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Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Sorong February 10th 2019

I’ve reached the islands that have got travellers mouth wagging for the last few years, the place to be, the name you casually throw in the conversation to show how cool you are, to see others salivating at the thought, wanting to be you, to be there, to have seen what you have seen: Raja Ampat! So Raja Ampat is a hype, but is it also as good as people make it out to be? Is it worth spending your scarce money on it? Is it worth the inflated prices? That’s a difficult question to answer, because it depends on the person you talk to. Let’s start with the facts. The fact is that the prices are not at all in line with what you get. The price for sleeping in a simple hut with a ... read more
Fak Fak

Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Sorong March 14th 2016

One of the things this area of Papua is known for is the elusive Bird Of Paradise. We needed to escape the heat and noise of the city so decided we'd take a walk in the surrounding countryside to see if we could spot one. We'd also read about a Pagoda giving good views of Sorong and the ocean beyond but no information as to how to get to it. After much asking around in our hotel and getting nowhere we got the information we needed from the odd job man! He could speak better English than the receptionist! He told us it was a two kilometres walk so must get a bus. He couldn't believe we were actually going to walk. It turned out his directions were spot on and we found the hill taking ... read more
View from the Pagoda
The temple at the top
Ringing the bell!

Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Sorong October 25th 2011

As soon as we topped up with fuel, we departed and our 7 day voyage to West Papua was underway. Our journey was generally moving in the direction of ENE of Bali, with many islands to zig zag around along the way. Bali is just one of nearly 13,500 islands in Indonesia, and between all of those islands are around 240 million residents. Most of the islands are quite populated, even if you've never heard of them. Most are quite poor as well. We went by countless islands where there were hardly even any sort of lights lit at night, but there were definitely a lot people there, kickin' it old school. Our trip brought us through a whole side of the world that is completely new to me. The way that I saw it as ... read more
Mid Ocean Swim

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