Sebesi island, Umang Umang island , Sebuku island..and a glimpse of the child of Krakatau

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November 8th 2010
Published: November 10th 2010
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Boat @ Canti
Ahhh, Krakatau . How I love thee.

Famous for its blast some hundred years ago, its charm surely has tantalized many to come and visit thee. It was said that Krakatau ashes reached Europe and changed the course of history. I am not sure if it’s a little bit exaggerating, but when I was being told that a friend of a friend is planning to go there, I immediately said “can I join?”

Days before the trip, the child of Krakatau started to show signs of eruption. With Merapi’s explosion just days before - it doesn’t sound like a good idea to visit at such time. Too many bad news of Krakatau ’s present condition: poisonous gas, ashes that reach as far as Cilegon, earthquakes and many more. But the event organizer decided to give it a go and off we went!

To reach Krakatau , a trip by ferry is necessary (except if you decide to fly to Lampung). Those ferries could be found at Merak port. To get to Merak, get a bus from Kampung Rambutan terminal. I’m not sure how much it costs because it was a packaged tour. The trip from Kampung Rambutan to

My version of tres Picados
Merak could last to 2-3 hours from Jakarta .

Economy ticket from Merak to Bakauheni is about Rp.10,000,-. Don’t expect anything comfy and cozy. Prepare a jacket because it could get quite windy. It took us around 3 hours to reach Bakauheni port in Lampung.

Upon arrival, a chartered mini bus (angkot) waited for our group. It was another 1 hour trip to a place they call “Canti”. Canti looks like a small fishing village to me, most travel to Krakatau area will pass thru Canti. We hopped into a small boat in Canti and headed out for Sebesi island.

Now the journey officially begins…

Sebesi Island

The first destination of the whole event was to visit the Sebesi Island . The plan was to stay at Sebesi Island and do some island hopping from here. Travel time from Canti to Sebesi island was about 1,5 hours. It was a very calm ride. Waves were almost down to zero. I actually kinda fall asleep on my way there.

On the way, I saw cute 3 islets. It reminds me of Siete Picados of Coron. Maybe they should name those islets as Tres Picados? (
Sebesi IslandSebesi IslandSebesi Island

The Sebesi Island
siete = seven ; tres= three). Hee hee hee.

When we arrived, we were assigned to our room. It was a small cottage with the beach as our front view. The view was okay (I wish I could say “breath taking”, but really—it was just okay). Good thing was the beach is still fairly clean. Based on my readings, Sebesi island is the closest inhabited island to Krakatau . And based on those readings too, its population actually reach 2000 people.

I saw some live stocks in Sebesi. Goats , cows/buffalos and cute chickens look like a common thing. Electricity is also available here. Sadly, there are some dogs in the cottage that are not being well taken care of. It breaks a dog lover’s heart to see them. I saw one dog with an infected anus. Horror !

After some chit chatting and exploring the place a bit, off we go again to an island close to Sebesi--the Umang umang island.

Umang Umang island

I have heard many positive stories of Umang Umang island before this trip. It’s located very close to Sebesi island, which will not take 15 minutes to reach by
Umang UmangUmang UmangUmang Umang

On the way to Umang Umang island
boat. It is a very small island where you can circle the island on foot for less than 20 minutes. The water is the bluest I have seen so far in Indonesia (mind you, I haven’t been to many beaches in Indonesia , hee hee hee :P ) .The water was also calm and warm, so it is a good place for someone who wants to practice snorkeling. I found a “teripang” ( I don’t know what to call it in English) and a star fish. Very very CUTE !

The good thing about Umang Umang island is that it is kinda shady. So, if you are not really a water person like I am, this is a GREAT place to chill and relax. I can stay for hours in this island, simply to unwind or read a good book. Lunch was also provided by the Event Organizer, so it was quite a perfect setting for me. I only got wet a bit before deciding to stay at the beach and just enjoy the experience.

A tiny glimpse of the child of Krakatao

The plan was to hike this famous volcano.
Sebuku IslandSebuku IslandSebuku Island

Blue water of Sebuku Island
But with the current situation, the ranger put us to stop so we have to be satisfied with observing it from afar. A little disappointed on my part, but after seeing the ashes that are raised from the top of the mountain, gee—thank goodness someone stopped us. I left a part of my heart at Krakatau and am planning to get it back someday.

Sebuku island

After the unsuccessful Krakatau encounter, we headed off to Sebuku island. Sebuku’s shores are full of dead corals and shells. It’s fun to accompany my friend to look for beautiful shells to add to her collections at home.

The beach itself, although not as beautiful as Umang umang island, is no less charming. Not a typical beach to go strolling (too many shells and dead corals that will surely prick your feet), but its view is really pretty. The water is clear and blue, a great place for snorkeling as well. We ate our lunch here, which consists of fresh fish and fresh squid. It’s been such a long time since I ate something as fresh as that.

After much exploring of Sebuku island, off we went to Canti.
Child of KrakatauChild of KrakatauChild of Krakatau

The beautiful child of Krakatau
Yeah, it was the end of the trip. From Canti we took a chartered minibus to Bakauheni and headed back to Merak.

It’s my first time to be in Lampung. I have heard many beautiful stories about this area and have seen a very small part of it thru this trip. I will be back, to successfully visit Krakatau next time (hopefully) and would love to see Way Kambas ( the elephant sanctuary), among other destinations I am sure is available out there.

Suggestion and Recommendation

Travel in group. There is NO public transportation to Canti. For island hopping you must rent a boat. Traveling in group will surely bring down the cost

As much as possible ask for a life vest. The waves could get rough. I experienced this on our way back

Sunblock is a must.

Things to buy from Lampung : banana products ! Yupe, Lampung is known for its banana. I love their crispy chocolate banana (keripik pisang coklat). You can buy these at the Bakaheuni port for about 30,000 per box (1/2 kg)

Cost :

I included myself on an arranged tour of a friend which
Umang UmangUmang UmangUmang Umang

Umang Umang Island
costs me IDR 425,000 for all expenses (less than 50 USD). Since advertising is not allowed in this blog, for inquiries on the tour please contact me personally.

Additional photos below
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Sebuku islandSebuku island
Sebuku island

The view from Sebuku Island

Sebesi IslandSebesi Island
Sebesi Island

Sebesi Island
Umang UmangUmang Umang
Umang Umang

Approaching Umang Umang

16th November 2010

mmm... Just review that moment.. :)

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