Canibalism, a deterent to outsiders

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June 7th 2009
Published: June 7th 2009
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at a local market
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As usual during my evenings here in Tuk Tuk I have moved over to Peter Nit Noi Chang's guest house, not to hang out with Mister Fatso the presumed child molester but to have a cold Bintang together with Mama Cesca, his landlady.

There is usually no mistaking Peter's bulky shape sitting outside the guest house enjoying the last warm rays of sun of the day, his long goatee hanging down on his sweaty chest disappearing in the layers of human fat, always trying to strike up a conversation with me - a lonely man liked by nobody on the island according to Mama Cesca.

No Peter today though and having our usual evening bottle of cold Bintang she tells me Peter has taken the ferry to Parapat for a "social" visit to the local wh*rehouse, an activity he endulces himself in once or twice a week she tells me while her fingers play with holes in my old jeans.

Though the Batak people are officially chatolic or protestant Mama Cesca has been explaining to me the high importance of the spirit world , animism mixed with animal spirituality, has

inside a funeral house
got on the communal minds of her people, the mistrust that ruled between the different villages and that was so high that in times long gone there weren't even roads from one settlement to the other. Members caught from a nearby village would often end up on the notorious stone "dinner" table usually situated in the heart of the village.

I presume that canibalism must be a helluva deterent to outsiders!!!

She also tells me about the many funeral houses I have been seeing all around the Samosir Island during my hikes, elaborate and creative in design often with all sorts of statues around it symbolising the life of the deceased.

She tells me about the Singa, a half buffalo/half snake mythical underworld entity that apparently possesses the power to drive off evil spirits - important in a society that has got such a strong obsession with spirituality I should think!!!

Her fingers still playing with the holes in my old jeans she also explains me that Peter, who by the way is her only guest, is not supposed to come back untill late so maybe we could move over to her room and continue the

inside a funeral house

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the insidethe inside
the inside

of a funeral house

29th October 2009

abolish cannibalism
The idea of human eating human should not be something we should be experience now, if God says thou shall not kill and the only palatable food is to eat fellow human,i think ts an act of pure insanity such a person should expose to proper psychoactive evaluation.It is purely satanic yinka from nigeria
29th October 2009

I agree with you though I do wonder if you have ever REALLY been starving....if you have you will undferstand why some people do resort to eating human flesh which does not mean I agree on the practice, just merely making a statement. I the case of Lake Toba I am afraid their little human digestion hobbies had nada to do with starvation. Thanks for your comment. Hans from Amsterdam.
8th March 2010

hey thanks for all the commentary...humorous and enlightening, thinking of going from Singapore..what do you suggest as the least painful way to go also where to stay at the lake....Mr.Moons I hear is lovely..don't want ants in my room either so if you could advise would be muchly appreciated..are you a photographer by any chance?? cordially, Martin
28th November 2010

i just think it sounds just nasty

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