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Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Ampana September 14th 2018

Pomale ranajky a cakanie na odvoz. Ten prichadza na moje prekvapenie skoro. Miesto 8.00 tu je uz o 7.40. Na indoneziu normalny sok. Baba z ubytka mi dava este dve vzorky ginger. Na oplatku som im nechal na izbe pohladnicu. Toto ubytko jednoznacne odporucam, vybava jednoducha avsak starostlivost o zakaznika prvotriedna. Naskakujem do bema. V mestecku vyzdvihujeme este jednu osobu a smer sever. V beme sme len 4 takze pohodicka, ziadna tlacenica. Bemo neni klasicke, tu sa sedi normalne ako v buse. Opat paradne vyhlady. No a jeden nie moc pekny. V priekope auto, zrejme vodic v noci prehliadol zakrutu a zrutil sa dole. Ani tu neni ziadne reflexne znacenie resp zabrany. Proste len cesta v kopci. Po hodine a pol ma vodic vyhadzuje na krizovatke. Sranda, je tu aj smefor. Vystupuje este jedna osoba. Davam ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Ampana May 29th 2017

A couple of blogs back I mentioned that we had a nine night period where we would be staying in eight different hotels. This was down to three things; wanting to visit Borobudur overnight, having to do a visa run to KL and travelling to the Togean Islands. You really have to be keen to travel to the Togeans, especially when there are some many other beautiful islands in Indonesia with far better transport links. But, we like a challenge! Our journey started with a flight from KL to Makassar with an over night stay in Makassar. The next day we had another flight, this time from Makassar to Luwuk followed by a six hour car journey to Ampana. We then had one night in Ampana. The final leg of our journey was via two boats. ... read more
Interesting take on child safety!
The mantra for the journey to the Togeans
Almost missing our flight to Luwuk

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Ampana October 15th 2016

Sulawesi’s roads will leave you shaken like a Vodka-Martini. They are bumpy, twisty and narrow. Consequently short distances take a very long time. It’s a good thing the scenery is extremely pretty or else it would be quite a bore getting from one place to the other. My destination was Tentena in Central Sulawesi. My point of departure Rantepao. Rantepao, of course, is where I last left off in Indonesia, about 9 months ago. Naturally it is where my new journey will begin. Obviously getting to Rantepao involved some Indonesia travel, let alone getting to the country in the first place. Let’s boil it down to a long flight with long stopovers, a short flight, a night on an uncomfortable bench at Makassar Airport and a long day bus to Rantepao. That about sums it up. ... read more

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