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February 20th 2006
Published: February 22nd 2006
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I need to follow-up on my last blog entry about the dance performance. It would be easy to say that it was a huge success. The pics look great and it even aired on local TV news. As a result, the dancers were invited to perform in Quebec and the govt. has offered to expedite the passports. Sounds great!? Yes, it is great. But blogs are funny all wouldn't know any different if I left it at that. But, that wouldn't be the whole story...

So, what happened? In short, Protocol. It was "protocol" that we wait 1.5hrs. for the Minister to show up - which he never did. It was also "protocol" that the event's supporters receive certificates on stage (including myself)...which delayed the start of the performance even more. Add to that a couple of speeches and the opening prayer and that means the performance began almost 2 hours late! At that point, you would've needed dancers with fire coming out their asses to appease the annoyed crowd. We had dancers, but no fire.

The Acehnese in the audience, probably used to all this, were quite forgiving and those that I talked with after didn't even mention the late start. But the foreigners were clearly not amused and many left before the end of the show.

On a personal note, I have to say I felt bit uncomfortable the whole night. Out of sincere gratitude, the dancers had dressed me up in an elaborate outfit and sat me in a VIP chair next to the Governor. It was all very sweet, but I felt like my friends must've thought I invited them all to see me play dress up and be all self-important. It was truly awkward! If my grandmother were in the crowd, she would be saying "who does she think she is?"

I didn't write all this in the first entry because I didn't want to detract from the successes of the night. However, admitting it wasn't perfect isn't a crime and that's how we learn..though I'm not sure yet what exactly the lesson is. As usual, God is keeping me humble. Not everything is a complete success.

There! I feel better blog will be about Hanoi, Vietnam...quite possibly the least friendliest city in the world??


8th March 2006

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Ohh look how beautifull erica looks !! villa's comment ohh how beautifull every one looks!

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