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June 13th 2009
Published: June 13th 2009
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Ok, as promised, here are more pictures.

Additional photos below
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Ferris wheelFerris wheel
Ferris wheel

Yokohama from the ferris wheel
Ferris wheelFerris wheel
Ferris wheel

Biggest in the world
Ferris wheelFerris wheel
Ferris wheel

More Yokohama
Biking around YokohamaBiking around Yokohama
Biking around Yokohama

This was early on in the 25 mile bike, at the Yokohama pier.

Yokohama has the biggest Chinatown in the world.. it was pretty big but the only food they seemed to have was pork buns and peking duck.
Hakone roomHakone room
Hakone room

Traditional tatami room. The mats to sleep on were in the closet on the left, they were actually pretty comfortable.

This was right next to our hotel.
Japanese toiletsJapanese toilets
Japanese toilets

In China, I was excited just to find a western toilet. Here, western toilets disappoint me, because I prefer the ones with buttons.
Japanese toiletsJapanese toilets
Japanese toilets

This thing has 3 different kinds of bidets all with strength settings, a heated seat, and a fan inside the seat of the toilet. Insane.
Lake AshiLake Ashi
Lake Ashi

They have pirate ships that take you around the lake.
Owakudani black eggsOwakudani black eggs
Owakudani black eggs

5 eggs for ¥500, such a ripoff.
Sky pictureSky picture
Sky picture

The sky from Hakone, everything here was gorgeous.

The sun setting over the mountains at Hakone
He likes the fishHe likes the fish
He likes the fish

Jordan at the local restaurant
Lake AshiLake Ashi
Lake Ashi

This was taken from the trail we biked around the lake
Lake AshiLake Ashi
Lake Ashi

Us in front of the lake on the trail, with our automatic bikes. Those things were awesome.
Gora ParkGora Park
Gora Park

Gora Park (or Gora Rark as the signs said).. it was a really big flower garden with a tea house off to the side where you could do a "tea ceremony" (it wasn't a full ceremony, you just ordered tea and sat on the floor)
The spiderThe spider
The spider

This thing was about 4 inches in diameter, it scared the hell out of me last night. It was on the wall when I was walking down the hall to get a drink.

13th June 2009

black eggs
All I can say is: "I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!" Could've done without the huge spider picture though...
15th June 2009

I believe Shanghai, with its 14 million people, has the largest Chinatown in the world. But Yokohama's is probably very large as well!
15th June 2009

Clay, this is Walter... I've been to Shanghai.. it's bigger than 14 million, but actually the term Chinatown refers to a section of a city outside of China town that is highly populated by Chinese... so, a "Chinatown" can't exist in China, so Yokohama has the biggest... ok, end of my smartass rant. Bleh.

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