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Asia » Indonesia » Papua » Merauke December 10th 2018

There's a certain tragedy in travelling with lots of time but very little money. It's the tragedy of choice and chance. The choice lies in how you spend that little money you have got, the chance lies in the dividend of your choice. You mostly have but one chance, and whether your choice pays of is a matter of the wisdom on which your decision is based and... luck. Furthermore earlier choices effect future ones, as every decision subtracts more or less of that sparse commodity, money! Spend more on one thing and it means somewhere in the future you can spend less on something else, limiting your choice and therefore your chances. There is a final factor that effects both, age! Choice changes with age, what is important when you are young, might seem less ... read more
Kei Islands
Kei Islands
Kei Islands

Asia » Indonesia » Papua October 17th 2017

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.” – Frank Herbert Enigmatic Indonesia. It seems as though every person I have spoken with since I have planned this trip has a different opinion of just what Indonesia is. Is it a country, a region, a series of islands that make up that area in the South Pacific? I too have learned a great deal about this huge country while I have started trip planning. Indonesia is its own sovereign country made up of over 17,000 islands, the more famous and larger of which are Bali, Komodo, Java and Sumatra. It is the most populous Muslim country in the world even though it is a secular state with 6 recognized religions, of which Christianity and Hinduism are the second and third largest ones. ... read more
Lunch break between dives

Asia » Indonesia » Papua September 8th 2017

Gdaw derhjemme! Det sidste stræk på Java blev der gjort kål på, og vi har nu taget hele vejen fra Jakarta i vest til Banywangi i øst - sidste stop inden Bali. Herfra var der liiiiige lidt mere vulkan vi skulle kigge på. Vi skulle en tur op ad Kawah Ijen, som er et kæmpe sulfurkrater og -mine og verdens største syresø. Endnu engang var det en sunrise-tur der var på programmet og endnu engang skulle vi afsted kl 01, ingen tid til at snooze. Dels skulle solopgangen være rigtig flot, men den egentlige grund var, at nede i sulfurkrateret er der blå flammer som kun kan ses i ly af mørket. Så vi skulle gå op til krarerkanten (2800m) og hele vejen ned i krateret…. Og samme vej tilbage! Vi nåede da også ny etagerekord, ... read more
En minearbejder på vej op med sulfur
Blue flames i Ijen! Svært at fange på billede
Sådan ser de blå flammer ud (det her billede har jeg dog lånt)

Asia » Indonesia » Papua February 19th 2017

This is only a 36 hour snapshot of a fascinating part of Indonesia, but I'll try and provide some logistical information for the adventure minded traveler. The first thing to keep in mind is the climate. My trip was in the 3rd week of December. The rainy season had began about two weeks before I arrived. While it did not affect my travels, it did mean that the wildlife was much more dispersed, therefore more difficult to find. My guide, a local ranger named Asep (085244688175), said that October is an excellent time to visit. That would be at the end of the dry season, so you'll find the wildlife congregating around the remaining water holes. So, you will enhance your chances of seeing some of the regions specialties like wallabies, cassowaries, birds of paradise, cockatoos, ... read more
Home Sweet Home
What a way to bird

Asia » Indonesia » Papua December 12th 2016

Here were the 2 most common questions I was asked when I told people I was going to Papua: Isn't it really expensive? Do you think it's safe? The answer is more or less yes to both questions. The areas that are unsafe to visit in Papua would not be on a typical travelers itinerary to begin with, and my experience with Papuans was that they are overwhelming warm, hospitable and excited to see travelers passing through their corner of the planet. The first question is trickier and depends on a myriad of details. If you want to see the iconic spots in Raja Empat, get your pocketbook out. But, I will break down my trip to the Central Highlands which was not that expensive. I should note that being able to speak Indonesian well and ... read more
Beautiful Stone Fencing
On the Trail

Asia » Indonesia » Papua March 11th 2016

When you travel for a long time there are nearly always bound to be low points but all you can do is try to make the most of it. Coming to the city of Sorong was one of these times. We'd spent 12 days on the island of Kri where the snorkelling had been great as predicted but circumstances had caused us to make the decision to leave early. A whole week before our flights back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in fact. After leaving Kri our first jumping off point was the town of Waisai on the bigger island of Waigo. Also know by the locals as ' Raja Ampat'. We had hoped we might meet up with other travellers and join together to get a boat from there to the island of Gam. Thus, by ... read more
Main Street Waisai
The river, Waisai
Bird of Paradise

Asia » Indonesia » Papua January 15th 2016

Spiagge da sogno e mari cristallini, safari fotografici alla ricerca di animali rari, sontuose rovine di civilta' perdute e decine di isole facilmente raggiungibili con voli a basso costo: sono solo alcune delle possibilita' che l' Indonesia ha da offrire al vorace viaggiatore del XXI secolo. Ma per un esperienza "totale" ed un vero e proprio ritorno ai vecchi tempi una delle rare opportunita' ci viene offerta dalla compagnia di navigazione statale Pelni che, tra le poche rimaste al mondo, gestisce tuttora con ottimi risultati un servizio capillare di trasporto pubblico tra le decine (centinaia) di isole sparse per questo immenso arcipelago. Ora, quando in certi paesi si parla di "pubblico" e "statale" il pensiero non puo' che correre verso le immagini di sovraffollamento biblico e caos infernale, disordine ed incuria: Pelni e' proprio tutto questo ... read more
Tanta gente fuori
Troppa gente dentro
La costa montuosa di Papua

Asia » Indonesia » Papua September 12th 2014

Eine andere Welt, voller schniefender, rotzender, hustender Menschen - kennen die keine Taschentücher? Domestic Departures in Bali, da ist gar nichts, und ich musste drei Stunden überbrücken. Und pünktlich war der Flug auch nicht. Fragte nach einem window seat emergency exit und bekam ihn auch, konnte so wenigstens etwas schlafen, bis man mir um vier Uhr früh ein Frühstück servieren wollte. Aaarrgh!! Zwischenlandung in Timika, kann im Flieger bleiben, dann noch 50 Minuten bis Jayapura. Ist das nicht die Hauptstadt von Papua? (Nein, nur der Provinz, aber trotzdem.) Und dann so ein Flughafen? Wo gibts eigentlich das Gepäck und ist hier keiner, wie sonst, mit einem Schild, auf dem mein Name steht? Irgendein sehr dunkelhäutiger, in meiner Wahrnehmung grimmig blickender Einheimischer spricht mich an und fragt, wo ich herkomme. Ich lasse ihn stehn und suche nach ... read more
Wamena market
Wamena market
This little piggy went to market ... and now it's dead

Asia » Indonesia » Papua July 12th 2013

I have been wanting to go to Raja Ampat for the longest time and it was on top of my priority list to visit; when my friend Ella asked me to join her and her friends going diving with Tiger Blue (, I didn’t hesitate accepting the offer. In fact, she had been planning for the trip for a few months but had not pinned down the date. Upon hearing my ultimatum saying ‘now or never’, she browsed websites on Raja Ampat and found Tiger Blue (the reason she chose to go with it was because she got a response within 24 hours). Like many other group trips of mine, I hardly knew anyone. This time, I had known only my friend Ella and her sister, Nia, and had asked another friend of mine, Agnes (diver), ... read more
View from sun deck
Mangrove cruise
Diving at Raja Ampat

Asia » Indonesia » Papua March 24th 2013

When i was 9 i read in the papers about a Dutch expedition in Papua, at the time called Nieuw Guinea. I loved it and was determined to go there once. Now it is 56 years later and we have just landed at the airport of Jayapura, the capital of Papua. It took some time to arrive at Sentani/Jayapura. We had the nightbus from Hua Hin (Thailand), the city where we live now. In Hatyai (South Thailand) we changed busses. After 23 hours traveling we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and could finally sleep. Next day we flew with Air Asia to Makassar (South Sulawesi) and the day after to Jayapura, only to find out that all hotels in Sentani were full, but one, which was loaded with fungi on the bathroom walls. Moreover the first flight ... read more
Strange fruits in the Baliem Valley
Church in Baliem valley
Together with a Dani woman

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