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May 16th 2016
Published: July 10th 2016
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What a viewWhat a viewWhat a view

Literally in the clouds

16th May

Anyone who knows me.. knows, i'm not a morning person, i like a lot of sleep, i hate getting up, i always oversleep and I'm late for everything!! The alarm went off at 4am.... Waaaaaa!! I got up and went straight into a cold shower to wake myself up. Literally couldn't sleep at all last night, maybe got to sleep around 1am 😞 So three hours sleep before a day of trekking is not good :p The shower definitely woke me up tho 😊

I was actually buzzing for this, i wanted to do it the last time, but couldn't.

Left keys at reception and waited for our pick up at 5am.


Kang and Pj in the minivan, then picked up Chelsea. Slept the whole way there, which was a shame as i love looking out the window whilst travelling, seeing all the little rural villages, would of seen a sunrise too.. never mind. Three hours later we arrived at Senaru.

I was taking in the view, so pretty, loads rice terrace in the distance, big cactus, we were quite high up. Got chatting to an Indonesian man from Flores.. Ahh I'd love to visit Flores.. one day.. one day 😊 they also have a volcano which has two lakes you can view, they change colour all the time 😊 He said to me to not rush Rinjani and to take my time as it tough.

Checked in, put our backpacks in the luggage room and had breakfast, pancakes with the most lushest view with the beast Rinjani in the distance. It gave us chance to get to know our trekking team a little bit more. Pj from Taiwan, Kang from Malaysia, friends, both living in Singapore, studying physiotherapy, on holiday here and Chelsea from America, she was a doctor, on hols with her boyfriend, but he had flown back home, so she was doing it alone. I noticed Kang piling the sugar into his tea and all over his pancake.. so i said.. Wow Kang you like sugar right.. hahaha.. he was putting on loads, more energy for the trek.. Major sugar rush.. hahah!!

My first impressions of this area, i love it, its so cute, so pretty, very quiet and chilled, i'd love to come back and stay here.

A few more people came into the group, three couples from France and Holland and one French girl. We got introduced to our two guides.. Adi and Ing and off we went to the truck. Someone said Hi Mr to me.. hehe.. I'd heard from Ang that if i went to his island Sumbawa i would get called Mr, everyone does apparently, so I'm guessing because this is a more rural area that's why.. hahaha.. I jus said hi back 😊

All squashed into the back of this open truck, after an hour of bumpy windy roads, we reached the area Sembalun. I on off slept the whole way.. Gosh!!

So we get off the truck, it was about 10am, no prep talk, a misty Rinjani in the distance and off we walked. Me and Zoe jus had our smaller backpacks on us, loaded up tho mind, with stuff for the next three days and loads of snacks 😊 some of the others in group had full on backpacks.

After about 30 minutes we came to a rest point for a few minutes, Zoe looked at me and said 'I'm really not enjoying this'.. hahaha.. Oh dear!!!! I was already feeling tired, it was so hot and not a cloud in the sky, the sun was beaming down on us. There were loads of cows, that looked really cute with bells on, the little village underneath us but i felt so restless to even get my camera out to take a picture. Walked about another hour and we stopped for a lunch break.

We have about six porters who carry all of the gear, tents, sleeping stuff, food, water, cooking equipment, in these woven baskets over their shoulders on bamboo poles. Each weighing about 40kgs.. Wow Jus Wow!! That's like the average weight of two backpacks, on their little shoulders. Whilst they sat preparing and cooking our first meal for us i had a little nap on the floor. Woke, ate veg noodle soup, a boiled egg, pineapple.. And some sugary tea 😊 chatting with Pj and Kang.

They packed up all the gear and off we went again.. Passing different groups who were either coming down saying 'good luck' .. Why they all saying good luck?? And passing people going up, this one Asian matey with a bloody sound system on him.. Hahaha..

Started trekking through what looked like Dartmoor, through this really high grass either side of us, this was fine, like if it was like this all the way, i could cope, but then it got steep.. really steep!!!! I was struggling so much, i was on my own with the others in the distance, trying to catch my breath, trying to breath properly, in through my nose, out through my mouth, but i couldn't, jus couldn't breath in properly.... Then i started to panic.. Oh my gosh am i having a panic attack????!!!! like I've never had one before!! I carried on walking at a slow pace trying to get myself together, before catching up with the others, i was so glad i was on my own at this point coz if someone else was there asking if i was ok, i probably would of cried.... Ohhhhhh 😞 What have I let myself in for 😞 We're not even half way up yet!!

I was behind and Ing one of the guides walked with me, he was 26, from here, he said to become a guide over a porter is being able to speak basic English, you then get paid a little bit more than the porters. I think the porters get around 300.000 (£15) and a guide 400.000 (£20) per trek, which is either for two or three days.. When Rinjani erupted last November it's sent a massive ash cloud up in the sky and put them all out of work for about a month. This area is literally in the middle of Lombok, the middle of no where, so they all rely on this for work.

It got to a point where we were pretty much rock climbing. Steep.. steep.. steep.. without any safety shiz on, one slip the wrong way and you're a gonna down the cliff!! I was physically worn out, my legs jus felt like a dead weight, I would take 10 steps, stop, have a little whinge.. Ohhhhhh.. how many more minutes! Then say sorry to Ing.. his response always was 'don't worry Kris.. no problem' bless him, in his head I bet he thought.. Hurry the fuck up or I'll chuck you over the edge.. Hahahah. He literally had the patients of a saint with me.. (He'd call me Kristy or Kris.. No one can say Kirsty, so I jus go along with it now) then we'd move up a bit more. Kang was sort of with us but he was getting this one guide to film him running up and down, bearing in mind we were pretty much vertical at this point!! Something to do with checking his heart rate with the altitude I think.. Waaaaaa!! There's me almost in bloody tears and he's doing that.. Getton Kang bey!!

We came across a local man carrying a mountain bike, like seriously where on earth was he going to ride that??

Passed these Southampton lads a couple times who were struggling too, we were laughing.. Like WTF have we let ourselves in for.. Totally chucked ourselves in at the deep end with this, like I don't even go to the gym, thought ahhhh it's alright, I done that Mount Batur last year, easy peasy!! Geezzzz this was something else!!

'Innnng.. How many more minutes' Hahahah.. 'Maybe 26minutes Kris' Oh My Gosh No Way!!!!


(Thaaaat.. That deserves to be shouted soooo loud and sworn) around 5pm'ish. We'd been awake since 4am with only 3 hours sleep, travelled from 5am, trekked from 10am, I have never been
Adi & IngAdi & IngAdi & Ing

Our two guides
so happy to jus sit down!!

My trainer had rubbed the skin off a part of my ankle, like raw flesh, it was vile!!

WOW WHAT A VIEW.. Literally up in the clouds, it was madness, the lake was below us but we couldn't see it as there were so many clouds surrounding us. I changed out of my sweaty clothes, reunited with Zoe.. The team was back together again, The porters pitched up the tents along the side of the mountain, then started to prepare dinner.

We had a group photo.. Team Rinjani.

Me and Zoe were sharing a tent, I sat with the door open for a bit jus looking out watching the sun going down over the mountain in front of us. it was so surreal.. So high up!!

I was soooo exhausted, I took a nap for a bit, woke and wasn't hungry, everyone had chicken noodles, i jus didn't have an appetite at all 😞 so not like me. Then Ing came over 'Kris come on, you have to eat something' ok I said maybe jus a boiled egg, so he said 'I prepare you some egg Kris' he came back about 15minutes later with an omelette.. Oh My Gosh.. He's the cutest person ever!!!! It was exactly what I needed, I called him over to my tent coz I wanted to tip him by himself, I said thank you so much you really helped me today and gave him 50.000, its about £2.50, like that's nothing to us is it, but so much to them.. He said no Kris don't be silly, so I said please take it, then he said he'd share it with the others, so I said no, because me and Zo will tip you altogether when trek is finished, he's so adorable!!

So we'd booked the 3day/2night trek, which meant tomorrow was trekking to the peak, then down to the hot springs. Chelsea said to us, she was only booked for 2days/1night. So both decided that if we wake and still not feeling it we'd do the same.

I left the group chatting and went to sleep.

17th May

We were woken at 2am and handed a sweet tea. I actually slept like a log, Zo didn't sleep so well. Got ready for our trek to the peak, the highest bit which was 3.726 metres for sunrise, at this point we were camping about 3.000 metres high. Pitch black we set off with our two guides and torches, leaving the porters behind with our stuff. About 10 minutes in, Zoe's heart started going crazy and she was saying she didn't know if she could do it, so I said, you'll have to say now, I'll come back to the tent with you, I've literally seen what I wanted to see, so wasn't overly fussed about getting to the peak anyways. Like its a massive achievement getting where we are, so we both decided to go back to the tent.. To sleep.. Much better idea.. Hahahaha. We missed sunrise, woke around 7am, opened the door to the tent and my gosh .. What a view, we had full view of the lake with hardly any clouds hiding it, it was jus incredible, again such a surreal experience.

I really needed a poo and what perfect time with everyone still out trekking down from the peak.. Haha. There was a little toilet tent that the porters had put up, it was basically a cover over this tiny little hole that some one had put in the ground.. There's no way I'd aim right in that, I was like.. Oh my gosh!!!! How am I going to do this!!!! What's my poo going to come out like!!!! So I lined my hand with wet wipes, squatted down and pooed in my hand a bit, then chucked it down the hole, four handfuls.. Gross!!!! Then got more wet wipes to scoop some mud over it.. No mess.. Job done!! Rinsed my hands with water, sanitised and went back to camp!!

We decided today is going to be the last day and that we'd trek back with Chelsea.

One by one everyone was coming back.. Looking fucked, like really fucked, all saying they didn't want to continue and stick to 2days.. Waaaaaaaat!! All the guys in our group are hikers back home, they love it!! So we were really surprised they wanted to finish too, that last part of the trek proper done them in. Saying they were climbing up steep rubble, really slidey. Chelsea bless her did it all in her flip flops.. Go Girl 😊 I'm sure Kang and Pj were a little gutted to finish but literally the whole group decided.

We had breakfast which was a pancake, jam sandwich and sweet tea, sat eating it with the view, all these monkeys started coming out of no where, stealing the food waste, trying to rip open rubbish bags, Adi said, watch your trainers which were outside my tent, they will take.. Haha.. So chucked everything in the tent.

Everything got packed down and ready to leave around 10am, one of the girls was moaning coz she wanted more rest, she whizzed up the mountain yesterday, then done the morning sunrise, gosh imagine how I'd feel right now if I done the sunrise.. Hahahahaha :p

Me and Zo tipped our two guides and porters 300.000 (£15) to share, that's like loads, that's like a whole trek wage, not sure on the others, I hope they tipped loads as these guys deserve it. They work so hard, bless them 😊

Off we go.. What goes up.. Must come down, right!! So now we were pretty much Vertical.. Hahahah :p It was so slippy, with all the rubble, I was sliding down on my bum at one point as it was easier then trying to walk down.... Slippy slippy slippy.. It was quite fun tho.. Walking through the clouds. Definitely prefer walking down.. I haven't whinged at all yet, even with this big bloody opened wound on my foot.

Got down these two main steep parts, some of the guys were struggling, so yesterday it was us going up and today them going down. Ing had to get sticks for some of them for support.. Mad isn't it!! Zoe was whizzing down.. She loved it 😊

Stopped off for lunch, chicken, noodles, egg, pineapple, we finished eating, packed up.... Then the rain came and it came hard!! If anyone has been to Asia in a proper storm you know what I'm talking about, massive raindrops hammering down, no where for shelter, we jus had to go with it, it was making everyone rush quicker.. Hahah. I had to take my glasses of as I jus couldn't see out of them, then my headband off, was dripping in my face. Walking through ankle deep water.. Then knee deep.. I was like fuck can we get in this.. Fuck it, it was jus easier to walk in all the water then to try and dodge it on the sides of the little pathways.. Absolute madness. It was quite refreshing.. But then it dragged.. Dragged on.. Two hours later it stopped..... OMG!!!!!! That's something I'll never ever experience again I'm sure!! We reach back at the village of Sembalun looking like drowned rats, my foot was in agony, coz it was rubbing more with the water against it.

We were all so grateful to be on the ground, sat on the floor. All the village people walking past looking at us.. Hahahaha. My legs, they felt so heavy, like no life in them, poor things :p hahaha.

The truck arrived and we all squashed in the back again, everyone was nodding off to sleep. Arrived back at Senaru, to collect our bags and change the transfer a day early, everything was cool apart from everyone feeling fucked. It felt amazing to get out of those clothes and waited for our transfer....

Cheers guys it's been emotional!!

I literally have so much respect for those guys who do the trekking for a job, the carry 40kgs worth of stuff up and down that mountain, two / three days a time for about 300.000 a trek, sometimes even two treks a week. I was appreciating every inch of my life right now knowing that I was going back to a really nice hotel for a shower and a rest and they have to continue as its their life.. Never again will I say Fuck My Life!!!! ( it's always in a jokey way, but still)

Our transport turned up, Pj and Kang were in with us too, they are going to try and stay in our accommodation back in Sengigi as theirs was booked for tomorrow.. We drove through some really cute villages, i would really like to come back and stay and then greeted by a really fierce sun going down. We actually missed it setting tho. A couple hours later we arrived back at the Grand Sengigi, all checked in, no problem.. Well there was a problem, the stairs going up to our room, we were struggling to walk up them, our legs were soo stiff.. hahahaha.

Showered and all headed out for some food, at the local Indonesian place we went the other day, I was surprised when Kang said his favourite drink was cider. You never really hear that from an Asian person
Morning :)Morning :)Morning :)

What a view to wake up too.. Jus right outside our tent :)
😊 We got a taxi back for much needed early night.

18th May

Oh My Gosh.. My leeeeeegs were so stiff, i couldn't get out of bed properly, so I'm guessing this is what an old person feels like, managed to get myself down for the last bit of breakfast with Kang and this lady ate all the omelette and rice, she could see me standing behind her and she pilled every last bit on to her plate, how rude!! So i said out loud OMG HOW RUDE!!!! and walked off in a strop.. hahaha.. Then Kang, he can speak a bit of the language, spoke to the chef (Klasic) lady and she cooked me up some eggs, bless her 😊

The guys checked out and went onto their hotel that was already booked for today, we chilled by the pool and had some beers with Linda and Wawan, chatting about the trek, life, soooo many stories from them.. hahaha 😉 They were scaring me about the open wound on my foot, saying it looked infected.. be careful with all the germs here.. ahhhh, it did look rank mind!! Wawan got this Chinese oil and put it on there and
Up in the cloudsUp in the cloudsUp in the clouds

What a view to wake up too.. Jus right outside our tent :)
advised me to get some iodine antiseptic stuff from the chemist.

It was our last night here, we're going out for dinner tonight with Kang and Pj, Kang had been recommend a place to eat, so got a taxi there. First stop was the chemist to stock up on iodine and plasters. We drove out of the main town and pulled up in this dark area that took us out onto a cute little beachfront restaurant. The waitress kept saying 'Yes Please' in this robot accent, me and Zoe jus found it hilarious and couldn't stop laughing at her, it was very rude of us, but we couldn't help it.. hahahaha!! Wanted a beef rendang, but the beef is always.... Finished.. Finished. So had the chicken one instead. The plan was to head the the Happy Cafe after, but we all got a taxi back to the hotel instead. See you later guys 😊

Started packing up the backpack and both said.. shall we jus go to the Happy Cafe for one last time 😊 So went down to the lobby to order a taxi, we were messing around with these colourful umbrella with Addie and J'free who
Up in the cloudsUp in the cloudsUp in the clouds

What a view to wake up too.. Jus right outside our tent :)
work at the hotel, such lovely guys 😊

Hey Kristy Hey Zoe.. Said Eddie as we walked in to the Happy Cafe.. Aww 😊 We sat at the bar listening to the band. There was this really drunk man, like really drunk, dancing on his own, it was quite funny to watch and then he came over and stood with us.. Of course he did.. We were the only bloody white people in here.. hahahaha!! Smacking me on the back.. saying.. you need to enjoy life.. then wacking me again and again and again.. hahahaha, it was quite funny, but he was falling everywhere, then trying to put his flipflop on upside down.. this was jus hilarious, me and Zoe couldn't stop laughing, think its probably one of the funniest things I've seen in my life!! Then Eriki came over to ask him to leave. He said sorry to us, sometimes he doesn't know how to deal with him coz its his dads friend. We said honestly its fine and said what he was saying, then Eriki said .. what he was speaking English to you, i didn't know he could speak English.. hahaahah 😊

After a couple beers we headed back, Eddie dropped us back again, so sweet of him 😊

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24th December 2016

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What a view

Great location
I agree, what a view!

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