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September 21st 2015
Published: September 21st 2015
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Apologies for the lack of imagery last evening! Attached to this blog entry should be 2 new photos. The team at the day centre were absolutely lovely and what I did not say last evening was how much they have been inspired by DH. Their lead physician, a quiet and reserved man, called doctor Hashimoto visited DH 7 years ago and was so impressed that he later returned with a few colleagues and met Denise, Alison Stevens, Helen dRB, Chris K and Sarah Whitfield (and others I am sure) to talk about his work and that of their plans in Japan. They had a brand new cancer centre and an increasing number of cancer patients and he wanted to try something different with day care. The results are stunning. They have a large open plan area with an open plan kitchen and craft section (very tidy Ros!) then off the main area they have a corridor with a treatment room, consultation room for lymphoedema and CT and a quiet room. The inspiration he felt he took from us was to create a space that was open yet offered opportunities for one to one work and to have treatment areas but to also ask the patients what they want. The result is a purpose built wooden building which is calming and in the courtyard of the main cancer centre so accessible for drop in if required. How great is that! Dr Hashimoto and his junior colleague attended our conference and when asked by Tricia what he had gained he felt that said it was the presentation on carers support and the carers course. This is not something that they do so he is going to start this now. I have promised that we will send all of our literature and course content to use (or not) as we felt guilty that we had not been fully prepared for the lectures yesterday (having not been told that we were doing this) - he was delighted. So now off to catch a train to Kamagura - the national capital in the 12th century and then from there back to Tokyo. Have a great Tuesday when you get there (as I write this you are still in Monday) - from one who is already at Tuesday - it is looking to be a fine day with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze and the expected Typhoon did not make landfall but went to the north east leaving blue skies but rough seas!!!


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