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February 7th 2009
Published: February 7th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

I know, I know…. I really should be making regular back-ups but I just kept thinking I’ll do it after this session or after a few more paragraphs and never quite got around to it. What am I talking about? Well just last Thursday, feeling incredibly smug and self-satisfied with my efforts, I was in the process of uploading the biggest chunk of blog entries I have placed online yet. With my rapidly expanding word document open (containing my blog), I was preparing to bomb you all with my musings and bring you completely up to date with my misadventures. I mentally ticked off items on my checklist… spell check - done… paragraph inspection - complete… double check my where’s and were’s (I seem to always get them round the wrong way) - yep, sweet… final read - whoa baby there is a whole heap of ramblings there but yep it reads bloody well… ok and now save… I hit the save button when a warning popped up “you are about to lose power in 5… 4… 3… shit where is my mains power lead… 2… here it is… 1… I popped it into place just in time and……………………………. Power blackout!! Farrrrrrk!!! My trusty laptop let out a strange hard drive whiiiiirrrrrrrrrr and the screen audibly popped as it went blank. Hmmmmm that didn’t sound normal and sure as shit didn’t look good. I swore in a combination of English and Bahasa Indonesia, yelled “AYO ELEKTRIK (come on electricity)”, sparked up a durry to wait out the blackout and sat smoking and worrying for the five minutes it took to regain mains power.

Booting my computer back up, I knew in my heart something had gone wrong during the process of saving the blog file. I don’t know how I knew I just felt it in my bones. By now Ani was sitting beside me anxiously waiting for the screen to cough and splutter to life again, she could not understand why I was going off so much but could tell something was wrong. “Elektrik Bodoh (stupid electricity)” I tried to explain “Saya tahu ini tidak bagus (I know this is no good)”. Ani gave me one of those ‘what the hell are you on about’ looks so I continued. “Komputer sakit (computer sick hahaha)” it was close to impossible to explain. Anyway I soon discovered the file was stuffed. Something had happened during the unusual shutdown and it was totally corrupted. I lost my whole blog document to the mysterious internals of my macbook. My last back-up was at the end of December so after restoring the file I am now faced with the reality I have to rewrite everything from about New Years on. I cried. Devastated seems like such an inadequate way to describe how I felt and to some extent still feel but it’s the only word I got at the moment.

Anyway this is just a short, pathetic excuse of an explanation for my blogging absence. Stick with me peeps I am madly re-writing as you read this and will have a plethora of embarrassing, unusual and funny (hopefully) entries up for you just as soon as I can.


7th February 2009

awwwww monstie that sucks babe! ... how funny trying to explain it to Ani "computer sick" ba ha ha. LOVE YOU xox
8th February 2009

hey monst sorry you lost so much..... just do your best to get us up to speed..... speed bumps like these will happen!!! cheers, big ears... have fun!! x
8th February 2009

Just glad 2 have u back!!
Great to have you back Geoff - I thought I was just about weaned from your blogging...back on the fix now! Hope you're well - can't wait 4 the update!
9th February 2009

boo hiss
aww babe ... that sucks big time!!! love you wong time though ... speak with ya soonie

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