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April 12th 2011
Published: May 6th 2011
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How many people can say they discovered a new species? At a guess - something along the lines of number identified species - which depending on definition is between 2 and a 100 million (wikipedia). Lets say for simplicity that there are 10 million species on this planet, and that half were catalogued by a handful of early biologists pre-twentieth century - and another 4 million during the twenti... Read Full Entry

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6th May 2011

Your talents are endless!
Oh Ali, these pictures are incredible. How you don't hold your breath and explode while taking them I will never understand. Stunning. Well done. X
6th May 2011

We really enjoyed your blog.
You are an excellent underwater photographer. Not easy. We used to do underwater video a lot but this is much harder. Excellent!
6th May 2011

When Ali was a very small boy, aged about 4, we lived in the middle of England, about 100 miles from the sea. One morning Ali said to his Dad, "Daddy, if you happen to see an octopus on the way to work......" We fell about laughing before he could finish. Obviously we missed something! Fantastic photos as always, we're so glad you see more than just octopus (octopii?)
17th May 2011
Spinning round...

FFS! Is that disgusting thing real?! It looks like a toy I wouldnt let Lydia have, because I didnt want it scaring me every time I accidently came accross it in her room.
19th October 2011
Spinning round...

Real and nasty!
Yes this was a real spider and was malting it's old skin, stretching out it's new legs - really fascinating - new feature - you should spot this response ;)
21st December 2011

''...you should spot this response ;) ''
I never payed much attention to my news feed until very recently. It was actully this new feature(which I accidentally noticed) that made me interested in it. Now, I look at the news feed everyday, to see who responded to my comments. I hope, I haven't missed too many from before I started checking them. :)

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