The Bloody Knife

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September 13th 2010
Published: September 17th 2010
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He was very nervous. Something was different. He'd been led by the nose many times but this time there was a large number of people watching and an overwhelming smell of blood. So, when the man staked the rope to the ground he bucked, reared up and pulled on his leash and tried to get away. But, the man reassured him so he stopped protesting so much. Minutes later there was a sudden flash. A ... Read Full Entry

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17th September 2010

I must be old; back when I was there it was still called Ujung Pandang! I love Sulawesi, Love Torajaland and LOVE INDONESIA! Will be back next year...hopefully more blogs to come your end Stewart! By the way I have a quick question. Your blog is dated 13th strict are they on this "funeral season" period. I think I was there in December and saw one, but have subsequently read June, July, August is the "official" season?
17th September 2010

Makassar/Ujung Pandang
Hi Jason, I think it's OK to use either name. During his final days as President BJ Habibie changed the official name back to Makassar but in reality both names are used. You're right about the official Funeral season but some funerals take place all year round, so whatever time you visit there's a chance of seeing one.
28th December 2010

Hi Stuart
I really enjoyed your photos of the funeral and the islands off the coast. You haven't posted a blog in a while. I miss your postings.
15th July 2012

What a story...
Wow! So glad I came across this blog. Looking forward to more posts!! Oh, and your photography is beautiful as well. :)

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