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November 22nd 2008
Published: November 22nd 2008
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Krakatau EruptionKrakatau EruptionKrakatau Eruption

Eruption of the Mountain. It is about 250-300 meter high
I stare in disbelieve as the giant dark thing blows dust to the air above. Still disbelieve that we are only few hundred meters from the giant that rock the world more than a century ago: Krakatau Volcano.

We were aboard KMP Windu Karsa Pratama, a big ferry chartered by the local authority for trip to Krakatau Volcano, as part of annual Krakatau Festival 2008. On board are ambassadors from 21 countries, government officials, media and those who are curious enough with the volcano. The original itinerary is to land on the island for a ceremony, but due to the activity of the volcano, the ceremony is done onboard.

I grab my camera as the volcano again blows dust to the air. The volcano itself has grown to 274 meters since it first emerged from the water in 1927, 44 years after the last major eruption, which claimed 36.000 lives, and also destroy itself. But the blow of the dust is much higher than the volcano itself. Watching this event bring back the dark history of this ancient volcano. Many historians believe that in the ancient time the volcano has some role in throwing some great kingdom from their

The Eruption. Amazingly.. it is very silent....
glory time, or causing some most deadly pestilence. The dust from the eruption formed a layer in the atmosphere, altering the global climate.

We stop near the shore for the ceremony. The bow of our ship faces the giant volcano and the peak can be seen above the wheelhouse, 2 decks high from the main deck. For a moment, our attention moved from the volcano to the Jet Ski attraction, part of the ceremony for the ambassadors. Then we realize that, this giant volcano, symbol of devastation, is standing in the middle of awfully beautiful landscape. The green lush and the blue water on one side of the shore looks like a beautiful island getaway than deadly volcano. I remember a scuba diving trip few years ago around this volcano.

Soon as the ceremony ends, the Krakatau steals our attention again by blowing another dust to the air. It won’t compete for our attention with the ceremony, but immediately steal our attention afterwards. What a lively volcano.

The time has finally come to part with the ancient volcano. For the fourth time it blows, as a wave of good bye to us. With Rakata and Lang Island
Taking PictureTaking PictureTaking Picture

My gf was taking picture during the eruption
is now visible, Krakatau is indeed the beast in the middle of the beauty.

About the trip & Festival

Festival Krakatau 2008 is the 18th of annual event organized by the local authority. It is usually runs on August each year. Besides from the trip, there are many other events, such as Kite Festival, Fishing Week, and many more.

Trip to Krakatau is available free of charge for those who interested. Pay attention to the local media for the date, and one just need to be at Port of Bakauheni on the date to join the trip. The port can be reached by public transport from Rajabasa Bus Terminal at Bandar Lampung, or from any major bus terminal in Jakarta to Merak, continued by ferry trip crossing Sunda Strait. One can also drive their own car from Jakarta or Bandar Lampung

We pick our accommodation at Bandar Lampung, 90 minutes from Bakauheni, due to larger selection for dining, and also for the Kite Festival the day before. After the trip, we spend a night at Kalianda Resort before heading back to Jakarta the day after.

Additional photos below
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Waiting on BoardWaiting on Board
Waiting on Board

The spectator waiting on top of the ferry for the next eruption
Playing with DeathPlaying with Death
Playing with Death

A stunt did his jet ski attraction,a s part of the festival
On the Other SideOn the Other Side
On the Other Side

This beautiful beach lies side by side with the deadly Krakatau
The CraterThe Crater
The Crater

The Crater of Krakatau, from which it blows the smoke and fume

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