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February 9th 2016
Published: February 9th 2016
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Under tha seaUnder tha seaUnder tha sea

Snorkel trip
18th October

Had my last breakfast at the hotel, all the staff are so friendly, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is coming to Ubud. Checked out and got my pick up at 10.30am.

One hour drive to Padang Bai. I'm like on my own, didn't have a clue where I was going, went into this restaurant and got a ticket for the boat and sat and ate food.. Chicken satay, rice and a mango shake (can't get enough of them..haha) a couple sat on the table with me, was talking about where we've been, general traveling talk, then a little rat ran across the beam of the restaurant and went into the little offering baskets that were up high and took the food.. Haha. Some people would freak out and scream, but it's jus the norm I guess.

The boat had arrived, I sat downstairs, first stop Lombok, then Gilli Air, then Gilli T.. My stop 😊 😊 Realised I had lost my glasses on the boat.. What a nightmare, I'm blind as a bat without them :/ Must of dropped them when I went into the toilet.

As I was getting off the boat it started to rain, great, I'm loaded with two bags and I can't see a bloody thing!! Walking trying to find the hostel I booked into - Gilli Beach Bum.. No one knew where it was, walking along you get horse and carts passing you, there are no cars what so ever on these islands, kind of cool.. A little bit like Phi Phi(Thailand) Walked in and around the back street, sort of knew it was close to Gilli Backpackers coz that's where Tom (bank card guy) was staying, walked back around the from, covered in dusty muddy sand from it raining. I asked the women in the dive shop and it was right next door.. Hahha. It use to be called Gilli Hostel, jus changed its name, so that why no one heard of it.

Booked a nights accommodation, 200,000 incl breakfast. Wanted to book into a hostel coz I was on my own, it's easier to meet people in hostels 😊 Checked in, shown to my room, not an overly welcoming room, very basic, concrete room, three beds, shared shower, one guy in there asleep. He soon woke up when I was pottering around.. Geoffy, from
Padang BaiPadang BaiPadang Bai

The ferry port to Gilli Islands
France who was 23, on his own here to do a dive course on the Gilli's before he heads back to France to do a ski season. We decided to get showered and head out for food, whilst getting ready a girl checks in - Adelle, 30 also from France.. Headed out to the little fish restaurant across from us La Resto, Geoff ate he yesterday and said it was nice, plus it's owned by his dive group so he gets discount 😊

Walked around to try and find some cheaper accommodation as 200,000 is quite expensive for what we have and if it's all three of us, could get something a bit more decent. We came across a place that advertised "Cheapest Food" "Cheapest Room" got speaking to the owner Tony, he offered us a 3bed dorm but for 100,00 each per night, pretty good deal, so payed the deposit for us to reserve it and check in tomorrow. Sat and had drinks in the bar/restaurant next to it, jus chatting about life back home, Adelle headed back to the dorm for an early night, Geoff and I went onto Evolution bar at the from of the beach, played beer pong with a few people we met, I was so shit as I couldn't see.. Hahahaha 😊 Met a girl with dreads who was jus all over me, she was loving my dreads.. Ahhhh.. Dreads Dreads Dreads Dreads 😊 😊

This one guy said to me.... Hey you want weed.. No thanks I said, I don't smoke.. He then goes.. You don't smoke but you rasta.... Pahahahaha, defo not a rasta,it was hilarious!!

Ended up kissing Geoff 😊 he's like 9years younger then me 😊

19th October

Woke and checked out of the room, Geoff had already packed and left for his dive. Adelle and I had the free breakfast, omelette, coffee and juice up at the top of the hostel, cool little area, made out of bamboo, low tables, mats to lay down on.

Finally met up with Tom (Bank card Tom) he came to the hostel, chilled for a bit then he came with us to check into our new place, helped carry the bags..haha 😊 bought him some lunch to say thanks for giving me back my bank card then went to his hostel for a bit as he was leaving and waiting to get his boat. He was staying in Gili Backpackers, it's suppose to be the 'place to be' it's quite hard to book a room.. And Yeh it's pretty lively, loads of backpackers drinking by the pool area, it's got the climbing wall and people were jumping off it into the pool, one girl with a broken shoulder and a mop..hahaha. Apparently she broke it the other night doing that :/ Bumped into the dreaded girl from the other night out, she was all fucked on mushrooms.. Hahahaha. So had a beer, Tom left for his boat then Adelle and I went to find a shop to stock up on beers for the beach.

Off we walked into the middle of the island, it's completely different from the front, like quite rundown, what you would expect for an island really, nothing built up, little wooden shacks, dusty dusty paths and loads of goats and chickens.. Awwww 😊 Loved it!! We walked for a good 45 minutes I'd say then came out onto a beach with literally no one on it.. Woooo 😊 😊 It was absolutely beautiful, the water was so clear and shallow, we jus layed in the sea drinking beer (salty beer.. Hahaha) chatting and laughing all day about life. Adelle came over for a holiday to meet a guy she was seeing, she's been in Oz for a few years now near Darwin packing mangos. We watched the sun go down, it was such a lush day.

Headed back along the from main path, hopefully in the right direction.. Haha and came across the little wooden shack bar, which advertised bamboo tattooing, Adelle would like to get one done so sat and spoke to guys who bar it was, Dana and Aung. Had a few drinks and it go dark, we were sat in candle light, coz we were at the other end of the island, which was very touristy, it was pretty cute 😊 They said they'd walk us back as we didn't have a clue where we were going and was pretty pissed by this point..hahaha.

Got back to our place and sat and had drinks and food at the restaurant next to ours. Dana had this green stalky stuff, that was so hot, one small mouthful blew my head off.. He didn't think anything of it..Haa. Aung and I were teaching each other words in our language. Such a lush day. One of my favourites since going away!!

20th October

Adelle check out today.. (Like we knew each other for a couple days, but felt like longer, that's a good thing about being away, you meet people and it's like intense friend dating, you share a room with them and it feels like you've known each other forever) She was off to Gili Meno, it's a more quieter island for some relaxation.

I booked to go on a snorkel trip with Claire (from the volcano trek) and three guys she was with. Georgie, Tom and ? It was 100,000 which is like 5£. All met in at this bar on the front street and had a mango shake 😊

Boarded the wooden boat with about 20 others and off we went.

First stop jumped in and my hair was like a dead weight, oh my gosh, so awkward, I didn't attach my mouth breather to my snorkel, so had that in one hand and my Gopro in the other, Defo needed the life jacket.... Haaaaaa!! So all that faffing made me missed the turtles. Got back on the boat, got a different snorkel with the breather attached, put a life jacket on and then slid down the boat so my hair didn't go under for the second stop.. Much more better!!!! Woo.. Loads of tropical fish, the Corel was a bit dead, so not as colourful as I've seen before.

Third stop someone was chucking bread in and all the little fishes were swimming around us, took loads of pictures with my gopro, it looked like a fish tank was so clear.

We then went over to Gili Air for lunch, really lovely place was like a treehouse made out of big bamboo, felt like proper desert island 😊 had to climb up the bamboo ladder and sit at a low bamboo table on cushions, was lush, looked right out to the sea. Was craving westernised food, so had the chicken burger and chips, it wasn't the best, still ate it all tho..hahha.

Headed back over to Gili T, I had really bad sunburn on my back, go back, Geoff had checked into the room.. Yaaaay I have a roomie 😊 Had a nap, got showered and Geoff and I met Claire, Georgie, Tom and ? (I've forgotten her name)Went to the fish market, it's outdoors, loads of different stalls with fresh fish to choose and they BBQ it, was pointing to one fish and the guy was like 'you want this' picked it up and slammed it down.. I waved 'No No' Gosh it was longer then my arm.. Hahahaha I shared with Geoff, we had to normal size fish..hahaha.. King prawns, corn cobs and rice.. And of course Bintang 😊 😊 Was lush, highly recommend it and it's mega cheap too.

After a few Bintangs we were ready to head onto the bars, I stood up to walk off and hanging from my tassel kimono was a whole fish bone.. Like with the head and tail still attached.. OH MY GOSH.... Hahahhahaa.. Like something out of a cartoon, imagine if I didn't notice it, would of had all the stray cats following me 😉

After we finished laughing and binned the fish bone we went to Sama Sama, it's a reggae bar on the front. Live reggae band on. We drank beer, danced with the locals, Aww.. Zakie and his friend, they were adorable, doesn't drink alcohol, jus sprite, they've proper got the moves .. Zakie had dreads too, they literally love them, like everyone points 'Ahh dreads' 'nice hair' 'can I touch them' hahahaha.

Came to the end of the night and myself Tom and Geoff walked back with a guy M who we met earlier, he was from Brazil, living in Oz, over for a holiday, quite a lot come over from Oz as its so close. Somehow managed to loose Geoff and Tom, dunno how as we are only a street behind the main street. It was pitch black because there isn't any lighting at that time of night (early hours) came towards a dead end, was so confused at where I was staying, so started walking back the other way and M put his arms around my waist, I pushed them off and said 'what are you doing' his response was 'I thought that's what you wanted' so I said 'no I'm not like that' he then said 'ok ok' literally about 50 metres down he did it again, this time my heart sank a little as I was on my own, pitch black, so pushed his hand off me again and and said 'I said no and you should fucking respect I said no the first time' I was quite abrupt and didn't want to show I was scared but inside I was literally shitting myself another 50 metres down I heard Geoff shout my name, I couldn't see him and shouted 'Geoff where are you' 'over here' he said, he was outside our room on the table and chairs, I rushed over to him and M scuttled off without even speaking to Geoff, bare in mind he was speaking to him in the bar, I sat down and jus burst into tears, he was like 'what the fucks happened' nothing I said, he jus made me feel really intimidated, he said he saw me walk off with him and jus thought I wanted to go back with him so left me to it, I was still crying and said noo.. I lost you guys and it jus ended up being me and M. He said sorry for leaving me and gave me a hug, I was jus so relieved to see him.

21st October

Geoff checked out today to head back over to Bali, I was so sunburnt I wanted to stay away from the sun, so had a really long lay in and ate food at the restaurant, it's so cheap, I had fried rice, milkshake and a big bottle of water for like £2 such nice food here. It's called Welcome Resto.

Chilled back in my room, Tony knocked on the door, to say someone wanted to check in, so said Yeh cool, he looked in and all my stuff was over the other two beds, so he goes 'they still here' hahaha.. Noo it's jus my stuff I'll move it.

I was pleased that someone was checking into the room as I was still a bit on edge from last nights episode.

A Korean guy came in, we chatted for a bit about where we had been, usual chat. Invited him out later as it was Claire's birthday.

He then layed back with a towel over his head and went to sleep for a bit. I was on my iPad and he pulled the towel from his head and looked over at me and said 'I have sex with you in my dream' I looked over and said 'sorry what' did I jus hear that right, he said it again and 'am I allowed to touch you' I sat up and said No.. No way!!!! He goes 'oh ok I'm sorry' I was like fucking great!!!! He then said have I ever experience an Asian man, I said 'look I said no and I have a boyfriend' He still went on to say 'But what about one night stand I find you attractive' I said 'I've told you no, I have a boyfriend and I'm very loyal' I sat backdown, shit myself then, was on Facebook and found some pics of me and Passmore and said 'Look boyfriend 4 years, very loyal' Oh My Gosh!!!! Like why is this happening to me!!!!

Then my sister rang on FaceTime, I was so relieved, as I was speaking to her, he left the room, didn't mention it to her as I didn't want her to worry. Was so nice speaking, even got Rudie on there, was so funny, she didn't have a clue what was going on and looking very confused, then got some laughs out of her

I had a
Under tha seaUnder tha seaUnder tha sea

Snorkel trip
shower, matey still was out, but he made me feel on edge, so I got my stuff and went to get ready in Claire, Georgie and Toms room. Told them what had happened. Headed out to our restaurant/bar, played cards and ordered drinks and food. My room faced the restaurant and the guy was sat outside on the table looking over, I had previously invited him out, but obviously after that incident I didn't want him coming out. So jus tried to ignore him sitting outside on his own..hahaha.

Our bill price was jus nuts

2 curries

1 Katsu curry



Large bottle water

1 large Bintang

10 mojitos

3 Piñacolarda

3 Gin Tonic

1 Redbull = 750.700 which equals about £38 - madness between 4 of them, we left them a big tip as it was our last night and the Mojitos were the best.

We left and went to Sama Sama, danced all night, got Claire on stage to sing Happy Birthday with the Balinese/Rasta man. Saw the guys from last night.. Zakie and his pal, so danced with them too 😊 Lots of fun
Under tha seaUnder tha seaUnder tha sea

Snorkel trip
😊 Lots of photos 😊 Claire and Georgie decided to head back, we were all checking out tomorrow and they didn't want to be to hungover for the boat.

Tom and I decided to stay out and I made him promise to not leave me.. Hahaha.

Sama Sama shut so we headed down to the Irish Bar, it seems to be be the place to be once the other end of shuts down for the night. Dancing away and I spotted M, mentioned it to Tom and said lets jus stay over here out of the way, then thought no fuck it, I wasn't alone and won't let him ruin my night so said to Tom let's walk past him and see how he acts, Tom was chatting to him the night before too, so walked past, clocked each other and I said Hi, he sort of shrugged and said Hi, then I instantly said Oh Toms there, he was like ahhhh bro, jus hugging him, patting his back.. What a dick!! Felt better that I approached him rather then hide away, obviously wouldn't of if I wasn't with Tom, we walked off and did see him for

Geoff Claire Georgie Tom
the rest of the night then!!

The bar was coming to an end, so we went to head back, passed a corn man, had to get one, with chilli butter.. Yuuuum 😊 got a couple Bintangs from the shop and sat with the locals, singing, playing guitar and the bongo (which was a plastic long bucket) They were so good, I had a go on the drum and Tom on the guitar, they all loved him on the guitar, when he played something, they all cheers, it was so much fun.

Literally they all wanted pictures with me coz I had dreads.. Hahahaha. We called it a night as it was 5am and we had a boat to catch at 11am.. Hahha.

I was a bit wary about staying in my room, Tom said I could stay in their room, bless him, he's so nice, jus like all my guy mates back home. I opened the door to my room and the Korean guy was awake on his phone.. Freaky.. He should be asleep. I said hi, grabbed my pillow and sheet and off we went to their room, Tom offered to sleep on the floor and
Sama SamaSama SamaSama Sama

Claire Georgie Tom Zakie
I have his bed, but i insisted I'd stay on the floor, it was no problem, jus glad I didn't have to stay in the room with that guy!!

Wow such a fun night, again one of the best nights so far 😊

Info for rtravellers....

dorms a around £10/£12 per night

Privates room for as little as £5 per night

Large Bintang beer 35,000 rupia

Large water 10,000 rupia

Snorkel trip 100,000 rupia

Single boat to Bali 300,000

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