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Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Manokwari February 20th 2019

When, in my last blog, I said Raja Ampat had drained my resources, I wasn’t kidding. It had. Or you could say it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was teetering on bankruptcy before Raja Ampat, it just pushed me over the edge. However, I had already foreseen this. And I had taken measures to mitigate the consequences. What were those measures? First I moved my return flight forward, as soon as I realised my money wouldn’t last another month. Second, I cut down my spending, even in Raja Ampat, by sharing costs, and being inventive. Third I changed my plans, cutting out all but the essentials (food and accommodation) for my post-Raja Ampat period. But how did I get to this dismal situation? Me, an experienced traveller? It’s not often that I ... read more
Sorong to Manokwari

Asia » Indonesia » West Papua » Manokwari October 28th 2011

We spent only a few days in Manokwari, but it was quite an eye-opening experience for us and the locals alike. Our crew, arriving in a big shiny white boat, and anchoring in the bay, was pretty much the equivalent of little green aliens arriving in a spaceship. I'm pretty sure that nearly everyone in this "city" had pretty much never seen a white person before, or maybe just once or twice before. Even the government officials wanted to take pictures with us. Anywhere we went, people stopped what they were doing to have a look at us. It felt very safe there, as everyone was friendly, but no one spoke any English. The living arrangements we saw were very......rustic. The people may have been poor, but you wouldn't have known it by how many smiles ... read more
Fish Market
Fishing Boats
Indo Engineering

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