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October 22nd 2006
Published: October 22nd 2006
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If you come all the way to Banda (and you should if you come to Sumatra), don't just head directly to Sabang. See the major sites (Grande Mosque, beaches, Pasar Atjeh, etc..) but click on the photo's below to get information on other things to see and do in and around Banda.

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Bike Ride through VillagesBike Ride through Villages
Bike Ride through Villages

Take a bike ride through the villages around Mata Ei too see the friendly faces peeking out from the rice fields. Contact the Aceh Biking Club to go with the crew. (contact me for details)
Elephant Rides!Elephant Rides!
Elephant Rides!

Go to Saree and take a ride on Noni, the elephant or one of her friends. 1 hour ride from Banda. No charge, but tip appreciated 30,000 Rp. ($3.30)

Ask one of the fisherman at Ulee Lheu to take you to Pulo Batee, or one of the islands and get lost. Don't forget to arrange for pick-up too! Expect to pay about 150,000 Rp. per person, roundtrip. ($16.40)
Jungle Joe AdventuresJungle Joe Adventures
Jungle Joe Adventures

Ask Joe to take you on a half-day hike to Mata Ei or overnight to Seulawah. Pictured here is the "swimming pool." Just you and the eagles. Email About 150,000 Rp. for half-day ($16.40)
Aceh Traditional DanceAceh Traditional Dance
Aceh Traditional Dance

Be entertained for free...come see the Sanggar Cut Dancers practice on Sunday mornings, 11am at Pedopo.

Sip kopi aceh (sweet and black) or sanger (with milk) in Ulee Karing's most famous coffee shop, Solong. 3,000 Rp. ($.33)
Suhom WaterfallSuhom Waterfall
Suhom Waterfall

Only one hour from Aceh in Lloong district. There is no excuse to not to go. Beautiful and refreshing. Free.
Eat with your hands!Eat with your hands!
Eat with your hands!

Go to Lamyoeng (sp??) on the way to Darussalam and eat the most delicious BBQ ever. No utensils. Dig in and enjoy. At the Darussalam rotary, go right and pull over at any of the fish stalls on the left. 70,000 Rp. per person for full meal. ($7.67)
 Tsunami Sights Tsunami Sights
Tsunami Sights

That building is not a building. It's an enormous barge that the tsunami flung 5km inland and dropped on a neighborhood. It's the best example i've seen of the power of those waves. when i saw it, it literally brought me to my knees. The city hooked up the on-board generator and it now provides power to part of the city.

22nd October 2006

beautiful photo's !!! i think you should bring a whole new industry to B.A. tourism. get well and stay safe. xoxo
10th November 2006

Great site, pics, and philosophical comments, especially people who talk on planes. Best of luck in Africa and hope you enjoy it as much as you did here. Hope you are getting better and stay safe.
14th November 2006

I commend you
I have a lot of respect for the work you are doing. I would love the opportunity to do what you are doing. Some of us sit in our homes just thinking of ways to help the people who survived the greatest and most facinating natural disaster in recenty history...But you and your collegues have stood up and done something. I appreciate the pictures you have shown us also. Your parents must be extremely proud of you. Keep up the good work Mohammed UK.

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