that shall never get old…(If you want to make my day that little bit ... read more
Alcoholic Calpis
Big Japanese building..

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 3rd 2010

YO :) I'm SO in Japan, and in case you can't be bothered to read on (totally understandable), I'm having a wicked time! it's now Friday evening and I've been here since Tuesday that's a good couple of days. and also i totally feel like ive been here forever already which must mean I've settled in?! The journey was massively traumatic since at Heathrow I was charged £138 for having a henchly overweight suitcase and no matter how many times I told him 'I'm not fat so it's unfair' he wasn't having any of it. Then it was an overnight flight and I didnt sleep a wink because the large Australian lady next to me was so grumpy that she killed all the excitement that was within me and I couldn't sleep. Then I got ... read more

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