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March 15th 2012
Published: April 5th 2012
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Our fast boat back to Bali from Gili T, that we had already paid for, was cancelled due to bad sea conditions (big swells). We were then told we had to buy a slow boat ticket from Lombok to Bali. Which in the price a bus would take us to our hotel. When wwe arrived in Lombok, having taken a small public boat, we were told that the slow boat was cancelled as well! There was loads of people crowding us trying to get our money off us by saying they would take us the airport. We had already paid for transport to take us to the port in Lombok which was on the other side off the island, so we refused to give our money to the pestering annoying rude strangers that were surrounding us. As we were had a flight Singapore tomorrow out of Bali we had to get there some how. We finally found the company that we bought our slow boat with and persuaded him to take us the airport instead of the port.

We arrived at the airport and bought the last 2 tickets to Bali. That was such a relief as I had visions sleeping in a Lombok airport miles away from anywhere. We checked in 5 minutes before it was due to close. We arrived in Denpasar, Bali, annd got a taxi to Kuta again. We were planning to have a night in Sanur but Kuta was closer to the airport. We stayed in a homestay in the centre and got a few errands done. We both got our haircuts for 3 pound each. They also washed it for us as well! We went for a walk around were I bought Sophie a new dress to cheer her up after a stressful day! M x


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