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Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya June 6th 2012

Nagoya A day we wished we could start again :( We're feeling emotionally exhausted after the stress of today. We set off for our Toyota factory tour only to discover when changing trains that George had left his JR Pass on the train. It was a horrible feeling as we had planned another 8 days using the railway passes. Unluckily, the two station workers spoke little English and it took a lot of gesturing and drawing to explain the problem. The guy really struggled with the orientation of where we had been sitting on the train when the pass was dropped. Eventually he aranged for the train to be checked and we dashed off to the Toyota factory hopeful that we might see the pass again. The Toyota Factory was fascinating, we visited the welding workshop ... read more
Comorant fishing at Gifu
Watching the boats pass by

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Sakae March 16th 2012

I started writing this a few days ago but have been super busy so not had a chance to finish it. But here you go. We arrived in Tokyo without any problems, and won at working out the train timetables. Because we gave ourselves plenty of time for getting lost and missing trains, we arrived in Nagoya about 4 or 5 hours earlier than necessary, and spent some time wandering around near Nagoya station. It's not a particularly interesting place, but we did meet a sleepy Japanese man who showed us how to properly address a shrine before heading off to check into Hostel Ann, a nice wee place whose only fault is the only one shower for 24 guests. The highlight of the trip so far (and let's face it, probably the next 6 months) ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya February 4th 2012

Hello, We went to the Konomiya Shrine's Naked Festival on Saturday with Zoe and Martin. It was really good fun, we hope you enjoy the photos and bit of information below. Hadaka Matsuri officially called "Naoi Shinji", this festival takes place anually on January 13 of the lunar calendar. The festival started about 1240 years ago in the year 767 (Nara Period), when Emperor Shotoku ordered the entire nation to offer prayers to dispel a plague. The govenor of Owari Province (presently Aichi prefecture) thereby went to the Owari Sosha Shrine and founded the festival to dispel bad luck and calamities. Since it is said that touching the consecrated man, Shin-Otako, will dispel one's bad luck. A large group of naked men bravely struggle to touch the Shin-Otoka, who has been censecrated in a ceremony lasting ... read more
Naked festival
Naked festival
Naked festival

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya January 19th 2012

Hello We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year, ours was really good. My parents came to Japan and this blog will show you some of the stuff we did whilst they were here. You may notice Ben isn't in many because he had to work but he is in other ones that I will hopefully publish today.... read more
Lights in Sakae Central Park
Lights in Sakae Central Park
Lights in Sakae Central Park

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya November 30th 2011

We've been busy lately, racing around the country using Japan's amazing train network. And thanks to our Japan Rail pass, we can use the trains as much as we want. So we'll start with Kyoto where we really only spent one day of tourism despite spending three nights in the city. That's probably sacrilege considering Kyoto is considered by many to be the best city in the whole country. We have our reasons for this which we'll get to shortly. For the day we had booked 8 hours of private guide service to show us around which was apparently enough to take us to 3 or 4 highlights. Just a small slice of what Kyoto has to offer. So we started out with the most famous site in Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji temple or the Golden Pavilion followed ... read more
Dotombori lights
Size mis-match?

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Osu November 18th 2011

Hello, This is our first blog, we hope you enjoy looking at our pictures and seeing what adventures we have been up to. Although I say we, Ben is at work so I'm doing it on my own which could be interesting. I hope this works. I thought I should tell you a little bit about Osu Kannon, it is a shopping area in Nagoya. It has lots of shops, food stands, restaurants and our favourite supermarket. At the weekend it is very busy and you can tell the popular restaurants because they always have long queues. Sadly I cant remember the historical information about Nagoya castle, I think it was pretty much destroyed in a war and re-built, sorry to be so vague. I do have one interesting fact we can see it from our ... read more
Me again at Osu Kannon
One part of Osu Kannon
Trainers for George

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya November 18th 2011

Hello We went to the Atsuta shrine and Shirotori gardens which are beautiful. We took quite a lot of photos that you can have a look at. In November they have a festival for three, five and seven year olds. They dress up in gorgeous clothes and visit shrines, we didn't know this when we went to Atsuta Shrine so had a surprise. Vikki and Ben... read more
Atsuta Shrine
Shirotori Gardens
Shirotori Gardens

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Sakae November 2nd 2011

The train from Osaka to Nagoya only took a little over an hour, but this time I expected the short commute. Nagoya station, where I arrived, reminded me in many ways of Osaka station, and may have been even bigger. It took a few minutes to walk outside of the station where I was greeted by a pair of twin towers and a twist tower. My time was running out in Japan, but I still wanted to explore Nagoya at least a little to get a feel for the city. I had also been in contact with a friend of a friend, Ben, who lived in Yokohama, a city just outside of Tokyo. Ben graciously offered me a place to stay and to show me around Yokohama. That meant I could spend one full day in ... read more
Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya March 31st 2011

My heart beats faster when I look out of the window and see Japan unfold beneath me - the spine of mountains and narrow coastal areas. When we drop height, it strikes me how brown the land is. Of course, I'd forgotten. England is so green at the moment, whereas Japan - or at least the parts of Japan I know - is brown in the winter as it's dry and only turns green when the rains come with the rainy season. I take the train from Nagoya airport (built on a manmade island) to Nagoya. Once there I have to find the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office so I can turn in my voucher bought in Britain for a Rail Pass. I catch sight of the front of the Japan Rail Pass leaflet. It shows ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya February 28th 2011

( a blog entry from early January that I never posted) My 4 week long winter holidays are coming to a close this week, but here is a summary of how I’ve spent the time so that I can remember later on! Since moving into the dorm, my whole experience of being in Japan has changed completely, ive met new people, become far more relaxed, and been able to do many things that I couldn’t have had I been still with my host family. I’m sure that had I still been living there, the whole Christmas holidays/new year would have been a very different experience! Anyway I was determined to spend as much of time out of Nagoya as possible (I love it lots here but i needed a break) I went to Kobe on ... read more
Christmas Dinner
The Crowds at Meiji Shrine, NYE

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