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March 7th 2016
Published: March 7th 2016
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Rantepao to Ampana

Baby Grave TreeBaby Grave TreeBaby Grave Tree

Tana Toraja
Eggs on toast for breakfast then off to Ke'te Kesu for some very impressive traditional homes,granaries, a white buffallo, a friendly dog and ofcourse more human bones. Next we visited a number of other similar sites at Sangalla, Tampangallo and Suaya villages before visiting the Kambirra baby graves.

Now that was a macabre site they carve a hole into the side of a fast growing breadfruit tree and place still borns and infants in the hole then cover the hole with burlap, eventually the tree grows and the hole seals.

We then returned to Rantepao for lunch I have to eat at westerner cafes to get a vegetarian meal which is more expensive. Tonight I may have seafood pizza before bed.

Today is our last day in Tana Toraja so we visited the market which runs every six days and was interesting enough with its buffallo and other produce but the poor pigs were treated terribly as is the norm here. I purchased a souvenir at the market before we headed north of town to see some megalithsat Bori, more traditional houses at Palawa and more graves at Tampangallo which has many Tau-Tau as it is a royal

Traditional Torajian homes
cemetary. We then climbed to the village of Batutumonga to see the rice terraces stopping for lunch before coming down the mountain in torrential rain. I spent the rest of the evening before going to bed reading and enjoying the coolest weather we have had since our arrival in Indonesia.

Today we have a long unpleasant drive to the lake side town of Ternata, at least 12 hours in duration with a lengthy stop along the way as they close the roads to work on them only letting traffic through for a few hours each day.

Well after descending the mountains and following the coast for a few hours we crossed another wilder less populated mountain range populated by poorer people, the people of Tana Toraja are crazy wasteful. Finally after seven hours we reached the road block on the shores of Danau Poso and realising we had a two hour wait before the road would be opened too us.

The driver however discovered another road that went around the opposite side of the lake so we went that way, I doubt many foreigners have ever done that. It took about 2.5 hours over rough roads but
Rice barnsRice barnsRice barns

Tana Toraja
was interesting as we had some great views of the lake, saw six piglets tear off into the scrub and at the north western end of the lake discovered a hindu community similar to the Balinese.

The hotel is a dump but we did find two kittens hiding in our bathroom tomorrow we move on to Ampana.

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Cliff gravesCliff graves
Cliff graves

Tana Toraja
Royal Tau-TauRoyal Tau-Tau
Royal Tau-Tau

Tana Toraja
The baffallo ringThe baffallo ring
The baffallo ring

Rantepao Market
Is the kitten for saleIs the kitten for sale
Is the kitten for sale

Rantepao Market
One of the few large birds we have seenOne of the few large birds we have seen
One of the few large birds we have seen

It might be lost as I cant identify it

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