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May 9th 2011
Published: May 15th 2011
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1st day accom1st day accom1st day accom

Our 1st day accommodation in Village Senaru.
We had booked the 3D2N(In fact, we had shortened this originally 4D3N trekking trip) Mt Rinjani trekking package with Rinjani Master (url ). Below are our brief trekking itinenaries :-

Day 1: starting form Sembalun Lawang to Creator Rim (Night 1)
Day 2: Summit climb + walking down to the lake (Night 2)
Day 3: From lake to the other side of creator rim then down to pos II, Pos I and finally Senaru

Cost : SGD350/pax, total 9pax. This consists of
5 tents for 9 of us,
7porters who helped in the logitics(eg our tent, food, sleeping bag, etc) during the trekking journey.
1l of mineral water/pax/day.
2 guides.
F&B for the trekking trip, dinner on the arrival day, and breakfast for the departure day

Additional : approx SGD20/porter

We depart from Singapore on 2nd May 2011, 630pm flight to Lombok, clearing custom at about 10pm. We were welcome by the chauffeur sent by Rinjani Master. The journey from Lombok airport to Pondok Indah Hotel in Senaru village took us 45mins to 1hr. The dinner is served at the hotel restaurant (it was a very simple 'hotel', more homestay). After the dinner, we were being briefed on what to expect on the next day.
The hotel consists of a bed, and bathroom; nothing more. Anyway, as I know I need energy for the next few days, hence I just lie down on the bed and sleep.
The next day, I woke up at 5am, and take shower. I have to wash my hair, as I will not be able to do so for the next 2-3 days. It was the most pathetic shower that I ever had so far. I had to squat down to take my shower! No water came out from the shower head. So I had to use bidet to shower! There were no water heater, and the water is icy cold. But still, I have to bear with it.
We had breakfast at 730 in the morning, and leave for Rinjani Information Center (RIC) in Sembalun Lawang (1,156 m) at 8am. It took us less 30-45mins to reach RIC. After meeting our guide, and collecting our National Park entry tickets, we are set to go!
The trek starts from Sembalun Lawang with the gentle ascent walking through open grassland used as cattle grazing by local people. Resting at Pos 1 Pemantauan (1,300), after about three hours from Sembalun we reach Pos 2 Tengengean (1,500 m) enjoying the beautiful views of Mt. Rinjani summit (3,726 m). Here we stopped for our lunch. Porters were already preparing our lunch when we reached there. Our usual lunch are instant noodles + vegetables. They do provide fruits(pineapples and banana) too.
After filling up our stomach, we continued our journey. Too bad the weather doesn't favour us. It starts drizzling when we stopped to for lunch (about 1pm).
After another hours ascent to Pos 3 Pada Balong (1,800 m), we start the step 3,5 climb amidst the pine-like Casuarinas species locally known as Cemara, we were told we might have chance to see wild pigs and the long-tailed grey macaque monkeys to the camp site at Plawangan II Sembalun crater rim (2,639 m). We saw only monkeys, quite a fair bit of them.
By the time we reached our camp site, it was almost 5pm. Maybe due to the fact that it was just the 1st day, hence we are not yet used to the 'adjusted' to the walk, hence we were all worn out. Besides, the rain had made our clothes and shoes wet (even with raincoat!).
I have decided not to proceed to submit as I do not feel comfortable wearing wet gears. One of my team member decided not to go up submit because his ONE and ONLY long pants is wet! This taught me a good lesson, always be prepared for the wet weather.
The weather is quite cold, about 10C; hence I spent most of my time in the tent. Besides, I did not bring sandals/spare shoes. Hence I try not to wear my ONE and ONLY wet sport shoe. I can't be walking outside the tent bare foot. Maybe I'm still too much a city gal inside me.
Porter served us hot drink while waiting for our dinner to be served. They do helped to setup a 'toilet'. They helped to dig a hole, then put up 4 sided canvas. Trust me, this helped a lot, without this, I cannot imagine if I dare to go out to the bushes to do 'business'.
After dinner, which is about 7pm. We all prepare to turn in for the day.
We were given a sleeping bag each. 2 of us sharing 1 tent. It was really quite squeezy, as we need to put our bags, shoes, inside the tent. Worse part is, part of our bags and our shoes were wet. Well, my hair was wet too, I'm not sure if was due to the sweat or the rain.. Anyway, I do not want to know. I did not sleep well that night. I can hear snoring sound from the left, then from the right. Then I can hear dog howling, people talking, etc. I should have take some medicine, and put ear plug, maybe I will be able to sleep then. For one moment, I start regretting why have I came for this trekking trip. I should be sleeping comfortably in my king-sized bed. But now, I'm lying inside a sleeping bag, which even restricts my sleeping posture.

I do not know if I do fall asleep. I can hear my team member saying, now is already midnight, and it is still drizzling, wonder if we can set off for submit in 2hours time. After a while, I hear a few people's voice. Those were my team members, who are preparing to set off for submit. It seem the rain had stopped. I woke up at 5am, when my tent mate woke up. We leave our tent at about 530am, to see the sun rise. The scenery was stunning, but 'volatile'. We can see the submit this moment, but next moment it could be covered by fog (or cloud).
After breakfast we trek down to the lake Segara Anak (2,000 m) within the Rinjani crater. Mt. Baru is an island in the lake and an active volcano, last erupting dramatically in 1994.
Again, it rained after lunch. As our trekking speed is rather slow, and our team mate took longer hour when they went up to submit, hence our tour guide suggested us to spend a night by the late instead.
So day 2 is an easy day for us (especially for those who did not wake up at 2-3am to go up to submit). We did not go to the hotspring, due to it was quite foggy at the waterfall. We bath at the river next to the lake instead.
At about 4pm, drizzle gets heavier. Hence we just hid inside the tent. Our porters are nice enough to serve our dinner at our door step. They provided 'tent service'. We just zip down our tent, and get the food from them. Upon finishing dinner, we just put those dirty dishes outside the tent. Imagine this is kind of porter service we are getting! They really gone extra miles in providing good service to us.
Again, we turn in early (anyway, we do not have any other better activity other than sleep) that day. Again, I regreted over my decision for leaving my bed behind.., Well, I've learnt .. I put on earplug, and had paracetamol (suppose it will make me a bit drowsy, so that I can sleep better).
Luckily, I think I did sleep abit.

We were told we need to set off at 630am as we trek very little the day before. I walk out to my tent at 530, trying to catch glimpse of sunrise. Suppose it would be different view from the lakeview. The sky is really beautiful, full of stars. I happend to see a shooting star. I made a wish, I wished for dry weather.
Too bad, my wish was not granted.
Again, it starts drizzling after lunch time, about 1pm. But still, we all were so determined to finish the trek fast, as none of us wants to stay another night in the camp. We all die for civilization.
The best part is, when we have reached the exit of the nature park, sky start weeping (again),and it became so foggy. I'm not sure did my team member managed to capture a good group photo. I surely did not.

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