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Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park September 23rd 2018

Palacinky, rozne dzemy, melon, papaya, a vysmazane cesto (?) Dost bohate ranajky. Cakal som nemcov, ze pojdeme spolu ale boli pomaly tak som siel do dive centra sam. Obcas ma obiehali motorkary ale zas nie dake velke kvanta. V dive centre klasika, vypisanie tlaciva, vyfasovanie vystroje a cakacka na ostatnych. Pod vodu ideme 7 a dvaja guidovia. Francuz a nemci su advance,ti budu spolu. Ja som s starou holandankou a americkym parom z ny. Par su ludia z lode do gorontalo, ti co maju tipi a bar. Na ceste su uz 5 mesiacov. Vsetko az na thajsko je indonezia. Bereme vystroj, mimo flias a zacina brodenie sa morom k lodi. Konecne normalna lod. Nie ako to prtitko v malenge. Prva zastavka na mieste mandolin. Ja ani amici si nemontujeme flase, nechavame to na staff, ostatny si ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park September 22nd 2018

Dnes velmi dobry spanok. Ranajky prekvapili, bufetovy styl a kopa ludi. Na vyber ryza, ryba, nugetky, prazenica, melon, corn flakes, toasty, dzuse, kava, caj. Som sa otocil 2x a riadne napraskany smer izba a netovanie. V tomohone dam min jednu turu. Seredani nepotesili, nekupili mi klobuk, no ale aspon nalepky maju pre mna. Spartak potesil ked zdolal anderlecht, no nepotesila rba ked isla napadnut brusel a ti ich doslova rozmetali resp ani nerozmetali bo nasi sa dali po ich spatreny hned na utek. Veru v bruseli to bude zaujimave, o zahrebe radsej ani nepisem. Som zvedavy kolko razi dostanem na budku :) Vybehnutie na obed, bakso verzia. Tetula mi este ukazovalo na naberacke ci to ozaj chcem. Vyzeralo to ako maso. No po prineseny zas mix criev. V restike dorazenie korei. Zas mi volade zmizlo podla ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park September 21st 2018

V noci aj trochu pofukovalo. Turecky zachod v ekonomi klas. Navstivil som ho 2x a bolo to v pohode ale ani raz som nesplachol. Splachovalo sa kyblovanim. Povodne som chcel doplnat more ale nedalo sa, bo mi som stal na ludi dole :) Nakonec sa budim na zimu a neaky frmol. Nahadzujem bundu a ponozky. No nelezim dlho, bo sme prave pristali. Podla planu sme mali dojst o 5.00, v reali sme dorazili 3.40 Kym som sa pozbieral dost ludi uz opustilo lod. Asi 6 turistov sa rozhodlo, ze pojdu na buse. Mal by ist 5.30 a stat 100k. No na bus terminal sa treba aj dopravit. Ja po opusteny pristavu davam prednost pohodliu v aute. Nadhanac najskor 200, pri aute dava 175 za druhu radu (na nete bolo toto info, potvrdil mi to aj nemecky ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park June 8th 2018

My last stop in Indonesia was on Bunaken Island, off the northeast coast of Sulawesi. It's a tiny little island, surrounded by a huge wall/drop off and lots and lots of sea life. It's often pretty far up there on the list of top scuba dive spots in the world, and I was pleasantly surprised how mellow it is given this - there are no cars, most of the island is jungle, and "visitor life" is basically the hard decision of whether you want to 1) snorkel in front of the resort, 2) snorkel someplace else from a boat, 3) walk somewhere on the island, or 4) sleep. In addition to this, the place I stayed looked straight out at a neighboring volcano, facing west with fantastic sunsets every night. I loved it.... read more
Landing in Manado on Sulawesi
Manado airport

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park June 5th 2017

A few blogs ago I explained that Paul and I are self declared cocktail divers. This means we like to do very relaxed diving in warm, clear water with no currents. So far in Indonesia all our diving could be described as cocktail diving. But all that changed on Bunaken Island. Getting to Bunaken from the Togean Islands involved another two days of travel. You'll probably not be surprised to hear that it got off to a shaky start! Our boat trip back to Ampana was far from pleasant. We had the pleasure of sitting on the baking hot boat for an hour before it set off. We're not sure why it was delayed so much but by the time we left it was totally overloaded - with at least double the number of passengers (and ... read more
Drying our rucksacks on the side of the road
Manado hotel
Catching 40 winks on the way to Bunaken

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park December 30th 2016

Wow. This Christmas will go down in the memory banks as one of the most surreal holidays in my life. I had made it to Pulau Bunaken with expectations and visions of warm weather, clear waters, marine life to spare, and massive coral reef walls - of which I would dive during my stay at the far northern tip of Sulawesi to close out my two months in Indonesia. Normally I try not to have expectations of any place as expectations tend to always lead to disappointment due to the fact that nothing is ever as it is in your mind. Here on Bunaken everything and more I expected came to be after I stumbled into a sweet little dive resort ran by a friendly Italian by the name of Roberto. Raja Laut was to be ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park January 1st 2016

Sinds mijn laatste verslag zijn zowel de kerstdagen als oud en nieuw alweer voorbij! Allemaal nog een gelukkig nieuwjaar. De armoede aan reisverslagen komt mede door de afwezigheid van computers/goed internet, maar ook omdat we eigenlijk elke dag vrij veel doen. Zoals ik in het vorige verslag al zei, wilden we onze laatste dag in Yogya vullen met een tripje naar het Djen plateau. Helaas was het weer niet goed: de kans op bewolking was te groot, wat uiteraard niet echt handig is als je een uitkijkpunt bezoekt. Daarom besloten we om iets anders te gaan doen: cavetuben in Goa Pindul. Het klinkt superspannend, maar houdt eigenlijk gewoon in dat je in een opblaasband in een modderig stroompje door een grot wordt voortgetrokken. De grot was wel erg mooi om te zien, en ook de rit ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park August 5th 2014 read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park July 6th 2014

We, and especially Leo, had been seriously bitten by the diving bug, so we wanted to do still some more dives during this trip. Thus, we arranged for a week long diving holiday at a resort on Bunaken Island, next to Sulawesi in Indonesia. It was rather far, three and a half hours by plane from Singapore, and still half an hour by boat to get from the city of Manado to Bunaken. We were met by Sven and Esther, a German-Indonesian couple who runs the resort, and got to know a French family with two teenage boys, who later ended up joining us on most of our dives. The first impression regarding the resort was not great: our concrete bungalow was hot as ever, had no a/c, and the toilet was not flushable, but you ... read more
puffer fish
jumping into the water
all good!

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park October 1st 2012

Hi everybody, a few weeks has past since my last entry. Sorry about that but the internet conection hasn't been that good as I hoped. But here we go with the latest storries. Kuala Lumpur A city under construction - the headder I've kept in my mind since I saw this city fist. You can not locate a city center right now, betweeen the new well polished skycrapers you can find the old dirty "slums". Not really slums, but not that much better. Beside the Petronas towers it has also nothing special to offer. Riding the metro could be really anoying! Three different lines, opperated by three different companys so you have to buy a new ticket every time you have change headding. But at least they can improve :) I would like to come back ... read more
Please take out your shoes
Preaparing breakfast - Roti Carnai
Roti Carnai done

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