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Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Pekanbaru September 13th 2010

Day 65 Melaka to Pekanbaru (Mon 6th Sept) So the ferry port was only about 30-40 minutes from the hotel and we arrived there just after 0800. Our ferry wasn’t until 1000 so we had plenty of time. Matt warned us that there may not be anywhere to exchange money for the first few days in Indonesia, so most of the group had withdrawn money yesterday and changed their Malay Ringgit for Indonesian Rupiah at the port. Since I was planning on withdrawing money instead of exchanging it this time, I just had a nap on the coach instead... We boarded the ferry first, skipping the queue completely for some reason. The ferry was small, crowded, and smelt like fuel. The trip was to be 2.5 hours and the jokes that the boat might not make ... read more
On the Road 2
On the Road 3

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Pekanbaru July 8th 2008

... "Uh, No. That would be Cuba," came our reply! We have survived 7 of the most miserable days known to Team Canada (or to mankind in general)! After Singapore, our plan was to take a ferry to Sumatra (an island of Indonesia), and spend a few weeks up north checking out beaches and Banda Aceh (the area most affected by the tsunami), and do a few jungle treks to see orang utans. Plans did not go quite as we had hoped! The ferry from Singapore to the island of Batam was all peaches, and the ferry from Batam to mainland Sumatra (Dumai) was a little less peachy, but doable. From Dumai to Pekanbaru (about 200Km inland), not peachy, or doable or anything even remotely okay with us! The 200Km ride should have taken about 2 ... read more
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest?
That's Alot of Noodles!!!
First Class Transportation

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