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January 8th 2011
Published: January 8th 2011
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Pelni BoatPelni BoatPelni Boat

A man sleeping outside our cabin on the boat to Bandaneira....people used every space available on the ship which was likely overloaded.
The majority of our time in the Maluku region of Indo was spent in the Banda Islands (3 weeks altogether). There were barely any other tourists here due to the difficult transportation challenges to get there (a boat every week or two and only 2 small flights per week). It was exceptionally relaxing to spend the days strolling around the islands, snorkelling amongst the clear waters and beautiful coral gardens, or just hanging out in our guest-house and enjoying local delicasies like food made with locally grown nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, and kenari-nut (almond-like nut).

We had a great time and now we are in Bali for a couple weeks to end our Indonesian holiday....more soon.

Additional photos below
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Svetla on the BridgeSvetla on the Bridge
Svetla on the Bridge

The ship staff was friendly enough to invite us on the bridge for good views and some tea.
Great ViewGreat View
Great View

A view from the first morning in Bandaneira and across the water to a small volcano (Mt. Api).
Snorkel TripSnorkel Trip
Snorkel Trip

Awesome waters off Hatta Island.
Hatta VillageHatta Village
Hatta Village

Local village kids and a Bulgarian Kid.

On our way back to Bandaneira we were lucky to see some wild dolphins.
Leaving PortLeaving Port
Leaving Port

A ship leaving the port of Bandaneira

The small runway capable of handling small planes, just barely. Also, no security or fences to be found.
Climbing the VolcanoClimbing the Volcano
Climbing the Volcano

An early morning hike up Mt. Api, next to our homebase of Bandaneira.
View BelowView Below
View Below

The runway and town below and other islands in the background.
Leaving BandaneiraLeaving Bandaneira
Leaving Bandaneira

Waving goodbye to our Danish friends and happy staff of our guesthouse in Bandaneira.
Boat Ride to AiBoat Ride to Ai
Boat Ride to Ai

On our way to Ai Island on our luxurious "commuter boat".
Ai BeachAi Beach
Ai Beach

The beach outside our first guesthouse and the volcano in the background.

8th January 2011
Big Spider

Sherry, I took this pic especialy for you:)
8th January 2011

life looks rough!
Hi Guys, Looks like your having an awesome time!!! We are going to Mexico on the 27th of January til Feb 10th. I decided ....fuck it, I can sit around down there just as well as here. Keep in touch as usual, I'm jealous! Bruce
8th January 2011

Banda Island's history
Were you aware before you visited Banda of its historical significance? It was the principle source of nutmeg, which was worth more that gold. The British claimed it, but the Dutch, who controlled all the other Spice Islands wanted it. The British East India Company was vastly outnumbered by the Dutch and suffered as a result. The matter was finally resolved when the Dutch agreed to give up ownship of Manhattan in return for Banda. You can decide who got the better deal.

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