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Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Palu October 26th 2016

The Togean Islands are white beaches, turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, coral reefs and jungles. They are strange rock formations sticking out of the water. They are friendly locals and interesting wildlife. And until recently they were not too easy to reach, which always is good to keep out the hordes. But times are a changing and the gateway to the Togean’s, Ampana, now sports an airport. And airports mostly mean one thing: more tourists! The hordes haven’t arrived just yet, but the locals are preparing for them. Resorts are popping up like mushrooms, and the amount of boats servicing the various islands are increasing. It was off-season now, but still I was surprised by the amount of travellers. Luckily they are spread out over the various islands and resorts, so at any given place there ... read more
Ampana to Pulau Malenge
Ampana to Pulau Malenge
Ampana to Pulau Malenge

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Palu April 17th 2015

After leaving the Togeans, I took the 4h return ferry back to Ampana, then after a 2.5h or so wait, managed to get on a connecting minivan for the 5h ride to Poso, where I stayed overnight, and had internet access again for the first time in four days (woohoo!). Then the next day, it was another long 6h ride to Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi and my final stop on this trip, from where I would take the connecting flight to Jakarta before returning home. There's not much to say about Palu. Notwithstanding its dark, relatively recent history of violence, it seems to be a rather soul-less and dusty, dusty town, and it figures cos LP says it's apparently one of the driest places in all of Indonesia, due to it's location within some ... read more
Last views of the Sulawesi countryside
My *Sweet* Ride from Ampana to Poso

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Palu September 1st 2011

It was an early start to leave Kadidiri as it was Ramadam and everything changes. So as soon as the boat arriving from Gorontalo passed the beach we got up (about 5am) and headed for Wakai. After saying a tearful goodbye to Anna and Mama, Pudin, Teteng, Amal, Eli and Yasin headed for Wakai. We then spent 3hrs or so waiting around Wakai for the boat to depart, Eli was coming to Palu with Teteng, Amal and myself but changed his mind at the last minute. So after saying another tearful goodbye to Pudin at Eli's house Eli took me and Amal back to the harbour and said goodbye as we got on the ferry, Yasin came to the ferry to say goodbye aswell. Wow it was so hard to leave! Teteng, Amal and myself ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Palu May 4th 2011

So we were back in Palu. Last year we were here for 4 days waiting for a flight and not much had changed. There was still nothing to do. No old temples, beaches or small interesting villages. They didn't have a cinema, a big mall or even a nice local dish to try out. We got in and checked into the same hotel as last time. After a quick order of French fries from the room service menu we headed out to get a new camera. This had come after many frustratingly beautiful or weird things happening just too far away for us to take a photo. We tried a large shop but as the only person who spoke English was in school we went to the next shop. We were looking to get the ... read more
Prayers for passengers
More prayers
Safe landing

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