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May 10th 2016
Published: June 26th 2016
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Roundie Roundie Roundie

Sunbathing in paradise

9th May

Checked out, had our last breakfast by the pool. Pick up was 10.30 to Padang Bay.. And it was on time too.. One things I've found with Indonesia is their pickups are always on time, unlike anywhere else in South East Asia, you can be waiting around for a couple hours.. No joke!!

All loaded into the minivan and off we drove, matey driving like he was in the formula one, whizzing, over taking everything in front, it was very bumpy. Classic Asia driving.. Sort of use to it driving now.. hahaha :p

After a couple hours we arrived at Padang Bay, the main harbour place to go over to the Gili Islands, dumped our bags down, went to get our boat ticket, had a beer in this place along the beachfront, then off we went to get on the boat. Urgh it was so full and like a massive sweat box, was so glad to get off!!


We're staying in a hostel called La Boheme, directions were a couple streets behind the night market.. Of course we got lost, when you get off the main front street, every street looks the same :/ Dusty, quite rundown, but what would you expect for an island right.. Finally found it after asking a couple people 😊 We're staying right on a street with loads of locals, all sitting outside, with their children, cute 😊 So the hostel itself is very cute, very colourful.. boho feel, hence the name, little umbrellas hung up out side, a wall of sandbags. Checked in, the staff are really friendly, music on.. really nice vibe 😊

We had a 3 bed dorm, an American guy (i cant remember his name 😞 ) in there. We showered and headed out for food early, whilst it was light, so we could get our barring to go back later when it was dark.

We ate on the beachfront in The Burger House.. was actually really nice, with western food, you sort of have to chance it really and its always a bit more expensive, but we were craving a bit of that after eating rice for the last week 😊

Sat in Sama Sama outside bar, such a good vibe in there, reggae band on, having some drinks and got chatting to this Ozzy
Under da seaUnder da seaUnder da sea

Ang & Dana
lady Paula, she had a rental property here, once a week she takes a member of her staff out for the night, so sweet!! She was wild, literally loving life, singing and dancing, she had this funny thing she did, like a wink and poke her tongue out to the side.. hahahaha!! I got up to dance with her, she was very funny, then a girl with dreads joined us, she thought Paula was my Mum.. hahaha 😉

Paula was friends with the reggae band and the guy who sings was the same guy who got Claire up to dance and sing last year when i came.. hahaha. I said to him that i have videos and some pics of him from last time so he gave me his watsapp to send them over 😊

Also got chatting with Danny and Tiger from OZ and France, we all went onto the next bar, with the American guy too, his dancing was hilarious. Met this dutch guy who was jus crazzzzzzy, by this point we were all pretty smashed, i was agreeing to go over to Holland and he was gona be my tour guide.. pahahahaha!! He was wacking
Fish marketFish marketFish market

Red snapper & King prawns
out the shots, normally i don't like doing shots, but when in Gili T :p We then did these joss shots, which are packets of powder you tip into this shot, like an energy shot. We went on to the Blue Marlin, met back up with the girl with dreads who was friends with the DJ, so we were all behind the DJ box dancing and jus having a laugh.. The rest of the night was a complete blur :/

10th May

I woke up to a guy asking me if i wanted any water.. i opened my eyes, turned around and was like .. Where. The. Fuck. Am I, i was in a single bed of this guys room, he was in the double bed over the other side of the room. Sam from Shrewsbury, he said he met me in the Blue Marlin, i couldn't remember where i was staying so he let me stay back his.. hahahha.. OMG this is so bad.. Very irresponsible of myself!! Like where was Zoe.... We chatted for a bit, trying to piece the night together, he said he was chatting to the girls next door and i got jealous, called him an arsehole, slammed his door and slept in his single bed.. Pahahahah.. classic me!! I said you'll gona have to walk back with me to my hostel coz i don't have a clue where i am and i need to see Zoe.

Zoe was in the room, she had stayed at Danny's, both have total mind blank of the night.. it was definitely those joss shots, so gona lay off them!!

Chatting with Ang ( who i met here last year) on facetime, to meet up with him and Dana. So we set off to the north of the island. Ang works in Marley bar and Dana has his own bar (Escobar) next door. I remember it being by a breeze block wall with 'You cant buy happiness' written on the wall.. Found it after walking about half hour.


Last time i met these guys with Adelle, we sat and had drinks in Dana's little bar, in the dark, lite by candle light 😊 he's since built up a bigger bar and now building an even bigger bar.

I had only seen this area in the dark last time,
Woooo :)Woooo :)Woooo :)

Dana's little bro
its so lush in the day, with their little hut bars, which are all made by hand, little bean bags with straw umbrellas, we went and sat on these bean bags with an over cover of these wooden poles with white coral hanging from it, its soo cute and coz its at the other end of the beach its a lot more chilled, with less people and no boats in the sea, the water is so calm and clear too 😊

Marley bar had the reggae music on and Escobar had the house/techno tunes on.. hahhaaha. Chilled here for the day, had a few beers and swam in the sea, taking pictures on the gopro.. a boat pulled up and we joked and said 'hey Dana here's your wood for the new bar' and it actually was.. they started lobbing it out into the sea, so he had to get out and drag it all in.. haha 😊

Went back to get ready and went out for food in the night market, ate red snapper, kings prawns, rice and veg, it was lush. So many stray cats hanging around tho..

Headed down to Escobar, as you walk towards the north of the island, the less its built up and the less light you have, but we found the bar :D

Sat having drinks with Ang, Dana, Dana's Brother, Lucky and all their other friends. Hanging out with the beys :D Music on and Dana and his Brother put on a fire show for us.. So good, Dana is so quick at it.. We stayed till around midnight, didn't want a late night after last night.. Gosh!! Ang and one of his mates walked us back.. bless.. 😊 A bit of late night riding 😊


11th May

Happy Birthday Danny xxxx

Had breakfast on the beachfront and headed towards the north of the island. We were sat at a bar and got chatting to these two guys, who were from Thailand and Oz, they both knew each other and bumped into each other walking down the street here, random, so their wives went off together for a massage and they went off to get onit.. pahahaha!! The Thai matey was behind the bar doing something and these three guys came up asking about mushroom shakes, jus assumed he worked there, so he went along with it and said.. yeeaahh 2 4 1.. they said ohh great.. then he said 3 4 3 and it went on like that, we were all laughing and they were all confused.. then one of the staff came and took over and matey walked off.. hahahah!!

We ended up buying a shake, shared it but necked it and went to chill on the beach - feeling really bouncy, no tripping yet, house music on, jus felt really chilled out on the beach, watching Dana build up his new bar on one side and Ang doing kick ups on the other side.... then i started to trip, the clouds were forming into faces and blowing clouds at each other.. haha. Shut my eyes, with the music in the background, my mind started to wonder with all these wavy arms of colour of an Asian person dancing, moving up and down.. it was quite nice actually 😊 Spent a couple hours here, then decided to head back to the hostel.. really floaty, we got about 100 metres from the beach and jus found Zoe's trainers hilarious.. looking at them and laughing so much coz she was dragging her feet along, saying they were really heavy.. hahahha, We both couldn't stop laughing then the next minute i projectile vomited everywhere.. green/brown shit, even coming out of my nose.. gosh!! The walk back was endless and we felt like zombies.. hahaha.. Luckily it was time for sunset so everyone was on the other side of the island.. hahaha!!

Finally got back to La Boheme, feeling pretty wired by this point, tried to sleep it off coz we said we'd meet Ang later at Sama Sama. 9pm came and we sort of got it together.. haha.. we were fucked for about six hours, it was a bit much!!

Headed down to Sama Sama, met up with Ang, he was friends with a couple guys from the reggae band who are from Sambawa also, so likes to go and watch when they're here on the island.. ordered a frozen Margarita.. which was amazing, jus what we needed, as my throat felt really harsh after feeling like shit the last couple of hours.

Had a little dance inside Sama Sama.. Angs got the moves.. so funny.

So many guys in there from Java - Jakarta, they wanted to dance with me and Zoe, then wanted pictures of us, then started filming us, its soo odd. Like it was fine tho, we didn't feel threatened or anything, but Ang was like if they're bothering you, jus say and they'll get kicked out.. hahahah!! They were like 'are you happy' 'if you're happy i am happy' hahhaha.. Finished the night around 1am and headed back.

12th May

Ate breakfast in the yoga place opposite the hostel, was really good, avocado, scrambled eggs. We do actually get free pancakes all day in our hostel, but you have to cook them yourself and the kitchen part always seems quite busy.

Booked a boat for tomorrow to Lombok - Sengiggi, they asked if we wanted to book a car to our accommodation and we said nahh.. we will walk, they looked at each other and laughed, we were like whats so funny, they said you cannot walk its to far, walk would take hours , impossible. Oh ok, so we booked the car also 😊

Went down to the beach. Dana has done so well with his building, its like double the size in a day 😊

Chilled all day and done a bit of snorkelling, Ang went to get us some food, he gets it cheaper, little banana leaf cones filled up with rice, spicy chicken and tempeh, for 10,000 each, so cheap its like 50p and so delisious 😊

Ang is so sweet bless him, he works so hard, 7 days a week to send money back to his mum in Sambawa, he's like the bread winner since his dad left and remarried. He always wants to make you happy, 'if you are happy i am happy' 'and if my mum smiles i am happy' so adorable.. Literally wana take him home and look after him.. aww 😊

Said our goodbye to the beys and off we went to walk around the island to actually see the sunset for our last night, we bought a drink in this bar on the beachfront and was allowed to use their pool, so had a little dip to cool off then walked down a bit to watch the sun go down, so so pretty 😊 we weren't in the busy part which was nice, coz the little beach was empty. We knew if we'd walk back the way we came it would take us about 45mins, we haven't been on the other side of the island yet so thought we'd check it out. Passed the famous swings in the sea. It got really dark and we had walked about one and a half hours, our feet were aching.. omg how much further do we have to walk.. We got back at 7pm. We had arranged earlier that day to have dinner with Valentine, who was in our room, she must of thought where on earth were we. Showered and headed out for food along the beachfront, ate barracuda and rice, very yummy 😊

Went down to Sama Sama where Ang was, the reggae band was there again, then onto this bar called jungle, it was so busy, full of drunk Weston people, jus wasn't feeling the vibe in there, so went back to Sama Sama till close.

Back at the hostel, sat booking some accommodation and someone spots a mouse, freaks Zoe out for the rest of the night.. hahahaha :/ She hates mice!!!!

Info for travellers

Prices in Rupiah

Check out Marley Bar and Escobar - They're the best 😊 😊

You can only draw out 500,000 each time from the cash machine

Walk around the whole island is about 2 hours

Snorkel rental 30.000

Fish from the market 90.000

Local food 20/30.000

Frozen Margarita 65.000

Bintang (small) 30/35.000

La Boheme is about £10 per night

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One of my fav pics :)One of my fav pics :)
One of my fav pics :)

Dana building & Ang doing kickups
Sama SamaSama Sama
Sama Sama

Us & Ang

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