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Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Tana Toraja October 16th 2009

The last five days or so have been an exercise in going with the flow, which was my goal from the beginning of this trip. I flew onto the island of Sulawesi at night, landing near the metropolis of Makassar. My initial plan was to go into the city and try to find a cheap motorbike to buy on which to tour the island. But as I was getting my luggage, I met a Canadian girl named Rachel who was getting a night bus up towards the center of the island to Tana Toraja. And so I went on a 12 hour night bus, getting no sleep, and wound up in that very culturally unique area. They still build their houses here to look like the boats that their ancestors sailed over on from mainland Asia. ... read more
The funeral grounds
Rachel and Me
Another victim of the bloodbath

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Tana Toraja September 11th 2009

In keeping with tradition our journey from Flores to Sulawesi was.. err.. interesting to put it mildly. Like we said in our last blog we'd decided to make use of the Pelni Ferries that travel all across Indonesia to get between the 2 destinations. We had no ideas on what it would be like but when the ship pulled up we got quite excited. We'd joked about it being like a cruise liner and it really was... well the ship was... the journey itself was probably as far away from a cruise as you could be without being on dry land! Although there is the option of 1st - 4th class on these boats there was no way we could afford 1st class (around $US80 a ticket) and the 2nd - 4th classes are separate sexes ... read more
Carving up the meat
Carving up the meat
Fallen graves

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Tana Toraja August 4th 2009

It has been a wile ago since I last updated this travel blog. Traveling the remote islands of Maluku - Indonesia makes it very difficult to stay in touch. A dead slow internet connection and mobile phone service are only available in capital of Kota Ambon, a place were we didn't stay very long and we only used as a hub to get to the different Islands of the region. A full update on this great experience has to wait for a wile. First things first: Because Tana Toraja was one of my highlights last year, I didn't mind at all to go here again and relive it again with each other. As a result Anna could enjoy this (mostly on the back of the motobike, wile I could show of with my knowledge on the ... read more
Torajan Scenery
Kids at the Funeral leaning against typical Torajan woodcarving
Torajan Funeral Site

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Tana Toraja June 5th 2009

In the first week of June, 2009, I arrived after a 37 hour journey to Makassar, in southern Sulawesi by a massive, overloaded Pelni ship. Thousands of people piled off, pushing and shoving their way, each one needing to be the first one down the narrow stairway onto the concrete pier below. I couchsurfed with a wonderful and kind guy in town and the night I chose to do so, I was invited to a fancy-shmancy wedding. 2,000 people, all swanky and dressed to the nines, attended the function held in multiple ballrooms of a "five star" hotel. The guests, all people of high class and clout (even the governor of Sulawesi was in attendance) were dressed so fancily and here I was in my backpacker's finest. Ha! Tell me I didn't stand out! Eight buffets ... read more
Coffins on the Cliff Faces
Effigies and Cave Graves
Last Moments

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