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May 24th 2016
Published: August 7th 2016
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24th May

Up soooo early today.. Waaaa!! 6.30am pick up as we wanted to make the most of our two nights back on Gili T. At the harbour waiting for the boat, i sat chatting to this Indonesian lady Maday, so sweet, she was selling sarongs, so bought one for my Mum, 50,000, that's like £2.50, so didn't want to knock her down, got Zoe over to buy one too 😊 It was 9.30am and the boat arrived, i wanted to sit at the back by the door as the last time it was soo stuffy inside, Zoe went up on the top deck to sunbath. Fuck that, i'd fry!!!!

Two hours later we arrived back on Gili T.... Oh Heeeey 😊 😊

Booked into Gili Castle, have wanted to stay here a couple times now but its really hard to get into, its the place to be apparently!! I came in here last year for drinks, its got a pool, which is awesome and a climbing wall, which looks like about six/eight metres high. Checked into our four bed dorm, met Brian from America and Jonathan from Sweden. Dumped down our bags and went straight to the beach to surprise the beys 😊

Welcome back 😊 😊

Wow Escobar is so big now, they've done such a good job and all on their own too, we sat having drinks with Dana and everyone 😊 He's has new staff, a guy called black and a younger guy who is really funny, Lucky was swanning around with the hose pipe, cooling down the sand (so that's why they do that) then he's like 'see ya later i go to Lombok now'.. haha.. So funny that one!! Ang was riding in on his bike, wasn't even looking over, so Dana shouted Ang.. Ang.. He looked over, sort of spotted us then looked over again and nearly fell off his bike.. hahahahaha.. Awwww hey little bro, he loved us surprising him, bless 😊

So funny, Dana was telling me a story about when he nearly ran over a snake in Lombok, a huge yellow and white one, said him and his friend got it in the van to take back to his village, it was in his house for ages, he was charging people to come in and see it at his home and someone called the police, they came over to shoot the snake, so Dana said if you try and kill my snake, i get my fucking snake to kill you.. pahahaha.. he had to put it back into the wild and said when he released it he looked into his eye and they had a connection.. hahahaha!! He's gona go back one day to see if he can still find it :p

Had a swim and chilled in our little spot under the hanging coral for the rest of the day, Ang went to get us our fav, little banana leaf packets of rice and chicken, for 10,000 (50p) bloody blew my head off!! So lush tho 😊

Got back to the hostel and had a little swim in the pool, so nice to get in a pool after being on the beach all day, i had a go at the climbing wall, wow its so hard, even jus to launch yourself up out of the water to get onto it.. i got about two metres high, legs all over the place then jumped in, was pretty good for my first attempt.

Ate local food tonight down at the fish market, she charged us 30,000

Spicy chicken and rice :D
(£1.50) which is so cheap, but when Ang went to get it earlier, was only 10,000, so shows what they add on.. three times as much.

Met Ang in Sama Sama, we were sat up in the outside bar, got chatting to an Argentinean lady Moira, who lives in New York, we called her Pocahontas, she looked like her, with dark long hair, a few plates and this tribal flowy dress on, Zoe had loads to chat about with her coz they both danced 😊 We all went on to the bar next door, tunes pumping, we were dancing around, the bar staff are really hot in here, they're always dancing around 😊 Went on to GiGi's, at the bar, chatting to some guy, Moira came over and he asked if she was my Mum.... Opps.. She literally flipped him the bird and said fuck you.. hahhaha!! He apologised then everything was fine.

Second time that's happened now, the taxi driver going to Potato Head in Seminyak asked if we were Laura's children.. hahahaha :/ These ladies are only maybe a couple years older than me mind :/

Zoe stayed out with Mitch who she met on
Little petLittle petLittle pet

We fed her and then she didn't leave us alone
the boat earlier and Ang walked back with me, well he walked and i rode his bike, with no bell or breaks.. haha. He always likes to walk us back, bless him 😊 We sat in the little eating place opposite the hostel, he ordered food, i wasn't very hungry, he went to eat his food with a fork, i guess coz it was in front of me, so i said, eat it with your hands, don't be silly, they have a proper knack to it, like he puts the rice in his fingers, then scoops up the rest of it, chicken, sauce and then squashes the rice over it again and put it in his mouth.. no mess 😊

Said goodnight to Ang and bumped into Jonathan (from our room) outside, sat and had a beer with him, Oscar and two other guys who work the late shift. Zoe and Mitch came back, Brian was already in the room, basically everyone ended up stayed in our room.. hahaha. I don't think Johnathan was happy tho as he had to get up early for his boat to Komodo Island, he would of been hanging :/

25th May

The climbing wallThe climbing wallThe climbing wall

I got up to that second line
in the room speaking to Brian.. OMG.. i've never met such a funny guy, but i'm sure it's his American accent that was making it even funnier. He was saying he hadn't pulled a girl in three days, so i said 'getton you slag' he said 'whats a slag' in his American accent, me and Zoe found this hilarious and couldn't answer him from laughing so much, he got out of his bed and said 'whats a fucking slag' no joke we were crying with laughter and jus couldn't answer him, so then he said 'oh i get it, you're jus chatting to me in your British dumb slang.... pahahahaha!! Everything he was saying was jus so funny, his turtle story, everything was fucking, fucking, fuckin, soo funny!! Potato Tomato.. hahahah 😉

He left to go diving and we headed down to the beach, so tired as didn't have a lot of sleep last night, jus slept under the brolly for the whole day. Woke up and the tide was really out, so weird to see it like this, could see all the broken coral.

We got back to the hostel and i was swimming in the pool,
Sama SamaSama SamaSama Sama

With Ang and Moira
there was a notice on our door, so i asked one of the guys who worked there what it was.. It was for Brian, to report to reception as he hadn't paid for last night.. After about half hour, Brian came back, so i said 'Brian there's a notice on the door for you to go to reception' so he yells out 'yeah right' and went into the toilet, he came out, walked up to the door and seen the notice, so i joked and said 'someone had complained that you had to many people back the room last night' then he yelled out 'what the fuck, that was you guys, oh for fuck sake' and stomped off over the bridge to reception, me and the hostel guy were in stitches and he was finding Brian's name hilarious and kept saying it.. Briiiiaaaannnn can you go to reception :p He stomped back over the bridge and yelled 'yeeaahh funny guys' hahahaha :p

We were getting ready to go out and Brian goes 'If i don't pull tonight i'm gona be soo fucked off' its jus his accent, like if that was a Brit guy, jus wouldn't be the same.

We ate in Burger House again tonight, they do really good burgers with pesto and mozzarella 😊

Then met Ang in Sama Sama, its his fav, he loves reggae and tonight the reggae band who are playing, he knows a few of them, they all stay where he stays when they play. Matey made the frozen margs so strong, was not really feeling them, so got on the beers. Sat playing cards and teaching Ang how to play shithead, then Ul, a friend of Angs came over to join in, so taught him, then another Indonesian guy joined in as well, they were loving it and actually won a few times too 😊 They were all friends with the guys from reggae band too, Ul is in a band also. When they were all coming out over to the outside bar they were fist punching Ul and Ang to say hey, then us.. hahaha.. Pals now 😊

All sat drinking then headed over to the Irish bar. Bumped into Briiiiaaaannnn, yelling and dancing around, grinding on this chair, which was hilarious :p

Ang went home and we stayed with the guys from the band, we were

Pocahontas ;)
outside and could see Brian trying his hardest with the girls, i said to Ul that Brian was trying to snake the girls.. he didn't get it 'snake the girls????' so i said you know, he wants to get with a girl, take her back, then Ul said.. 'ahhhhhh hunting the women' so i jus laughed and said 'yeeaahh i guess hunting the women' bloody hell that was so funny.. hahahaha. Ul then said 'look, he with a lot of girls' and he was walking off with a few, i said.. 'ahhhh he'll be back' 10 minutes later he came back.. on his own.. pahahahaha :p

Me and Zo were the first ones back in the dorm, dosing off and in walks Briiiiaaaannnn with a bloody girl.... pahahahah.. Getton Bri.. So shone the torch at them and shouted.. Briiiiaaaannnn.. hahahahaha, so funny. I fell off to sleep then got woken up by Rahaul, the new guy in the room coming in, he was so bloody smashed next minute, Brian's girl left, she must of got embarrassed.. hahahaha.. he would of been soo pissed off!!

Only spotted a bedbug didn't i, like a big one, same as the ones in Rio.. Urgh i panicked and flicked it off my bed, didn't mention it to Zoe as i know she'd freak out, so i put socks on and tucked them in to my pj bottoms, was on off sleeping then and kept waking up to shine my torch on my bed to see if there was any more 😞 😞

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