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Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang September 28th 2014

I visited Sumatra a week ago, and it was amazing. I got plenty of opportunities to practice Bahasa Indonesia (the local language) with the people in Medan. Medan is a city with an international airport, and it's the biggest city outside Java in Indonesia. I arrived at 9am, in the city and proceeded to explore. I was disenchanted, mostly because I live in a city in Java, and wanted to see some greenery, rather than the grey buildings and smoke that epitomise an Indonesian city. I stayed a night in a 3* hotel (for about 3 pounds sterling, and I haggled a free breakfast in too!) and went on to Bukit Lawang the following morning. I got a bumpy 3 hour bus ride out of the way, and arrived in a village next to the jungle! ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang August 31st 2014

I was in Penang, feeling very worldly & wonderful on my first solo trip in Asia. I had overcome my fear & stepped out alone into the big wide world. I was 50. Then l saw a sign pointing towards the ferry to Sumatra. It sounded so enticing & exotic. The 'fly by the seat of my pants' itinerary was working well so feeling confident & a bit cocky, l booked the ferry for the following morning. I knew nothing about Sumatra except that the endangered orang-utans lived there & l wanted to see them in the wild before they no longer existed. After a pleasant passage across the Malaccan Straits, l arrived in Medan, the ugliest city l had ever seen. Clogged, crumbling & cluttered, l just wanted to get out of there. So l ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang July 31st 2014

Většina cestovatelů do Indonésie se chce podívat do džungle a jednou z nejjednodušších možností je Bukit Lawang, vzdálený pouhé tři hodinky od medanského letiště. Nejjednodušší možnosti mívají svá úskalí, v tomto případě je to samozřejmě zkaženost turismem. Jako základna pro výlet do deštného pralesa ale asi slouží dobře, i když nemůžu porovnávat s dalšími možnostmi, které se pro západního turistu naskýtají, především Tangkahan, pár hodin na sever odtud, a Ketambe u města Kutacane, ležící v Acehu na severojižní silnici vražené přímo doprostřed parku. Každopádně Bukit Lawang leží na hranici mezi národním parkem Leuser a okolní krajinou zaplněnou vesnicemi, ale hlavně plantážemi palmy olejné a kaučukovníku. Zajímavé to je pochopitelně hlavně spíš v národním parku než v plantážích, a Bukit Lawang n... read more
Ulička smrti

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang April 22nd 2014

Still in the transition phase for updates Read all about our 2 day trek through the Sumatran Jungle here!!!! read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang June 26th 2013

Having enjoyed the cool mountain air of the highlands for over a week now, starting from Bukittingi to Toba and Berastagi, it was time to finally head back down to the reality of the infernal heat of the Sumatran lowlands. And so from Berastagi it was a 5h journey to Bukit Lawang, a small village tucked away from the bustle of the provincial capital of Medan, and which has been receiving tourists to its the nearby Leuser National Park and orang-utan rehabilitation centre for the past several decades. What's that, another orang-utan rehab centre, you say? Didn't I already visit one just last month in Sepilok, Sabah, East Malaysia? Indeed I did. But I'd come to Bukit Lawang for the trekking, much vaunted by LP, and also the hopes of catching a sight of the red-haired ... read more
A River Runs Through It
Welcome to Bukit Lawang
Kids Preparing to Tube

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang February 5th 2013

I was back in another airport waiting for another flight, this time to Medan in Indonesia, to go back in the rainforest again. The flight only took an hour and caught a taxi to Kampang Lalang which could loosely be described as a bus station. From there I caught a minibus to Bukit Lawang, on arrival a guy came up to be and offered me a lift to my hostel for 5000rp. There are 14,000rp to £1 so when I went to the ATM to withdraw £100 I instantly became a millionaire – woohoo. What the guy didn’t say was that he was going to give me a lift to the hostel on his scooter which made for a very cramped journey with my backpack and daypack! It was no surprise at all to me that ... read more
A visitor
Bukit Lawang
In the bat cave

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang October 25th 2012

Our next stop was the jungle village of Bukit Lawang to visit our furry primate cousins, the Orang-Utans. Our journey took five hours, and on the way we stopped at a petrol station. There was a small cage of dogs outside, and I wondered whether these were guard dogs that were let out in the evening, or whether they were being transported for someone's dinner. Dog is eaten in some parts of Sumatra, although it's seldom written as dog on the menu. It's simply written as B1, and pig is written as B2. These correspond to the number of letter Bs in the name (dog is called Biang and pig is called Babi). I had seen plenty of adverting signs written with B2, but had yet to see B1. One strange thing I noticed about some ... read more
Dogs for Dinner?
Attack of the Killer Ants
"Did I leave the oven on?"

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang August 18th 2012

As Rebecca's Grandad would say “Oooo Heck!”. Where to start with this one?! The beginning is usually the best place to start so we'll give that a shot... The last few days of our life have been like living in a David Attenborough documentary. We were in the jungle, surrounded by birds, insects, primates, fauna and flora etc. It has been absolutely unreal! Warning: The pictures we will show you and the blog we are about to share are not even going to come close to justifying what we experienced in the last few days! Our first night in Bukit Lawang we stayed at a guesthouse we had read nothing but rave reviews about, Greenhill. The reviews were all accurate; it was great! We had a private room pretty much directly in the jungle with a ... read more
Bukit Lawang
Baby Orangutan 1

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang July 27th 2012

Vanmorgen eerst alle koffers ingepakt en toen zijn Joyce, Lisa en ik even het stadje ingelopen naar de markt. Wong had Tom beloofd dat hij nog met hem zou gaan zwemmen en van de rotsen af zou springen. Om 9 uur is Tom Mr WOng maar uit zijn bed gaan halen. Die arme kerel lag nog te slapen, maar daar had Tom niets mee te maken. De markt was een ervaring apart. Geen marktkraampjes zoals bij ons, maar alles op de grond of op dekens of plastic zeil. Alles was te koop, van speelgoed tot eten. Eten (vlees/vis) niet gekoeld, maar gewoon in bakken in de volle zon. Kip, lever, ingewanden, vissenkop, levende vissen, je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken. Bij terugkomst is Lisa ook nog even gaan zwemmen en toen was het hier echt ... read more
nog even zwemmen
en nog van de rots springen

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang July 26th 2012

Vandaag zouden we naar de olifanten gaan, echter vandaag bleken de olifanten niet te werken. We zouden daar ook lekker in de rivier kunnen zwemmen dus we gingen toch. Wat we niet goed hadden beseft, was dat we 2,5 uur op onbegaanbare weg in een Jeep moesten rijden. Op een gegeven moment kwamen we aan bij een brug waar allemaal scooters, vrachtauto's, auto's en mensen stonden te wachten. Bleek dat er een vrachtauto door de brug was heen gezakt. Die lag op zijn kop onder in de rivier. Monteurs waren bezig om met boomstammen het gat weer te dichten! Dat zou echter wel een tijdje duren, dus regelde onze gids zo'n pick-up truck waar wij in de achterbak konden zitten en zo door de rivier naar de andere kant konden rijden. Aan de andere kant aangekomen ... read more
vrachtauto in de rivier
met z'n drieen onder de waterval
Lisa achter de waterval

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