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Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba December 18th 2007

Vi tog afsted fra Bukit Lawang den 17. december. Foerst koerte vi til Medan og derfra tog vi bussen til Parapat. Herfra var det meningen at vi skulle med baaden til oen Samosir, men desvaerre ankom vi for sent saa den sidste baad var sejlet. Vi sov derfor en nat i Parapat - paa et meget snusket sted; a la cigaret skodder paa gulvene og tomme oeldaaser + en seng der sandsynligvis ikke havde set et rent lagn i et stykke tid - tak og lov for vores soveposer! Saa vi kom nemt og hurtigt op naeste morgen og tog den foerste baad til Samosir! :) Her fik vi det bedste vaerelse paa hele oeen - tror vi da! :) Vi havde vores egen balkon, som laag adskilt fra alle andres OG vi havde den skoenneste ... read more
02 - batak dans
03 - dame ved vejkanten
04 - Rune paa sin kvaern

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba September 7th 2007

Lake Toba...How we DO love Lake Toba. Its been 5 days sice we've arrived and we are damn happy to be here. The goin' is SLOW, the food is DELISH, the air is COOL and the accommodation is CLEAN. Life is sweet in Toba. We don't really want to leave on Sunday like we've decided to do. But if we want to see other things in Sumatra and then Java, unfortunately we must move on. Though we could do as Martin and Sara, a Swiss couple we met here, and just decide to give up all of our plans and donate our time and money to stay here and help the locals rebuild their hotels and tourist attractions so that the tourists would actually return to visit one fine day. Or do as Johnny from Berlin ... read more
thats livin'
lake toba

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba September 1st 2007

Schweren Herzens haben wir die Philippinen verlassen um uns in Sumatra auf die Suche nach Orang Utans zubegeben. Erster Aufenthalt war in Medan. Die Stadt ist wenig spektakulaer und die Unterkuenfte eher schaebig als nett. Wir sind letzendlich in einem Hostel (Zakiah) abgestiegen, dass sich genau gegenueber der groessten Moschee in Medan befindet. Na super. Da heisst es, spaetestens morgens um 5:00 Uhr muessen die Ohrstoepsel her. Denn dann ist nichts mehr mit schlafen. Noe. Da ruft der Muezzin zum Morgengebet. Und das geschieht via Megalautsprecher, die ueber der Moschee angebracht sind. So, dass der Gesang, der sich zu anderen, menschlicheren Tageszeiten sehr schoen anhoeren kann, auch noch in der kleinsten Gasse zu hoeren ist. Die Abende haben wir hauptsaechlich in einem Restaurant verbracht, in dem man auch nette Typen trifft, die einen viel ueber die ... read more
Mesjid Raya Moschee in Medan
Koenigspalast in Medan
Auf dem Weg nach Ketambe

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba June 24th 2007

It was probably a sign of the times and we didn't want to find fault with our hotels - after all, we were staying at the cheaper end of the market and there were precious few visitors around. But the fact was, there were often times when we felt that someone ought to be paying us to stay in them - not the other way around. Despite our best efforts to find something that would redeem our hotel in Bukit Lawang, it was the bed bugs and extremely smelly toilet (that blocked regularly and could only be emptied by tipping a bucketful of water down it each time we needed to flush) that finally drove us away. Of course, the "Wisma Sibayak" had not escaped damage from the flood that ripped through Bukit Lawang in 2003 ... read more
Karonese Kids
High Above the Clouds
Into The Devil's Kitchen

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba May 4th 2007

Samir's article. Back on Gilli Air, probably a week ago (yes, it's been that long) before we went night fishing, we all went snorkeling (even Alia, who's leg is better now). We snorkeled in a current, above a coral reef. There were mostly black fish, but also the regular confused pinstripe fish, tie dye fish, angel fish, bright blue fish and ugly, fat, orange-lip fish. We swam the current 3 or 4 times before getting bored (believe it), and heading back to shore. That night (as promised), we went night fishing in deep waters. I caught a medium sized yellow fish and a red snapper, which is a red and white fish that (you guessed it) snaps. Dad got it cooked and he ate it the next day. I tried some, but it was pretty ... read more
Riding the Balance Thingy of our Glass Bottom Boat
Getting a Tour at the Kings Stone Chair

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba March 18th 2007

The journey from Bukit Lawang to our next destination was long, bumpy and hot. After two long bus rides, a minibus, and a ferry, we hoped that there would be a decent pay-off at the end. We were not disappointed. Danau Toba, the largest lake in South-East Asia, was perfect. The island (not technically an island, but very nearly) of Samosir sits in the middle of this lake, and the main village of Tuk-Tuk has stunning views over the water. This part of Indonesia used to be an extremely popular location for young tourists, but with the tragic decline in numbers after the Bali bombings, and various other catastrophes, the potential hoardes were flocking to nearby Thailand instead. After a small amount of fuss, we found some gorgeous accomodation in a traditional Batak house (Bataks are ... read more
Sunset 1
A view through the trees
Our Batak House

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba November 10th 2006

I go to pick up my visa for Indonesia at the embassy in Kuala Lumpur, I hand in my visa slip and the women at the counter says 'ticket?'. I say 'no I don't have ticket yet cause I don't know when I'm going'. 'ticket' she says. 'In and out of Indonesia'. I tell her that 'I can probably get a ticket to Indonesia but I am crossing by land out of Indonesia so I can't have a ticket for that'. 'You must have ticket in and out' she repeats 'Buy return ticket but don't use'. 'Thats stupid' I say and she just stars at me, ''whats the point of that?'. 'Ticket' she says again. 'So you want me to waste my time and money for something that I'm not going to use and is no ... read more
Lake Toba
Lake Toba

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba March 11th 2006

(Matthew) So, after almost a month the the island of Borneo, the Malaysian part of it anyways. I was ready to move on to new things. we were supposed to fly out from Khota Kinabalu (K.K as the locals call it) through Air Asia. we had already booked our flights and we thought we were supposed to fly out at 11:00 am. but it turns out that we were supposed to leave closer to 9:00. so, we missed our flight and had no good excuse. we were all kicking ourselves, especially when we realized their was absolutely no way we could get our money back. so, we had to spend another night in K.K and left the next morning. we flew to K.L and then to the City of Medan in the Indonisian province of Sumatra. ... read more
Flippin Out
Is the Grass Greener On the Other Side?
Low Rider

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba October 12th 2005

Lake Toba is the old crater of a volcano, which a large island in it, where I stayed. Although I had heard that it was meant to be beautiful, and a perfect place to relax, I thought it was arse. The place is entirely set up for tourists, to the point of which it has no culture of it's own. To make matters worse there were virtually no other tourists around, so I had no company, and the locals were extra vigilant with there harassing: "Motorbike, Massage, Mushrooms...." I wondered what combining them all would have been like.... The scenery was pretty amazing, but it was awfully similar to New Zealand, and personally I think we do it better. One day I went for a trek with a crazy Finish guy. The plan was to get ... read more
The Waterfall
Lost in the Forest at the Top

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba August 18th 2005

Our sightseeing trip from Bukit Lawang to Lake Toba was undertaken in a minibus, which by itself was not really uncomfortable but we felt the bad road conditions (potholes etc.) much more strongly. The first part of the trip led us back to Medan, crossing wide plantations of oil palms whose fruits were just being picked and transported to oil mills, and huge plantations of gum trees. The crossing of Medan did not consume too much time, there were relatively few congestions. Our next stop on the way to Lake Toba was Brastagi, a hill resort town established by the Dutch in the early 20th century as a retreat from the heat and humidity of the lowlands. Although the town does not have many specific points of interest, its position, surrounded by active volcanoes, is memorable ... read more
Sipisopiso waterfall
Edge of Lake Toba
Changing weather

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