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February 3rd 2015
Published: June 25th 2017
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In case you don't already know her name, allow me to introduce you to my new travel guitar, Ramblin' Rose. Although I have taken her predecessor - a Martin Backpacker guitar - with me for the past two Dreamchasers adventures, this year I upgraded to an oh-so-beautiful, elegant, rich sounding Baby Martin, so this is really Ramblin Rose's first big trip.

Of course I watch her like an overprotective mother, wrapping her carefully, always keeping her in sight, and never ever letting anyone else carry her around, etc. etc.

You do remember that I mentioned recently about the roads of Sumatra being particularly rough? Well, I have been a little rough myself for the past month, fighting off first a sore back, followed by a head cold and then a bout of traveller's you-know-what, so I happened to fall asleep earlier this week on the first of our twelve hour cross country treks over the bumpy Sumatran terrain. I believe it was the same day we had climbed the volcano. As it turns out, I was not watching my baby as closely as I should have been when she was dealing with those rough roads, and she took a punch on her bottom. You can imagine how surprised and dismayed I was to discover that my Ramblin' Rose is no longer perfect and beautiful, even though she still plays as good - or better - than ever.

And then I realized that she and I have something in common that runs much deeper than music.

I also decided that if she is gonna be my travel guitar, going on adventures around the world, she has got to be tough, because travellin' ain't always easy, especially when you're sick, run down, or tired, but you have got to keep on goin' on, no matter what.

So suck it up Ramblin Rose, we' ve got a lot of miles and a lot of tunes yet to do.

And it's a good thing my man Stan is a nurse, cause he was able to properly bandage her, lying in her hospital bed as you will note, so now she is ready to hit the road again - but please, Rose, not literally any more.


5th February 2015

The scar adds a certain character don't you think?
6th February 2015

Absolutely! The band aid is beginning to have its appeal. Time she get off that pedestal and toughen up, like her Travel mentor.
10th February 2015

Lucy is still staying engaged with her guitar. She is going for her first lesson tomorrow. She has taught herself a few songs already. Thanks so much for the lend.
10th February 2015

Wonderful. You are most welcome. I am glad she is enjoying the experience and I am happy to have been able to get help get her started. I look forward to hearing whatever she wants to share when we get back.

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